Automated Messages to Discord - IFTTT

Ok, so this format can be used with Discord’s webhooks no matter what. I use it to toss messages from the forum to the server often. Here is how it is done…

In IFTTT, the trigger (If This) is usually the Button function, though it works with any trigger really, I use the Button because I can trigger it from my watch. I also use the SMS function, with the hashtag MA (though you can use any that you like). I have the post tag myself since I’m the one sending the message.

Now use the Webhooks for the response to the trigger (Then That). To use the Webhook, use the following URL:

The type of request is POST and the content type is application/json.

Code for the HTTP POST content:

{"content":"This is an automated message remotely triggered by <@UID>. ```I am unable to respond to pings or message at this time, most likely I am unable to access Discord on my computer or phone. I will respond as soon as I am able to.```"}

To obtain your own UID, type into Discord:
\@You#000 and it will ping you but show you the UID of yourself, it’ll look something like <@02938408409583084509> (I don’t know how many digits their are, but you get the idea.

As you can see the format there has the UID of the person who triggered it. I’m going to say that this could really be abused, and if that happens I’ll just redo the Webhook URL and not share it, but I’d like to allow people to use this when they feel the need to. Sometimes data is sketchy or we don’t have a lot of battery, so I think it could be really useful to allow someone to post a custom message being like; “Shit my phone died.” or the one I have above saying that you can’t get to the computer but you’re not ignoring people.

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