Bombing of Nimbus

Originally published at: Bombing of Nimbus – Molten Aether News

Anyone tuning into the Serenity Concord news broadcasts would find the familiar, detached expression of news anchor John Boyega would be staring back at them. He cleared his throat, and began to speak.

“Several weeks ago, as many of you know, an Andorian male identified as Koss Th’sherheth entered a hospital on Nimbus station while Commander Mike-037 was visiting an injured Solus Tempus Marine, and bombed the building. Aside from causing massive amounts of structural damage to the hospital and nearby buildings with the blast itself, he took the lives of 100 civilians and hospital workers, as well as severely injuring 20- including the target of the bombing: Commander 037. 30 more civilians were left with minor injuries. Everyone else was unharmed.

“Protests have sprung up against the excessive use of force against the media by ST security forces during the crisis,” Boyega’s words were supported with video of Tobi Angelos straight up yoinking all the media equipment out of the reporter’s hands while the hospital burned in the backround. “However, as no damage was done to the equipment or reporters, none of the outlets involved have pressed charges. Our own Serenity Concord Broadcasting Company claiming that ‘Solus Tempus security was merely trying to keep everyone at a safe distance from ground zero’. The public disagrees.”

The footage changed to video of security forces being obstructed on patrol by a group of protesters. There was no audio, due to the amount of obscenities shouted at the two poor patrolmen. They looked afraid for their safety, hands tightly gripping their phasers as more security arrived to try and disperse the crowd.

“The bomber’s apartment was searched, and it was revealed he left a note behind for Solus Tempus and the Concord at large. For security reasons, we’ve not been permitted to release the exact words on the note, but long story short… Koss Th’sherheth claimed that ST has long discriminated against non-humans of all kinds. He didn’t provide any proof, only accusations. He also accused the organization of becoming a fascist state with the increasing size of the military and the seemingly total control of Fleet Admiral Lance Thomas and Fleet Admiral Sal D’Amico. He claimed to be part of an Onyx supported ring of anti-human terrorists aiming to help bring about the demise of Solus Tempus.

This has sparked more outrage, as it seems the recent attempts to guarantee the safety of civilians have only brought more danger, closer to home.”

“We interrupt your regular schedule to bring you an update on the current situation in Schatten System.” The pre-recorded intro to the live news report would be followed by anyone who cared to listen being met with a new face on the screen. Mr. Boyega couldn’t make it to the short notice broadcast, so they got one of their other anchors instead.

“Hello everyone, I’m Taelor Cherbourg.” She had an empathetic look on her face, a far cry from the usual face of pure boredom. She looked like she was eager to do her job. Refreshing for the managers, but nobody else really cared either way.

"I’m here with an emergency update on Solus Tempus and the second in a series of terrorist attacks on innocent lives within the protection of ST. This time, the culprits had help from the aliens aboard one of their spliced starships. A crate of explosives from the alien vessel was used to destroy a city-block worth of homes within the civilian colony on Soteria. The casualties number at around 87, mostly innocent families just asleep in their homes. Among the casualties are four brave security officers, Petty Officer Mark O’Connor, Lieutenant Junior Grade Opal Sirius, Ensign Leruus, and Ensign DeWitt, who died of injuries sustained during the hunt for the bomber.

“The bomber himself comitted suicide in his cell before he could be questioned, but he was identified as an Orion man who has remained unnamed by security. A note identical to the one found in the first suicide-bomber’s home was found in this one.”

As she spoke, images of the largest of the Sangheili stomping down the corridors of Nimbus with Orn’VaOrnomai- recognizable by his white-and-gold armor. Then pictures of the security officers. Two humans, a Twi’lek, and a Romulan.

“This coming with the news that Lieutenant Samuel Lewis and his family have been reported missing from Serenity station as of last night. Schatten system and Solus Tempus are suffering, and it’s only getting started. All we can do is wait, and hope that the danger subsides. Among other news, Commander Mike-037 was released from sickbay om medical leave. He accepted a brief interview with one of our reporters, claiming to have a message for the bombers.”

And now Mike was on the screen. Despite being on the verge of death the last time he was seen on screen, Mike was on his feet with no visible signs of injuries. He looked visibly angry, a first for him. His eyes focused on the camera.

“I don’t care who they are. I don’t care what they want. I’m going to do everything in my power to make sure they don’t do more damage. If they expect us to give in because of this, they have another thing coming.”