Blue Squadron After Action Report

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//Rebelion after action report//

Mission: Sabotage / redirection of attention

Assigned units: Blue Squadron

Status: Accomplished

Place: imperial outpost, grid //classified//

Orders: seek and destroy

Mission time frame: 120 minutes since first contact

Squadron status

Blue 1 - Survived
Race: Bothan
Kills: 15 confirmed, 3 presumed
Damage to craft: moderate

Blue 2 - KIA
Race: human
Kills: 6 confirmed, 1 presumed
Damage to craft: fatal

Blue 3 - Injured - medium
Race - Calamarian
Kills - 10 confirmed
Damage to craft: medium

Blue 4 - KIA
Race: Human
Kills: 0 (crashed in star/ error in navigation​ computer software)
Damage to craft: vaporised

Blue 5 - MIA - Presumed Rogue
Race: Twi’lek
Kills - 14 confirmed, 6 presumed, one corvette moderately damaged
Damage to craft: low

Blue - 6 - Injured - Heavy
Race: human
Kills: 10 confirmed
Damage to craft: heavy

Blue - 7 - KIA
Race: thyferrian
Kills: 17 confirmed
Damage to craft: medium, salvageable

Blue 8 to 10 - presumed rogue
Race: Human
Kills: unknown
damage to craft: low to medium

Intelligence advise looking for Blue 5 and 8 to 10 as they posses valuable data

Ad.1 Report amd sensor data from Blue 6 inform that Blue 5 jumped to Yavin system and jumped out for 0.5 second before disaapearance, No body or wreckage found

Ad.2 Blue Squadron accomplished mission diverting some of empire forces to defend outpost while transporters escaped gravity well of Yavin 4

Mission details:
Blue squadron, after quick refuel amd rearm was tasked to divert attention of Empire forces from Yavin system so transporters can escape gravity well. They jumper to //classified// amd engaged Imperial forces. In intial attack run Blue 5 managed to hit unshielded Corvette with proton torpedoes damaging it. For next 120 couruscant minutes blue squadron was fighting Empire loosing only two pilots. After that time squadron went out of fight and jumped away to Yavin 4 system to meet up. Blue 8 to 10 never arrived, while according to Blue 6 sensor reccord Blue 5 jumped out of Hyperspace for 0.5 second before disaapearance. It’s possible that Blue 5 went rogue

As stated before is advisable to start looking for missing Blue Squadron members, and if possible recovering them

Attachments 1: SAR report

Attachment 1:
//Rebelion After Search report//

Mission: Search amd Recovery

Assignet units: blue, gold, green squadrons / yellow Assault gunship squadron

Place: area surrounding Yavin 4 and //classified//

Status: Half Succes

Orders: Search and Recover of Blue 5 amd Blue 8 to 10

All squadron undamaged and without kills

Mission details:
After SAD mission fragment of blue element went missing and Presumed Rogue, forces were dispached for SAR mission.

  • Gold and Green squadron foumd Blue 8 and 9 in Yavin system, their fighters were pwerless drifting in space 40 kilometres from RV point |possible failure of navi computer amd power generator|
    -Blue 10 was found rogue by blue squadron, his fighter disabled and Pilot taken into custody by Yellow Assuault shuttle element
    -Blue 5 after excessive search stay MIA and is marked as rogue untill further notice

Ad.1 all fighters should stay on caution if Blue 5 is spotted, shoot on sight is approved if there’s no contact from fighter



So you had the same idea as me hmm?
After Battle report for squad Delta TS
Name:John Angelos
report:captain John Angelos was Last seen on the ground leading the final push against the Imperial forces on Jakku.After his teams Medical Evac was shot down by an Imperial At-At.Captain Angelos has not been seen till this day.

Name:Chase Blackstar
Report:Lieutenant Chase Blackstar was shot and killed by an Imperial scout trooper during an ambush

Name:Damien Lucas
Report:Sergeant Damien Lucas was killed during an attempted Medical Evac of him and 2 other squad mates before being shot down by an Imperial at-at

Name:Marcus Seth
Rank:Private 1st class
Report:Private 1st class Marcus Seth was killed during the attempted medical evac of him and 2 other squad mates before being shot down by an imperial at-at

Name:Conner Wayne
Report:Corporal Conner Wayne was shot and killed by Imperial forces as he helped defend an attempted medical evac of himself and 2 other squad mates

A note able inquiry of this squad was each member had the inscription of “Born to Rebel” on each helmet

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