Banishing the Spirits of the Past

It was a tuesday morning for chicago and Konig gets up. His windows covered by thick blinds to keep the light out. He gets up in his bed rolling over and getting up walking to the kitchen. He opens the fridge and gets a few mice to warm up in the microwave. He walks over to his drawers in the meantime going over and taking the clothes out to pack them into his suitcase. He remembered what Kaito had said that Joseline still loved him and that he was a coward running away but it didn’t matter to him. He was tired of dealing with this and he wanted to go home… not that there was a home to go back to.

Among the things he was packing was a journal written by Robert. It wasn’t his personal feelings but the answer to a question Konig asked him, “who are my parents?” Something that could be a long drawn out answer involving some light research into what her remembered, mostly his name. However, there was nothing. The book wasn’t full of history but a couple of long drawn out theories. One of the theories being that his name being a fake. He sighs thinking how futile it is but still he will leave back to the fatherland hoping to find something, anything. He hopes he will and tears up a bit when he closes the book and puts it away as well.

The microwave beeps now that it has finished, he walks over and takes the bowl of mice out. He liked to eat them alive but right now he just wanted to get back home as fast as possible. He goes into the shower and takes a bath. All clean he finishes packing up his things, not that he had much. Just some clothes and personal things. He slings the large suitcase behind his back and walks out of his apartment. He was covered almost completely as he walks over to the landlady’s office knocking on the door. She answers and hand in his keys, she expresses her sadness that he will leave but understands citing the mysterious murders. He goes with her theory, it was easier like that and he didn’t have to make up something else.

After turning in the key he says his goodbyes and walks out into chicago at daytime, a sight he hasn’t seen in a long time. The city looks much nicer like this even though he can see the fear in the people still. He doesn’t care though and goes to catch a taxi, he tells him to go to a certain airport in chicago and sits back as the car goes along the streets. He looks out at the city, three years he wasted there hoping to start anew but he never really tried now did he? No he came across all his friends by accident, even Joseline. He never really made the effort to find anyone and ultimately all the heartbreak he felt was only his fault.

The drive to the airport was uneventful nothing but a boring trip that seemed anticlimactic way to leave chicago. He walks out paying the taxi driver and going into the airport for his flight. He goes and checks out his ticket going through security and now waiting for his flight to board. After an hour the flight begins boarding and he walks on looking back at the city one last time. This was it he was leaving this recent past to his distant past. What awaits him in his homeland?

The plane ride was uneventful. Nothing much ever happens in planes these days. He lands at the airport in Germany and looks out the window. Everything looks so different yet so familiar. He gets off the plane noticing someone looking back at him but he figured that the supernaturals in Europe wanted to meet him. He goes to follow the shadow but it leaves without leaving a trace, strange. He ponders what the hell even happened but shrugs it off soon enough.

He was on a mission to try and find something, anything about who his parents were. He gets out of the airport and to the cheap hotel he paid for. During the drive there he notices the shadow stalking him again. The first time he would have let it do but now it seems he is being tracked by someone for reasons he does not know about. He keeps watch on the shadow trying not to let them know he was watching. Somehow it did and and left. Konig was as alarmed as he could ever be. He bought a room at several different hotels and picked one at random to stay in. he would roulette the one he stays in from now on.

He held up in his room waiting for something, anything to happen. Nothing does but he stays like this for a few days very paranoid of what will happen. Eventually he calms down slightly but mostly because he hasn’t seen the shadow again despite how much he tries. Very frustrated he lets his guard down to lure his stalker back.

Acting normally the visitor has stopped. Konig is still on edge but he continues on his original goal. He meets with the local supernaturals and explains the reason why he is here and they give him the greenlight. He mentioned his stalker but they had no idea what it could be. With some things answered he goes about looking up his surname in government records. It was a common enough name so he had a lot of hits, a lot of material to look through to find his lead.

He spends a couple days researching and looking up articles. Anything that was related to a kidnapping or disappearance that had his surname attached to it. He takes his time searching and looking for whatever he could find. Considering what little he remembered and the place he ended up in he could have been born at anytime in the contemporary era. So from the late eighties onward. So now with refined search parameters he keeps going.

So far nothing, he sighs. It seems as if the fallen angel was correct in this case. He smacks his head against the desk frustrated then things go dark.

He wakes up tied up and and feeling drowsy. “You have come to good” Before him is a an elf, one of the last on earth. Adorned in elven clothes and staring at him with a look of desperation. She further spoke “Sorry for the theatrics but i do not like talking to people of this realm.”

Jaecar just keeps looking at her angry. He tries to enter the shadows to be free of his restraints but it didn’t do anything. He looked frustrated that nothing was happening but a glance at the bindings reveals runes glowing on them. He had been outsmarted by the elf before him and it pissed him off. “What the hell do ya want dammit!” He yells at her not caring that she is in a position of power.

She smacks him with a book since she did not want to get her hands soiled. “Such language, you have no manners do you? Well maybe i have not shown you proper manners myself, I am Imizael Elnan one of the last Elves on earth. I need you to open the gate to Yggdrasil for me”

Konig looks at her glaring “What the fuck makes you think that i would help you when you have me tied up? Fuck you, i don’t even know any gate to get to the world tree.”

She smiles looking a bit smugly “Well it seems as if there are some people that know of what i am talking about… Now as for how you can help me well its in your blood, you are descended of an ancient king. Its the reason why your surname is king, it is a hold over from your bloodline. However, the one you are descended from is Jaekr king of Denmark. He knew about many of the paths to the world tree, paths either lost or sealed off when the elves left.”

“So what the fuck does any of that have to do with me then?” Konig says interrupting her since he didn’t quite understand the purpose of this exposition dump. “I may be descended from him but it does not mean his knowledge is my knowledge.”

She slaps him hard for interrupting her. “If you shut up i will get to that.” She then sighs “So the king knew he had to pass down his knowledge to other generations but also correctly deduced that such information was dangerous unrestricted so in order for him to accomplish both he hid a map of the gates in his bloodline with elven magic.”