Blood, fire and stone (Open-ended)

It is a peaceful night in the village of Whiterage. The calm, cool evening air lends this particular night a picturesque atmosphere, such as one might see in a picture book or painting. Suddenly, a low drone sounds throughout the night. A lone female dwarvish warrior limps into the center of town blowing a horn as loud as she can, her body covered in scorch marks and bruises, and her right leg broken in two places. She collapses in the center of town.

Eaden Frasier is the first to see the drawven girl collapse. Of course other towns folk are coming out of their homes to watch… He kneels down to take a look at her and see if she’s still alive.

The Dwarven girl is alive, but has passed out due to her injuries. She’s breathing heavily and bleeding from the blade wounds on her body. It’s difficult to determine the full extent of her injuries.

Despite it being late at night, the elven criminal Sunn Duskwalker heard the noise as if it he were in the town itself. He was near the cave he and Asha lived in, enjoying the night sky and the stars above. He always enjoyed looking at the stars, him being the night owl that he was, since it gave him something peaceful to do. On top of that, it let him bodyguard Asha while she slept, he would do anything for his trusted family, bloodline or dedicated, so that was just another reason to stay up late at night. But soon, all of that peace would be broken as soon as the first horn went off from the dwarf. His ears picked it up in the forest, about a mile away from Whiterage, and so he decided to investigate it. Normally he wouldn’t investigate a distant noise, but he hasn’t heard a horn for a very long time, so it intrigued him. Plus, it was in Whiterage, so he thought it couldn’t have been that dangerous if a horn was blown there.

It took him a short while to travel there, jumping through tree after tree after tree, until he traveled the mile or so distance to Whiterage. From there, he simply traveled by foot, running through the city before finally coming to the scene, with the crowd making it obvious of where the horn was blown. With his cloth covering his face to hide his identity, he walks over to the crowd, barges through anyone in his way, and went up to both the dwarf and Eaden

“What happened here?”
Sunn bluntly asks, looking at the dwarf and only gives Eaden a glance when he first saw the scene

Eaden shakes his head, “I don’t know.” and he heads off quickly to get the town healer. Bringing her back as quickly as he could, she begins to examine the dwarf while Eaden himself looks to Sunn, “She ran into town, blew her horn, and collapsed.” he shrugged.

Sunn looks at Eaden as he runs off to get a healer, before looking back to the dwarf as soon as possible. He sighs through his mask, as he looks down to the dwarf, and kneeling down in front of her to inspect her wounds. After, he looks at the crowd surrounding them and just glaring at them, not going to tell them to get lost or anything. “They’ll all leave eventually,” Sunn thought to himself as he stood back up and gave the dwarf some space if she were to wake up.

However, Eaden came back to the scene with a healer, and seeing the healer Sunn backs up to let the profession do their job. Sunn didn’t look to Eaden, just the dwarf being treated by the healer, as he crosses his arms and, to Eaden, stares blankly at the scene. Sunn’s pure green eyes had a slight glow to them, it almost gave the impression that he was able to see in the dark even. His pupils were covered by the glow of his eyes, only really visible if one were to look very deeply and closely into his eyes. But regardless, they stood still at the fallen female, giving Eaden a moment of silence before speaking up

“I guess we just wait then, see what her reason for blowing a horn was”

The healer and Eaden put the dwarf on a stretcher carefully, the healer making a comment that they should get her back to someplace she can work. It didn’t take long, but she shooed the townspeople away as the gawked and made some effective but unkind commentary about each person who straggled - “What would your mother think?” kind of stuff. They entered the small home the doubled as her shoppe that she healed the sick from and mixed herbs and other such things. Sunn was welcome to join them, but the other townsfolk left and Eaden said very little, backing up to stand beside Sunn in the small space while the healer examined the wounds carefully.

The dwarven girl is heavily burned in several places, particularly her torso. Additionally she is covered with deep cuts consistent with cuts made by a chopping weapon of some sort. Some of the cuts are badly infected, indicating that they were made by unclean weapons some time ago. The dwarven girl’s armour is dented in several places too.

Ok to make sure I get it, someone tried to chop her like wood?

The healer put both there to use, telling Sunn to get clean bandages and get some water from the kettle over the fire, no… On second though she said to bring the whole kettle, bandages, and a wash basin. Then she looked at Eaden and barked at him to go to the cabinet at the end of the hall and bring her the bright green cloth bundles, not the plain white ones, but the ones that looked like they were grass stained. He did as she asked as the woman begins to cut off or remove any clothes the dwaven girl had on in short order.

The dwarf responds positively to the medical treatment. It has a positive effect on her health, and she is soon healed enough to be in a stable position.

Sunn silently followed the other 2 bring the dwarf to safety, he was interested with what the girl’s story was, and because of that, he wasn’t just going to go back to sleep and catch up on the story in the morning. So, with a simple nod and him tightening his cloth covering his face, he goes to get what the healer told him to get, a kettle of boiling water, loads of bandages, and a water basin. He brings them to the healer with quick succession and then backs up to give the healer some space to work with the dwarf. He silently waits for her to speak up about anything regarding the dwarf

The next several hours were spent with the healer treating the wounds and it was not pretty… Draining blood, dirt, and puss from wounds, using boiling hot water to rinse out and kill infections in places where it was just too big to deal with in another way. She knew it would burn the girl but it was burn the girl or let her die of the infections. About halfway through, she started to look less like she was doing to die as the healer was able to get bandages and the like together. Bundles of mixed herbs turned into thick pastes and scooped into the larger wounds while other compresses of dry herbs were put over the smaller ones. All of it then wrapped and tied tightly with thick cotton cut into strips.

Not it would just be a matter of waiting for the girl to wake up. In gratitude for the pair present, the healer smiles finally, “How about some supper?” she says with a friendly tone, “You can call mar Arianna. Thank you for your help.”

Sunn was essentially a statue with how he now had nothing to do to help. He just put his patience to the test, which was put to the test too many times before making it no problem for him to wait. When it was all over, and Sunn was meant to respond, he pushed his body from leaning against the wall he relaxed against and stood up, followed by a waving of his hand in a ‘stop’ formation

“Thank you for the offer Arianna, but I’ll have to deny your offe, I already ate before it got dark. However, if you’re fine with me staying here for a little while longer, I’d like to learn what happened with the dwarf when she wakes up”

She smiles and directs Sunn to the back of her home, "There is a guest room in the back, make yourself at home, I will come and wake you when she wakes up. She turns to Eaden and he politely accepts the offer for food.

Now we just wait for @Cyber?

The dwarf girl wakes up after about an hour. She is weak and in pain, but the treatment greatly improved her health. She props her head against her pillow and indicates that she is feeling well enough to talk with people.

Soon the healer goes to wake up Sunn as Eaden and her wait for the man to rouse and join them, Eaden asks, “What happened to you friend, you were nearly dead when we found you.”

“Thank you for healing me…honestly I thought I was done for…” The dwarf props herself up on her pillow “My name’s Gwynnyl, by the way.” The dwarf casts her mind back to the events that lead her to this moment. “It’s a little foggy honestly, I was half-asleep at the time, but here’s what I remember: We, my clan, found a seam of orichalcum under our fortress a few weeks ago, so we were working all day and night for several days.” Gwynnyl winces after accidentally causing pressure on a wound. She continues her story after getting herself into a more comfortable position. “After we were done, we went to sleep, as normal. During the night some sort of…demons or devils or…something…entered our fortress and…” Gwynnyl is obviously reluctant to continue

While Sunn did deny the meal, he, however, did accept the resting opportunity in Arianna’s guest room. He went in, Looked over the guest room, and took a nap. When Arianna went to wake him up, Sunn easily opened his eyes and followed her to meet the dwarf. Something Arianna would have noticed while waking Sunn up was that he sstill had his mask on, tightly at that. Sunn had tightened his mask before he took his nap, and while Sunn knew the exact reason why he did it (his bounty as a criminal), it would be most likely that Arianna wouldn’t know why he did such a strange thing.
As Sunn listened to the dwarf’s story next to Arianna and Eaden, what he could have guessed happened to her guild caught his attention. Whatever the force was that attacked Gwynnyl and her teammates, he would have to be cautious of in the future, certainly something to tell Asha about when he sees her again.
“How many people were in your guild?”
Sunn asks, not caring how random his question was. Not only was it to deter Gwynnyl away from the thought of what happened to her guild, but to get as much info on the situation as possible

Gwynnyl is taken aback by the randomness of the question. “I…Uh…About a hundred…Maybe ninety-something? What does that have to…why do you want to know?”

Sunn didn’t really have a reason for asking that sort of question, but he quickly came up with one
“I’m just wwondering what you and your guild faced, it must have been a big group to take that many people on. Did you see them head out anywhere in particular when the battle was over, or were you forced to retreat?”
Sunn says, asking one more question that he actually wanted to know in case he would come across the same group of demons, or whatever they were, some time in the future