Battle Station - Solas Tempus Poem

Ok, so this is what I was looking for ages ago and didn’t manage to find anywhere. Going through some old files, I finally found it.

Battle Stations

Only in the silence of need do we hear the call.
The pinpoint of light from which we appear,
Goes unseen in the night.
Our people go through the streets,
Ignored and unimportant.

They do not see us coming,
Until the shimmer of light that heralds our arrival.
The time for talk has passed,
All that remains is action.

There is no negotiation.
There will be no prisoners.
We see need and pain,
And we act.

Alone in the universe,
Always throughout time.
We protect our past,
To defend our future.

We see you.
Target is acquired.
The call pierces through our hearts.
Steels us to the task at hand.
Battle Stations


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