Before and After (Joseline and Kaito)

Kaito hugged her tighter causing a small heat to emit from him since he felt how cold she was, it worried him slightly ‘Youre welcome my princess…and I missed you as well so much…I would never leave you, you should know that’ he said softly as kissed joselines head gently ‘To answer your questions…I went back to my home…Konoha…to seek help on somethings…and I left without telling you because I thought you were still mad at me…’

Joseline felt the warmth go through her, and she couldn’t help but hug Kaito tighter because of it. She listened carefully to what Kaito was saying, and didn’t immediately respond to what he said. Right now, she was beginning to have a mix of lots of things. Happiness for his return, sadness from her depression prior still in her, and now a slowly seeping part of anger for him going away for a whole week of all times. But she tried to resist the anger part getting mixed into already mess of emotions in her. She would be silent for a solid few minutes, unknowing what to say next, and it eventually gets to where she can’t say anything. At least not anything that’s a direct follow-up to what he just said

“I just… I can’t think of what to say, this was… this was just all so sudden…”
She says at first, trying to get out of the hug slowly and sitting normally on the couch once more. She just lays down on it slowly, burying her face softly in a pillow. There was no crying, no sobbing… just contemplating. Contemplating on what to say, what to respond to Kaito with. But she didn’t want to give off the impression that she wanted away from Kaito, so she spoke up once more once she had her face
“I’m sorry Kaito, I just have to relax to think on what to say about this… You can still hug me if you want, I just need to relax I guess”

‘Its alright my princess, take your time’ kaito said as he took off his brand new cloak and gently put it over joseline as he he began to take off his armor and shirt ‘Again sorry about leaving you for a week…I needed to go back and talk to someone as well as watch the cermony’ he said as he finally got his shirt off showing off around six new scars ‘Oh and to train of course’

Joseline just still had her face lightly buried in the pillow, and didn’t move when Kaito pit his cloak over her. She just laid there, still thinking in a state where she was almost like a fresh corpse, continuing to think on what to say to Kaito.

A few more minutes pass before ling, and she still can’t think on what to say, there was just too much to take into consideration. So, she simply turns around from the pillow slowly and looks up to Kaito, getting herself snug in the makeshift blanket Kaito gave her as she sighed. Her face was neutral, and it was clear she gave up on trying to think of something to say for now. She went through too much as right now

“What ceremony?”
She simply asks

‘The ceremony for the new Hokage…Naruto Uzumaki…I missed the ceremony for lord six so I had to come to see lord sevenths…as the descendant of the second Hokage, my job as a prince is to congratulate and help the new Hokage settle down’ Kaito said as he looked at Joseline and smiled ‘Oh I never told you…I’m a prince’

Joseline now had another thing to let sink in, and she froze again. All she could do was pressher head back against the pillow and try to get everything out of her head. She just wanted to relax now, and didn’t want to ponder, not right now

“That sounds like a nice ceremony… and congratulations on being a prince I guess…”
Joseline couldn’t help herself but bring one of her hands under tee blanket and trace the markings on her stomach. She just felt it was right to remind herself of what they meant. She still kept eye contact with Kaito though, and she also thought of something else to say. She couldn’t in terms of conversation, and she only ended up asking
“Kaito… can you lay down here with me? I just… whether I’m mad or happy at you once I get my mind sorted out, I just want to lay down and relax with someone”

Joseline then scooted over on the couch as much as she could, and made only a tiny bit of space for Kaito to lay down on. To Kaito it would be obvious that it would be best to go somewhere else to lay down

‘That means youre a princess you know’ kaito said with a smile as he leaned down and picked up joseline bridal style ‘Dont think we should lay down on the couch…when we have a wonderful bed’ kaito said seductively as he carried her to the room

Joseline was fine either way whether they lay down on the couch or bed, and she really didn’t feel too surprised when Kaito picked her up. She DID see the couch snuggling thing as kind of silly when she actually tried to scoot over.

When Kaito picked her up, she slowly brought one of her arms to wrap around his as she lightly buried her face lightly in his arm, like she did with the pillow before. She also pressed her body against his chest so she could hold his jacket in place as her temporary blanket still before getting under the covers, using ehe other arm to hold onto it as well

She says at first, her voice softer and muffled now because of her burying her face in his arm
“If I can ask… can we please not do that now?..”
She asks, refereing to Kaito’s seductive voice and where she thought it would lead
“I just want to lay down and cuddle… I’m just not in the mood for that right now… please?”

‘I had no plan on doing that today my princess…just thought a seductive voice would cheer you up’ he said softly as he entered the bed room and gently laid joseline down ‘I just want to snuggle as well you know’

Joseline didn’t respond to Kaito this time, she knew they were near the bed and she would save her response for when she was lain down and comfortable with him. She got herself under the covers slowly when she was laid down, letting go of Kaito’s arm and handing him back his cloak.

When Kaito took it back, and when she was halfway under the covers, she begins to take off her clothes, starting with her cest cloth. For Kaito, he would know that this would be a habit she recently got into before he left, sleeping naked. When she took her chest cloths off, she took them and put them under her pillow. Then, she went to take off her cargo shorts and socks, putting them under her pillow as well.

After all of that silence, she finally decided to respond, sighing beforehand before speaking up
“Thank you Kaito, I’m glad you just want to snuggle as well. Just know… that I’m unsure myself whether I’ll forgive you fully or not when I think everything theough… I just want to tell you that, and sorry if I made it seem otehrwise”
She says, her voice still soft and her face still neutral as she completely gets inder the covers now, getting snug and waiting for Kaiot

‘Why did you strip my princess’ he asked as he got into bed and snuggled up with joseline ‘But anyways…I know you cant fully forgive me…many people cant…i fuck up constantly in my damned life’

Joseline snuggled back with Kaito, wrapping her arms around him and pressing the side of her face against his chest. She tried to adjust her hug with him, rubbing her cheek against his clothing until she decided to simply move upward a bit and rest her head against his neck lightly. She just preferred that right now

“What do you mean Kaito? I’ve been sleeping naked like this since before you left, you should know it’s a habit of mine now…”
She says at first, almost getting comfortable with him until he continued to speak up. Him mentioning how lots of people can’t forgive him just made her feel bad for him, the thought slowly sinking into her mind as she tightened the hug on him slightly. Then, she brought one of her hands up to his newly long hair and began to stroke it lightly, closing her eyes as she simply whispers
“I’m sorry I brought that up, I didn’t mean to sound rude”

‘I mustve not noticed my princess…’ kaito said as he looked at her as she stroked his hair ‘No its fine princess…its okay that you brought it up’ He hugged her tighter and began to stroke her hair as smiled ‘So do you like my new hair…thought I might try out a new look you know’

Joseline couldn’t help but lightly murr at Kaito beginning to stroke her hair as well, taking her fingers and beginning to twirl a small cluster of his hair, letting it brush against her finger, and enjoying the feeling. Whether his hair was clean and smooth, dirty and dusty, or anywhere in between, it didn’t matter to her. She just was able to snuggle with someone, and it just so happened to be Kaito, so she was ok with it no matter what. She thought of the talk about his hair as her chance to stray away from anything too dark about his past, so she decided to respond about only his hair

“You look nice with that hair, though you cover up one of your eyes like that. Do you think I’ll look good with a new hairstyle?”
She asks, her voice still soft and mellow but sounding a bit more energetic than before, as she adjusts herself in her hug with Kaito again

‘Well im glad you like it…I talked to someone else with eyes like mine and they told me to grow out my hair to hide my rinnegan so I dont have to constantly keep my eye close’ Kaito said with a smile as he stared at joseline in the eyes

Joseline didn’t look Kaito in the eyes, she was too comfortable with her face’s side pressed against his neck, and eventually it got to where she closed her eyes, as she was getting more and more comfortable with Kaito holding her. She slowly brought her arm from around Kaito’s back, to where she simply folded it next to her chest. She felt more comfortable like that since Kaito was hugging her, but she still couldn’t help but play with his hair with her other hand. She didn’t know why, but she just felt ok like that instead of just curling up against Kaito’s body entirely

“Your hair’s fine either way Kaito, and I guess that’s a good covinience… but wouldn’t you still only be able to see half of your normal vision? Why not just wear sunglasses?”
She simply asks, trying to make small talk with him before she falls asleep, whenever that was. Right now though, she was cozy in his arms and was slowly becoming more comfortable, especially compared to before, so conversing like this was all she could ask for

‘No it doesnt limit my vision my princess, my rinnegan can see through my hair kinda like an x-ray’ kaito said with softly as he kissed her head ‘I think I might have an idea to make you feel better my sweet joseline’ kaito said with a smirk as he engulfed by smoke, it then disappeared showing Kid kaito ‘Ta-da’ he said in a childish voice

Joseline gave a little bit of thought on what Kaito said, that he can look through his hair. But she brushed it off as just another thing Kaito can do, letting it pass her mind even further when Kaito kissed her head. She looked up to Kaito when he did that, nuzzling softly once more into his neck, but looking back up to him once more when he said he has a way to cheer her up. She tilted her head, not responding and just letting him do whatever it was he had planned.

The sudden smoke made Joseline jolt a bit, leaning a bit back from Kaito out of shock before she was able to process what was happening beyond reflexes. She then just laid still, bringing her other arm she used to play with Kaito’s back down as she folded it and waited for whatever was happening to Kaito to reveal itself. Then, in front of her is child Kaito, laying down next to her in his clothed which would most likely now be too big for him. But she just blankly stared at him for a bit when he spoke up, acting like it was just some magic trick, her expression neutral as she tried to not just say something bad to him. Eventually, she was barely able to muster a crooked grin as she brought her hand from before back to his head, playing with his hair again

“How can I say no to you when you look like that, you look cute in those clothes even”
She says softly, bringing her other arm around Kaito to give him a light hug

Kaito giggled as he hugged Joseline back, smiling like an idiot as he did ‘see I knew this would help a bit my princess’ he said in his childlike tone as he looked down for a second before looking back up at her ‘huh last time my clothes fit…’

If there were two things that could cheer Joseline up no matter what was happening, or at least calm her down, were comforting, children (non-bratty children mind you), and animals. Kaito fit two of those things, so it was inevitable that she would get comfortable and become just a bit happier in the moment because of it. She hugged Kaito a bit tighter, holding his head to her adamsapple as she went from playing with his hair to just stroking it and occasionally scruffing it lightly.

“It does help, and you not fitting in your clothes makes you look even more adorable. You’re like a small animal using someone’s clothes as a blanket. I always love seeing that you know”
She says softly, folding her legs up to be able to snuggle with the now smaller Kaito even more