Blazing Umbra RP Setting

This is the in character area for our Blazing Umbra Setting, see the wiki page. Set the in year 2381, there is an old threat that has been hidden in the shadows for decades now.

An unknown force only known as Onyx works to undermine the fabric of society through selective use of time travel. Their purpose is unknown and though the Federation knows of them, they cross boarders and a new organization has grown out of the need to combat this threat. Born of secrecy and one of the few last bastions of truth, Solas Tempus stands as a guardian to the very fabric of history itself situated uniquely by a series of unlikely alliances their influence spans quietly across boarders to fight this new threat.

Our game is centered in this universe, specifically, aboard the space station known as Blazing Umbra Station in the Schatten Star System. The station is a secret facility for research and development, but now, the very anomalies which fuel that research have begun to align together forming Splices which serve as temporary gateways to different places, times, and even realities. One moment a person could be standing on a mountaintop in 1992, Earth, and the next they find themselves aboard this fateful station in the here and now, far from anything and everything they’ve ever known.