Attack on Mars Devastates Federation

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Yesterday during celebrations of First Contact Day, an apparent terrorist attack against the Federation colony on Mars occurred. Few details are as yet known, but what is known is that synthetic workers played and instrumental part in the attack. Any reasons for why this might have occurred are unclear at this time. Synthetic workers deactivated the planetary deflector shields and turned the defensive satellites against the surface in orbital bombardment. Casualty reports are still coming in but early reports estimate over 90,000 dead in the attack.

A rescue armada being constructed by Starfleet to assist in the evacuation of Romulus before the Romulan sun is predicted to go super nova was also attacked and destroyed along with the entire shipyards. The surface of the planet has been devastated and early reports suggest it could take decades to properly rebuild. It is unclear if the Federation will choose to rebuild its rescue fleet, though Admiral Jean Luc Picard has stated the devastating attack has nothing to do with the mission to save the Romulan people from destruction.

The Federation Council held an emergency meeting this morning and have issued a preliminary ban on synthetic research and development. Admiral Picard could not be reached for comment. Such an act could have unimaginable consequences for any synthetic life forms currently living or working in Federation space. It is known that since the android known as Data was discovered on Omicron Theta that many have been fighting for synthetic rights. The events of the past 24 hours are sure to have a lasting impact on the lives of any artificial beings currently in Federation territory.

Some are saying the last safe haven for synthetics could be the Serenity Concord. The Concord has issued a statement saying that they are not considering any legislation against synthetic lives at this time, certainly will not act without more information about the causes for and details of the attack on Mars. The ALFRE act of 2384 is now the only legislation in known space to protect the rights of artificial life forms.

Actually posted on 7/14/2021 but redid timestamp to match the Wordpress post. This brings us more in line with events of Star Trek canon, particularly that of Star Trek Picard and the 2009 Star Trek reboot.