Blazing Umbra Update - Stories in Progress

@icywinterdawn had the great suggestion to do some kind of index of what storylines are currently going on, what kinds of things are related to them, etc…

Lance is Missing / Infinity Wave / Onyx Invasion

So we did a combat plot not long ago where Onyx forces, very similar to those of Solas Tempus, attempted to invade and take over the star system. At the beginning of the fight, Lance as abducted. So far, a long-range transporter beam was used, there a direction of the beam that was discovered but since it could be anywhere along that direction, no one has been dispatched yet. There is a certain amount of discontent with that decision.

This also is linked with the Infinity Wave that was detected inbound, Sal D’Amico was dispatched to take care of this. He returned, and the infinity wave was supposed to have been stopped. In truth the wave was only delayed, it has not shown back up on sensors yet but it will. This also means that the Sal D’Amico is an imposter, which adds the additional problem that with Lance Thomas missing, Sal is currently acting Fleet Admiral and has taken over running the affairs of Solas Tempus. Not only that but it means that the Olam and Nuria are also fakes.

So, to further this plot, we have a few issues that would be anomalies. The SS Olam has refused to dock or let anyone board her. This isn’t entirely unusual but it is slightly, personnel transfers have been put on hold, all for reasonable (and different) reasons. Someone looking into things would see a pattern, someone doesn’t want anyone going aboard the Olam. The only two people who have come and gone are Nuria and Sal. There has also been a significant amount of data traffic coming and going using an alternate subspace band with the Olam, not going through BlueNet. This is very unusual, but not unheard of. So far no one has asked anyone about it. Sal himself has not been questioned about this in any detail, nor has Nuria. The pair has been spending more time together than usual, however, opting to stay aboard the Olam whenever possible, which is also unusual considering they both have apartments at Nimbus.

The Rift

There is still a rather large spacial rift near the Umbral Shipyards which is preventing the shipyards from being rebuilt. It is growing in size at a slow but steady pace and sucking anything it can into it. It has been cordoned off but no one is sure how to close it yet, several studies have been made, however, none have seen any results other than slowing the growth to a crawl.

Tal and the Investigation

The investigation against Tal Ravis ( @t0l ) is ongoing. So far hearings have been held. Those players wishing to RP out their hearings please see me so we can arrange a time to do so. Tal himself has been relived of duty but is not on house arrest, rumor has it that Sal has been fighting with the civilian review board to have the case moved into military court and has actively fought to keep Tal from being arrested, though no one is sure why as logically, Sal should be just as upset as anyone else over the events which lead to the investigation. Those who have specific abilities in gathering information would be able to find (with some work) that the review panel of 5 people is favoring having Tal deported back to his universe of origin, but it is not a sure thing and one member of the panel is the key vote.

Additionally, the investigation has lead to significant civilian pressure to scrap the entire ALR-X project and destroy all the missiles currently in place.

Intrepid at the Bottom of the Sea

@Cyber has started a plot where an Intrepid Class Starship was simply grabbed out of orbit and crashed into the ocean on Soteria. Though no one appears to have noticed. I’d like to actually start working on this, but I need more information on what happened and I’m not really wanting to just pick it up and run with it. As far as I’m aware some kind of anomaly formed that pulled the ship in and it has been there ever since. I’ve introduced the seaQuest class submarine into the game to make rescue possible, but again, I’m not really down with just doing it all myself. If Cyber would like to give me some more information or start pushing that plot forward, I’d like that a lot.

The Corruption

@Cyber has also had a zone on the planet filled with Corruption, some kind of bio-mechanical adaptive… Thing. I’m not sure all the details, but it is there and on the planet and also cordoned off since no one knows what to do with it. I’d love to see where this goes and perhaps link it into something else, however, I don’t know what the original plot was supposed to be.

The Vault

I’ve introduced the idea of The Vault in Void Space along with some other items. This is kind of a way to bridge gaps between the different settings, as this area exists outside of time and thus someone showing up can be literally form anywhere at any time. We’ve got some players in the Vault but that shouldn’t last long.

I also know that @Left4Cake also wanted to have his characters see the place, which is awesome, just seeing if anyone else wants to so we can arrange it. I’d also like to see this progress further and perhaps get more use out of that space. If anyone has any questions, let me know.

Zombie / Parasite

We had a plot that was started but overall died on the vine where one of the worms from Virus (if I recall the character correctly) was supposed to kind of get corrupted by Cyber’s Corruption and turn into a kind of Zombie parasite / Zombie plague that we could play with. It never went anywhere, recently @timot1066 mentioned doing a zombie plot and thus I’d like to see if there is still interest here. If so, we can push this forward.

Tal & the Rose Palace

Now, here is a fun one that we started a while back but is still pending. I know that @Left4Cake and @t0l are ready to go with it, I just am not sure if we should do this on the forum or not. There are serious timing issues with doing it on Discord but I haven’t been great about getting to the forum either (I have a number of replies to do today in fact). As a result, I haven’t started it yet. This doesn’t really impact anyone else, other than the fact that somewhere in a massive underground cavern is this place called the Rose Palace which is protected by some kind of magic. This links back into Embers of Soteria, as the Rose Palace is where the Souls Templar are and the council which loosely tries to govern the 7 Kingdoms there resided.

I was considering linking this into Tal being on a quest to find Lance to save his own ass too, but I hadn’t figured that out yet.

Sands of Time RP

@darktrooper501 and I have a plot going on right now, takes place outside of the Schatten System, where the Gensis finds an anomaly and Val helps to investigate it, they were sucked into Void Space (or somewhere else without stars, I haven’t entirely decided yet). Either way they don’t know where they are. This is open ended if someone else wants to join.

More Power! RP

This is taking place at Markab with Neo ( @JumpingScript ), testing the ARL-X before it is finished, thus it takes place before the events of the Onyx Invasion.

City of the Lost RP

This is a group RP about a portal and pyramid on Soteria, though @darktrooper501 started it (IIRC), so I don’t have a lot of details, it is ongoing though, I don’t know where it falls in the continuity but seems to be somewhere before the 2-year time skip.

Vident Obscura RP

I started an RP for the introduction of Obscrua, it does take place prior to the 2-year time-skip though so doesn’t really impact the events on the server itself.

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