Before and After (Joseline and Kaito)

This roleplay takes place in the past, before and after Kaito had disappeared for a week in Angelic Sins

Before Kaito’s disappearance

Joseline had just met Denis for the first time. Their meeting was one where Joseline would genuinely get mad at her partner for the first time. Joseline had seen Denis in the forest, in his wolf form, crying his eyes out and drinking until, as she saw it, he passed out. Her being the kind and loving person that she is, she decided to talk to ask him what was wrong with him. What she heard, she was not expecting at all. Denis explained that he had met with Kaito, but it was more than that. He had left most of the details out of the whole time he was with Kaito, but that didn’t matter to his sadness at hand. What really mattered was what happened near the end of the confrontation.

What happened was that Kaito invaded Denis’s mind and showed had him replay a horrible event of his life. That memory was the replay of the death of Denis’s once loved girlfriend, Kalie, where from then on Denis would hate Kaito for the rest of his life, as he then explained Kaito did it for his own reasons. It wasn’t something personal to Denis that Kaito had, this was just the first time they met that this happened. From there, Joseline was shocked, that someone who was as sweet to her as Kaito would do something the horrible to someone as already sensitive of a person as Denis. She would have to save her confrontation of Kaito on the matter for later. For now, there was someone, who he harmed, crying and drinking like crazy. Joseline couldn’t leave someone alone like that, and she wanted to try to make sure that Kaito wouldn’t hurt him ever again.

Joseline took a walk with Denis, sat down with him, chatten with him, and let him feel safe as much as she could make it so. Even if Denis didn’t feel that much safe being around the girlfriend of Kaito compared to Kaito himself, Joseline had decided that it was her responsibility to help Denis. Clean up the mess Kaito made and make sure he doesn’t make that kind of mess again. At least it got to where Denis could trust Joseline, he saw her as a genuinely kind person who wanted to help him. Denis didn’t see her as Kalie, not since she was partners with Kaito, but Joseline would accept that. Joseline would accept that Denis didn’t fully believe in her and wouldn’t rely on her for confort all the time, and if he thought that was best for him, she wouldn’t force him into anything

The meeting between Joseline and Denis soon ended, and as they parted, Joseline had let loose. She stood in the forest as Denis left to live his own life, late at night as her face went from a warming goodbye smile, to one where her face dropped to pure anger. She was alone as she made this face, her eyebrows angling downward as her skin crumpled up and folded inward, her face making her smile upside down, and stretching the frown from there

“Crazy Train”
She simply says to herself, in a low whisper. Her Stand then summoned out of her, grey liquid stretching off of her side into its own entity, bursting out of her on her right side as it curved around and ended up in front of her before, instantly after, dashing towards her. Joseline didn’t move as it did this at an instantaneous 40 MPH, she was the one commanding it after all. All she did was, when her Stand was dashing towards her front side, she tipped herself over. She fell backwards, and her Stand, in turn, dove downward and took up the area of the ground where Joseline would land before she finished her free fall. As such, Joseline would fall, back-first, onto her Stand’s spread out form, And from there, she disappeared from sight, the sight being her falling into her Stand. The Stand was a liquid, yet it looked like she fell into a hole, with only a gelatin-esc splash sound being made before it was just the gray liquid of Crazy Train. From there, Joseline traveled to Hotel Sebastian, where he and Kaito lived, along with the other residents of Tora and Yuki. She had no time to wait for elevators or stair travelling, she was pissed, so she decided to travel up the side of the building.

All the way to the top the gray liquid traveled, dashing towards the windows of her room. It took a long time, but she got there, near the top of the tower itself where the room resided. Once she got there, everyone would most likely be asleep, but Joseline didn’t care about that right now. Her Stand crept through the very tiny crevices of the windows, going as fast as she could past the tiny, yet available, entrance to the place. It took another while for her whole Stand to get into the place, but it eventually did. And at that moment, the liquid stayed flat on the ground, to which the stillness of Crazy Train would be followed by Joseline’s hand sticking out of it. Then, her whole arm, grabbing flat onto the ground, lifted upward, pulling the rest of her body out of the Stand. Her expression hadn’t changed the entire time, she was still pissed as all hell, the most she’s been in a long time. Joseline lifted her body out of her Stand, and afterwards, she had her Stand dismissed. Crazy Train magnetized to Joseline’s body, and was absorbed into her, saved to be summoned for another time. Joseline stood silent, looking around the apartment in her still position. Then…

She merely yells, as loud as she could yell. As loud as her lungs could muster from her. Her tone was that of pure rage, the adrenaline absorbing her from being calm. She was in the living room, and she merely waited for the man of the hour to make his appearance, before having him explain everything to her

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Kaito emerged from his room, he was shirtless and covered with cuts and blood most likely from a training session with Eito ‘Why are you yelling so loudly at such a late time my princess’ he asked in his usual calm and monotone voice as he took a seat on the living room couch
‘Wait hold on…you’re angry aren’t you…what have I done this time’ he asked as his sharingan formed in his eye

Joseline´s first thought when she saw Kaito enter the room is that he doesn´t even know why she was angry. Though she also doesn´t know how long it´s been since he first met Denis, but she ignored that though. She was shrouded in pure anger towards him, for reminding poor Denis of the dark past he was had to endure. She merely walks up to him, essentially stomping with every step she took, and at first it just looks like she was walking up to him, normally. Albeit with furious anger, but still, just normally.

Then, right as she got close enough to him, her arm had spontaneously swung over and slapped him. She slapped him so hard on his left cheek that, to any normal person, there would be a red mark of her hand left behind on him. She slapped him so hard that Joseline would hear it as if someone snapped their fingers. She slapped him so hard that Joseline would cringe at the sight if she were watching from afar. But she didn´t cringe. She COULDN´T cringe, she was just too mad to have anything but ¨Fuck you Kaito¨ in her mind

She furiously responds, with no context. Before Kaito could respond, her arm furiously swung once more, moving from its end position from the first slap to bring an even harder backhand slap right to his jaw. He might as well had been slapped with the back of Joseline´s fist, right on the knuckles at that, she was that unforgiving with this meeting

Kaito simply took the slaps as if they were nothing, he had been hit harder by Airi and other shinobi, so to him this was normal but also very annoying ‘So you are extremely angry…’ he said softly as he rubbed his cheek

‘Joseline you should know there’s a lot wrong with me… and you should know THAT IM NOT HUMAN’ kaito said as his tone went from his usual calm to that of annoyance and anger ‘So tell me whats gotten you angry instead of hitting me…’ he said as his sharingan morphed while a small black flame started on his shoulder

Joseline tried to hold in her anger and let him speak, hear what kind of excuse he had to what he did. Instead, he only brought up thoughts that Joseline knew in the back of her mind, yet she never wanted to admit right away. Before all of this, she knew there was a lot wrong with him, and she knew he wasn´t human. But what he did here, harming someone innocent for his selfish reasons, that is something not even ones´s mother could endource, unless they were bred with that kind of madness in them. She knew that Kaito wasn´t THAT bad of a person, but now, her mind would be changed, at least for a while.

Kaito forming the sharingan in his eye did indeed send its normal wave of fear through Joseline, but it didn´t completely take over her anger. Her eye twitched as she stared at him, not giving into the temptation to look away or close her eyes, not by a longshot. And the flame, she didn´t care for that right now, it was merely Kaito she had her attention fixated to. She let out a single tear as she spoke, the fear of his sharingan taking some effect on her at this point

She yells at him once again, her tone still extremely pissed, but, with the sharingan taking effect on her, there was a hint of sadness in her screams. Just a bit though

‘What the fucking werewolf…I tortured him for good reasons…I need info its that simple…You should know how I operate Joseline…with fear and brutal force…why does the werewolf even concern you’ Kaito said as he stared at her before opening his right eye to show off his rinnegan, he then turned away from her and scoffed ‘Let me guess you ran into him and he told you what I did, so now you feel bad for him and mad at me…is that correct joseline’

Joseline screamed once more as she grabbed Kaito by the cheeks and turned him to face her, not giving a shit if she was being under effect of his sharingan, even if his rennegan added something to her already growing fear. Her eye just twitched more, and her tone now exhausted of her anger for now. Soon, her other eye began to tear up as well as she continued to speak
¨I would understand if he tried to attack you or was a criminal. I would still be mad at you for doing such a thing to anyone, but I would see your reasoning. But Denis… he was an innocent person. An innocent person who only wanted to help animals and make the world a better place. You just wanted to do this for information… information that you didn´t have to force out of him. Especially if you did that horrid thing to him the first time you met him …¨

Joseline then nearly closes her eyes as she is sobbing at this point, bringing her forehead to his. With some force, but not wanting to headbutt him. She just met her forehead with his.
¨He was broken and drinking until he couldn´t anymore when I met him… How could you do something like this to someone so harmless? You just don´t care what you do to people you don´t deeply care about, don´t you? If you were with another woman, and I was just by myself, trying to live my life… you wouldn´t give a shit if you did to me what you did to Denis, would you?¨
She lets go of his cheeks at this point and just puts her hands against the couch

Kaito reminds quiet the whole time Joseline is speaking, he thinks back to what he did and the countless times hes done it, he then thinks about what he was taught in his time training to become a jounin

‘Joseline…’ he says quietly ‘I was taught…that you do what you need to do for the mission even if its inhuman…in this case I did what i had to for the info i needed…I know it was wrong I am aware…even Eito spoke his part against this…but its wired into my brain…’ kaito said as he looked down and away from joseline

Joseline couldn´t help herself at this point, when Kaito began speaking she fully closed her eyes and let her sobbing tears flow down her cheeks, and eventually to Kaito´s legs, to just evaporate a little bit later. When Kaito looked away, Joseline´s head slipped off of Kaito´s, and her head fell down to rest on his chest. She brought her right hand and formed it into a weak fist, hitting him in the rib. Though it wasn´t as hard as her slaps, she´s exhausted herself for now of that anger. It was merely a semi-hard punch to him

¨What MISSION are you talking about? What would prompt you to do something to someone like Denis just for information? And Answer my fucking question, you piece of shit. You only care for me because I´m your girlfriend. What would you do to me if we weren´t fated to be together?¨
She asks him, able to say more, but unwilling to, her tears slowly beginning to flow more and more out of her eyes

‘The mission…I was originally sent here for…study the supernatural and learn about them no matter the cost…’ he said quietly as he clutched his arm ‘Joseline…I would care for you even if you weren’t fated to be my girlfriend…I know what you’ve experienced and it hits me somewhere deep…’ Kaito said as he looked back to joseline and tried to hug her

Joseline listens to what Kaito has to say, holding her tears back and shutting her mouth tightly. She even inverts her mouth and bites down on her mouth’s insides, sandwiching her mouth and ensuring she can’t make another sound. She was about to speak, right at the instant her lips would become free so she could speak up, however, Kaito went to hug her. She instantly reacted by backing up and waving her arm against Kaito’s, shoving his hug away from her.

“Don’t touch me!..”
She yells, her arm waved out from her rejecting his hug. Her face is visibly angry, her teeth clamped together. Her tears are gone, only barely able to water her eyes from her trying to hold them back as much as she can. The tears she shed were only because of Kaito’s sharingan, after all

‘BECAUSE HE TRUSTED ME DAMNIT! HE TRUSTED ME TO DO THIS MISSION, I AM THE CAPTAIN OF THE GOD DAMN SINS!’ He yelled for the first time in forever he was angrily yelling at Joseline, his princess. He then turned away and slammed his fist against a wall causing as small crack to form, the black fire in his shoulder now spreading across his body

Joseline merely watched as Kaito yelled back at her (not phased in the slightest), punching the wall, and having the fire spread across his body. She breathed heavily, still resisting her tears before they stopped producing in her eyes. Soon, she brought herself to speak up

“If you’re going to continue on with this mission, then you better damn well make sure that you keep these kinds of atrocities hidden from me. I’m going to help Denis, without your help, and if I ever hear about you doing that kind of shit to an innocent person again. We. Are. Through. You fucking got that?”

The fire consumed Kaito allowing him to enter his true daemon form as he turned and looked at Joseline, visibly gritting his teeth before speaking up ‘I will be continuing on this mission until further notice and if it makes you feel better Ill stop doing shit like that…Go help the werewolf I dont care’ Kaito said as he scoffed and walked to his room

Joseline just watched Kaito once more, waiting for him to leave before she muttered a single word

She mumbled it more like, not letting Kaito hear it. She didn’t want the conversation to go on any further, and she just wanted to end the day and hope to everything that the next day would be slightly less hate-filled. But that would be for tomorrow, for now, she could only angrily lay down on the couch, grab a pillow, and cover her face with it as she screamed into it. her voice muffled so that Kaito would hopefully not hear her. She clenched down on the pillow for so long, so so long, so long that, due to her using the pillow as a giant stress ball, her anger began to die down. Die down from a roaring flame into the surroundings of that flame, the surroundings with heat left over from the burn marks. She was still pissed at Kaito, just not to where she had the energy to yell at him. Though, she wouldn’t sleep that night

Timeskip from here to after Kaito returns to Chicago

It had been a week since Kaito disappeared. The night Joseline hadn’t slept after being in the argument, she wanted to try and do something not many people would do. For most people, they would still be angry to the point they wouldn’t even speak to their partner the day after a massive argument happening. But Joseline, Joseline was someone else, she was one who always went by a motto of happiness. One where she would try to make the best of any situation, to the best of her ability. It’s the whole reason to why she gave Kaito a second chance instead of leaving him on the spot, which she has done with some of her partners before. She wanted to apologize for the argument last night…

But he wasn’t there.

Joseline had searched the entirety of their apartment, trying to look for him, and even calling out his name when Tora and Yuki were out. She didn’t want them to be there when Joseline said what she wanted to, she had let them hear enough of the argument last night, since she yelled at the top of her lungs… But Kaito never showed up, he was gone. The first day this happened, Joseline thought he was still angry, and wanted to be away from her for a while, calm his mind. She accepted that, and went on with her day, practicing what she wanted to say to him when he returned.

But then, day two and three of Kaito being gone had Joseline worried. Neither Tora nor Yuki had seen him, she even contacted Lance, who said the same thing. Then, day four came along, and Joseline was coming up on a full 96 hours to think of what happened to Kaito in that time. Then, Joseline came to the only logical conclusion she could have: Kaito must have left her. For the whole day that day, she let that “fact” sink in, getting to the point in the day where she couldn’t even bring herself to drink blood from any given packets, even when she was starving. She would only drink one packet that day, only doing so when Tora and Yuki were in the same room as her.

Days five and six Joseline only got more and more depressed. Not wanting to drink when Yuki took her out to the Saevae for a party nigh, cleaning the entirety of the apartment from top to bottom and in every corner just because she had nothing else to do (doing so throughout the whole night and looking like a mess afterwards), and having to be convinced by Lance to actually drink blood and feed herself for if Kaito were to return. She had major doubts of that, to the point where she had to force feed herself, as if she were eating dirt, and getting sensations of wanting to puke it all up with no capabilities of.

Day seven came along, and all Joseline wanted to do at that point was curl up in silence, hug something soft, and apologize to Kaito even though he wasn’t there to hear it. And that’s exactly what she did, Joseline curled up into the fetal position on the couch Kaito sat on the night of the argument, hugging a pillow and burying her face into it. She could only mumble speeches of apology, often repeating the core message of whatever she was saying as if she wanted to emphasize her genuine and high want to get her message across to no one in the room. She would think that she was alone in the hotel, the curtains closed since she didn’t want sunlight to get in. She was as cold as ever, no blanket on her, just the pillow to her torso’s front side, which would be covered by her knees anyway, so it didn’t do much.

Joseline was just alone, wallowing in sadness.

It had been a week since kaito had disappeared without warning, he felt bad for what he did to Denis after Joseline yelled at him so he left to go to Konoha to seek help and advice from the many other Shinobi he knew there, he should’ve told joseline he was leaving but he thought she was still angry at him so he left in the middle of the night, He had regretted that every moment that he was in Konoha, he actually shortened his trip just so he could come back and see her

He appeared on the balcony of his hotel room, his snow white hair had grown longer to the point where it passed his shoulders and covered his rinnegan right eye , it was also more messy and unkempt ‘Joseline…my princess’ he called out softly as he stepped into the room and looked around ‘Im back…’ he said as he took off his new found cloak that symbolized he had changed, his old black cloak and been replaced with a white cloak with a red fire design on the bottom of it ‘Sorry for leaving without warning my princess…but I had to leave and find someone to help me…I’m sorry I yelled at you…’

At first, Joseline had only heard the cry for her name being someone like Tora or Yuki, or Lance. And she was about to speak up to tell them to go away, since she only heard the name “Joseline”, and not whose voice it was that spoke it. She spoke up, it being clear to Kaito that she didn’t notice exactly who it was that was there

“Whoever it is, I just want to be alone right now. Please-”

But then, she was cut off, cut off by the second part of what Kaito had to say. “My princess” being said made her freeze completely, and had her mind instantly race with thoughts. Thoughts of if her mind was playing tricks on her or not, whether what she heard was real, whether she was going insane or not. She heard the footsteps get closer to her, not looking to who it was, if it wasn’t Kaito she didn’t want to make a fool of herself and prove she was going insane…

But then, Kaito’s next lines solidified the thought in her mind. The thought that was left shrouded by her thoughts of uneasiness and fear of going crazy. The thought of the person suddenly in the room was actually Kaito, it was confirmed with two simple words… “I’m back.” With those two words, Joseline would have her thoughts rush through her head about what to say next, but before then, she had to listen. Kaito explaining why he left breifly, and him apologizing for yelling at her… at this point Joseline remembered what was on her stomach.

To her, the symbols on her stomach were being shown as her belonging to Kaito and no one else. But to her, it was more than that. To her, the symbols carved into her stomach, they were signs that she belonged to Kaito in more than just “You’re my girlfriend and no one else’s.” To Joseline, it was more of a sign of “I own you,” and because of that, she felt that, at the moment Kaito was waiting for her to respond, she was the one at fault for yelling, and that Kaito was in no wrong to yell at her.

Joseline’s eyes begin to water a bit, as she begins to make her first real facial expression since her meeting with Lance. Her face turned to sadness, as she suddenly leaped from her fetus-esc position to jump and wrap her arms around Kaito in the biggest embrace of a hug she can manage. She lands her head on his shoulder, and her arms around his back as tight as her vampire-self could make it. She was icy cold to the touch, even colder than she normally is, and it would be clear she needed some sort of warmth. It would be very clear to Kaito her eyes were crying like crazy, and she would speak in an extremely saddened tone

“Kaito… I’m the one who has to apologize. I was planning to give you a second chance, I was in no right to yell at you. I’m sorry for what I did, I beg you please forgive me”

kaito was happy that joseline hugged him he missed her greatly, he wrapped his arms around her and gently patted her back ‘Dont cry my princess…you have nothing to apologize for…most of this was because of me and me alone…I hurt Dennis for info…I shouldn’t have done that…’ kaito said as he looked at her in the eyes where she would see his new hair design, which covered his right eye ‘You were in ever right to yell at me…and of course I forgive you silly’

Joseline just let Kaito do what he wanted to her, letting him move her from the hug so she could stare her in the eyes. She was still crying, her hands now from his back as hard as she could hold him, to simply on his hips, while eyeing Kaito’s new hairdo. While still crying her eyes out, just barely holding them back so she could listen and look at Kaito. When she was to speak up, all she could do was bring her right hand up to Kaito’s exposed left side. She cupped his cheek, letting him feel the entirety of her icy touch in her hands and fingers. her tears begin to come back as she spoke up

“Thank you… thank you so much for forgiving me Kaito…”
She says, before launching herself back at him, hugging him once more with her face now resting on his chest. She continues to speak, still crying, but now able to hold back some of her tears so that she’s not constantly crying a river
“I missed you so much, I thought you left me for good… Where have you gone? And why did you leave without telling me?”