Blooming relationships

“Mmm…” A soft groan escapes the lips of the petite German, the small petite girl shifted under the covers of the warm and comfortable duvet of her large king-size bed. The petite girl slowly but surely stirs from her slumber, eyes fluttering open.

Her vision was blurry at first the moment she opened her eyes, rubbing her eyes for a brief moment to get rid of the dirt stuck in her eyes. Her vision soon clears and immediately notices her spouses still sound asleep. Despite their slumbering state, the petite girl could see the telltale signs of extreme exhaustion.

Zwei tried to recall her memories of what happened last night but couldn’t, as it would turn up as a haze. She would try to move and soon realize the sudden soreness and ache around the lower portions of her body making it difficult to move as every movement she made with her hips or legs would set off the aching feeling making the german teenager wince.

Still, the girl wondered what really happened last night that brought her to this state. Her thoughts would be soon answered as the sweet delicious scent of food wafted in the air and into her nose.

the adorable german would soon see Kuroneo. her eyes closed and in a loving expression as she came in with Borscht along with bread. it was something she had learned earlier and made. along with some Mozarella cheese as an appetizer.

Kuroneo would look at Zwei with a gentle smile “good morning Zwei” she greeted softly as she let the scent of the food really spread throughout he room “i made breakfast for you all” she said as she leaned in and kissed their forehead. having a smile on her face she gently placed their meal at a table nearby

Zwei’s face form into a look of recognition when the toga-wearing demon woman entered her room, a loving smile gracing her beautiful features while the gems hanging off her elongated horns glittered under the natural light. Internally entranced by the sheer beauty of the demon and was brought out of the trance as the demon kissed her on the forehead, bringing the petite German out of her trance.

She immediately flushed at the affectionate kiss given to her on the forehead, she later notices of the delicious and mouth-watering smell of Kuroneo signature dishes resting on a table nearby.

“K-Kuroneo! G-Good morning.” She stammered out in her morning greetings to the demon, her cheeks glowing a soft red hue.

she smiled and kissed her on the cheek this time “you don’t have to be so nervous with me” she said as she sat down next to her. the meal now ready so it was a matter of a waiting game this time as she pulled Zwei to her thighs where she gently played with her ears. “you’re still so adorable…especially with your cute blush right now” she said with a giggle “it makes me want to nibble on your ears…and give you a lil kiss to the lips” she said as her mind slowly went back to the pass. she still remembered her time with her lovers as if it was just yesterday

Zwei responded back with a blush once more as the mature demon sat calmly sat down beside her, having somehow noticed her aching soreness the petite German was currently experiencing leading to the demon woman resting Zwei’s head down on her lap further causing the girl to blush.

It was clear that the girl wasn’t too used to the open affection like this given her background as a post-apocalypse survivor.

something that Kuroneo didn’t seem to care as she gently stroked Zwei’s hair peacefully. her body language completely relaxed “still aching?” she asked as she lets out a soft little mischevious giggle but still did taste delicious when warm. taking a bowl full of Borscht. she gently helped Zwei up “aaaah~” it was easy enough to tell what Kuroneo wanted with Zwei. she wanted to feed her the Borscht especially when she dipped the bread onto it.

“Mmmm…” Zwei hummed, still blushing but nonethless agreed with a slight nod of her head. Despite her embarrasement from the open affection, the petite girl somewhat enjoyed it, finding her Kuroneo lap somewhat comfortable to rest on.

Even though she recently woke up from her sleep, Zwei still felt a wave of exhaustion roll over her, making the german teenager softly yawn tiredly. The demon notice this and slowly helped her up, offering her some food in the form of a dinner bun dipped in borscht.

The apocalypse survivor couldn’t help but feel somewhat embarrassed at the thought of being fed like a child given her strong independent self that demanded her to do things herself but slowly accepted the offer and took a bite out of the offered bread.

With a small crunch, Zwei’s felt her tastebuds exploded from within her mouth, experiencing a myraid of flavors dance around her tongue. It was one of the best thing the girl had ever tasted where she hummed in pure bliss.

Her reaction was enough for Kuroneo. she knew when she struck at someone’s taste buds and she had hit right on the mark to Zwei’s preference thanks to her past reference that is her wife. if her lover loved it then she took a chance to see if Zwei liked it and it payed off. “delicious?”

she asked softly as she continued to feed her like a lover would. not that of a child as she began to show more and more of her caring side. she was quite a caretaker surprisingly enough. maybe she had experience with taking care of someone. “should we let the three sleep in or…should we wake them up?” she asked giving Zwei the choice of what they should do

Hearing what Kuroneo said, Zwei nodded her head in agreement to the demon’s question with clear bliss written on her face as she slowly enjoyed the taste of Kuroneo’s borscht.

Over time, the German warmed up to the demon’s feeding session, accepting the food offered to her mouth with little to no hesitation even though it somewhat felt embarrassing to her.

Swallowing her last bite, Zwei craned her neck a bit to get a better look at the others despite the her body aching protests. “No need…they seem rather exhausted…” She said, now trying to recall what happened last night but decided to ask Kuroneo about it.

“I can’t seem to recall what happened last night,” She stated and look up to the former Sin. “Do you know what happened?”

she looked surprised but smiled softly “you’ll remember soon enough, it’ll come back and once it does…i think you’ll be hiding under a blanket” she said with a giggle. before continuing to feed Zwei until she was done “maybe the others will remember it? but until then i’ll just stay quiet…no use repeating the same thing over and over again if you all don’t know about it” she would soon pat Zwei affectionately “want some more?” she asked since she made plenty of Borscht

Hearing what the horned demon had to say, Zwei expression was one of uncertainty. Unsure what the former Sin really meant by that but shrug as she returned to eating the Borscht, enjoying the comforting warmth the stew provided.

Though the german girl wondered what she was going to do for the day. Even though it had been almost a year since her supposed splicing to this world, the post apocalypse survivor wasn’t really used to the everyday comforts of modern life in general and it put her off greatly.

“What do you want to do today?”

“i don’t really have any idea of what i want to do today…aside from opening up a diner for my Caravan in here if i can…i was hoping you and the others would like to do something rather than ask me that question” She said honestly. all she did was all a sort of daily routine that slowly came back due to the girls going into her life. and her happiness slowly coming back to her, she was a little hard pressed of what to do at the moment though

“Diner?” Zwei asked curiously, tilting her head as she looked up at the horned demon. Curious on what she really meant by that though decided to get somewhat comfortable in the demon’s embrace.

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//reeeeeeee pingus Shimi

“Yeah, a Diner. I’d be really happy to serve people some of my cooking, Its what I’ve always done, I don’t really need to change that now should I?” she asked curiously, she was and still is the worker of the Caravan and she takes great pride to uphold its rather tasty legacy. from mouth watering hot meals into something of a nice cold desert. everything she had done she made with pride. it was something that helped cope with her lost

“Ah…a food stall I see.” Zwei said, understanding what the term now meant as the diner was a supposed food stall Kuroneo runs. A mobile one from the looks of it if she recall the caravan design.

Though she remembered at how Kuroneo was seemingly familiar with her despite them being complete strangers at first but over time it gradually became a close relationship. Zwei recalled that Kuroneo said something about her looking much like her previous love which got her thinking.

How was her counterpart like? How similar they were? Did they like similar things?

“How was she like?” Zwei asked, her tone filled with genuine curiosity. “How was I-my counterpart like?”