Aurelius Sagittarius saint

{{Character Box
|player= Red
|name= Aurelius 
|race= Human
|alignment= Lawful good
|gender= Male
|height= 6’3
|weight= 180 lbs
|haircolor= Silver whiteish 
|eyecolor= Red orange 
|age= 25
|dob= Unknown 
|birthplace= Cortona Italy
|universe= Saint Seiya 
|occ= Sagittarius Golden Saint of Athena 
|org= Saint of Athena 
|figure= Well built 
|setting= Blazing Umbra

Confident, proud, courageous, and selfless he will always put others before himself

== Special Abilities ==

Access to the cosmos: It is a mystical energy that powers a saint
Healing factor: Can heal most wounds but not life threatening ones
Sagittarius arrow: a basic attack in which Aurelius shoots a golden arrow from his bow
Infinity Break: Aurelius powers up his Cosmo and then shoots it out as an infinite number of spiraling light arrows which pierce everything in their path
Light Arrows: Aurelius uses his cosmos to make arrows to replace his physical ones
Chiron’s Light Impulse: A golden wind created by the pressure of Aurelius’ Cosmo which gathers around him and repels harm.
Atomic Thunderbolt: Aurelius concentrates Cosmo into his fist and shoots it out as a stream of electrified energy balls at his opponent.

== Special Skills ==
Access to the sixth sense
He feel his own cosmos and/or that of others
Access to the seventh sense
Access to his true cosmos allowing him to move at inhuman speeds

== Special Equipment ==
Sagittarius cloth box, Sagittarius Cloth (Armor) Sagittarius God Cloth (Armor), Sagittarius bow

== Background ==
Aurelius was born in a small village in Italy, he was quickly picked up at the age of five by Athena’s saints after noticing his immense cosmos and skills with it. By the time he was ten he joined the ranks of Athenas saints and quickly proved himself to be worthy of becoming a golden saint. At the age of 15 he was granted the Sagittarius gold cloth and the rank of Golden Saint of Athena.

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