Blood, fire and stone (Open-ended)

Eaden listened to the story and nodded, “And you ended up here? You must have travelled a very long way very quickly.” he says putting a hand on her shoulder, “You are safe now, and I for one will be happy to go back with you to see what there is to see.”

“I don’t remember seeing them leave our fortress. I just started running when the fighting started…I’m a miner, not a fighter.” She turns to Eaden “Thank you…It…means a lot to me that you’re willing to help.”

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“I’ll follow along too, I for one would like to see if whatever group attacked your guild will be a threat to this area, or just learn who they are in general. But I’m sure we all know to save that for a later time”
Sunn says as he goes to reach for a small bit of coin in his pocket. He takes about a handful of it and hands it out to Gwynnyl. Sunn was generous enough to make what looks like as big of a handful as he could make
“But in the meantime, you’re probably gonna need this for nee clothes and some rations for yourself when we DO head out”

Gwynnyl accepts the coin graciously. “Thank you Mister…Uhm…Thanks. I-I should probably try and get some weapons, assuming those creatures are still in my fortress…And maybe a horse. Are there any horse traders in this town?”

Eaden nods and then also pays the healer for her trouble - though he does not have a lot of coin, he is generous with what he does have. Looking at the pair he says, “Aye, there is. Let us hope we are not too late.” and with that, they head out.

Ok, so like medieval Good, Bad, and Ugly. LOL

Leaving Whiteridge and following Gwynnyl’s direction, the group would come to the foot of a heavily forested mountain. A small clearing and a single watch tower poking up out of the treeline would be the only indication of dwarven habitation

Eaden points Sunn’s attention toward the watch tower, then looks at Gwynnyl, “Is there a way to signal them, allow them to see that we are coming to assist – if anyone is there that is?”

Gwynnyl thinks a bit “I don’t suppose either of you know any fire magic? If you did, we could cast a spell into the air to signal anyone that might be there”

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