Back at it again

Drem sat in the nirvash, she groaned as she heard the horrendus captain enter the building… she stands, looking toward the captain known as sarendus… “But in either way, we kill that earl, we are in.” The woman, nearly in her fifties, turned toward drem “This includes you, you are not sitting out again.” Drem flips the bird toward the captain as she begins to head to her quarters…

she beams onto the umbra, passing by familiar faces, identifying some… she notices lance pass her, she hated that man… she passed, not giving a damn toward the male… the man suddenly turned around as the sound of her breathes and wind blowing past her disappeared.

. drem suddenly feels herself blown into another dimension… she was in the same place in the hall… but the umbra was…clean, no boxes, guns and rogues walking near… she holds defenses as she enters the tavern, her mask covering her face… inside the tavern she sees a male who has a familiar face to lance, and others… (the RP would then start here, although this rp takes place in the discord)