Asim Son of Alisdair: The Water Dragon survivor

{{Character Box
|player= Dasfier #7327
|name= Asim
|fullname= Asim Son of Alisdair
|race= Water Dragon
|alignment= Lawful Good
|gender= Male
|height= 6’ 5”
|weight= 230lbs
|haircolor= teal blue fins two black horns
|eyecolor= purple
|age= 30
|dob= Jan 9, 2358
|birthplace= Dragon of the Seas
|universe= BU
|occ= Field Medic / Combat Medic
|figure= broad shoulders, sea green impermeable skin, thick arms and a strong build, his muscles are somewhat well defined. light blue spots, one pair of black horns, small finlike ears. A slight blunted snout, a pair or catfish like whiskers falling down from the end of his snout. He has frills that start on his head and periodically go down to his long tail.
|setting= BU

You fill in the personality here (approximately 100-200 words).

cool, calm and collected, He is quick to defend others, even if he may not agree with them. In some cases he can be seen as emotionally detached, especially when working, focusing on the task at hand. Generally he’s very forgiving and generous. He tends to take things as they are at the moment, only really having a problem with those who are truly malicious. He values intelligence, History, and life.

== Special Abilities ==
4x stronger than a human

4x faster than a human

Underwater breathing

Enerbending, electrical

== Special Skills ==


Field / battlefield / combat medicine

== Special Equipment ==
Venthurian Keystone (used in enerbending)

Triage medical kit

Survival kit

== Background ==
Born in 2358 aboard the Dragon of the Seas, to Father Alisdair and mother Zahra. He grew up aboard the ship, at the age of 10 he started learning Enerbending, and survival skills, in addition to learning much about his family’s history as healers and protectors. He grew up along with a friend who was also a water dragon, though she was 3 years younger than he was at the time. They would play and spend time together.

At the age of 11 he took an interest in his mothers work of medicine, and began training in basic first aid and medicine. It was discovered he had a certain knack for it.

At the age of 12 the Dragon of the Seas was intercepted and attacked by Dominion Forces. His Father was working on repelling the invaders, while his mother worked on helping get people to escape pods. He looked back to see his father, to see if he was coming. A mistake he would regret and would leave him scarred for life. His father was fighting the Jem’Hadar, groups of them at once, however eventually they overran him and he saw his father overpowered and slaughtered right before his eyes. His mother put him in an escape pod, kissed his forehead and told him to be strong and sent him off. Not having any piloting experience, he ended up flying into a nearby nebula, while trying to evade Jem’Hadar ships. During that he crashed on a small planet in the nebula, which shrouded him from sensors. He had landed on an island in the middle of the ocean, not having any engineering training, he used what skills he did learn to turn it into a makeshift shelter, and started doing what he could to survive… imagining the worst… and that everyone died, so he was consigned to his isolation.

Over time, there would be an occasional Jem’Hadar scout would land or crash, he would hide in caverns under water, near the island, and wait till the scouts were distracted… then come out of the water, the trauma fresh in his head, he would attack and kill them.

He has been surviving for 18 years on his own. During that time he practiced and maintained his beliefs and culture, Legacy Day, and mourning the loss of his people and friends and family, but remembering their history. During his survival years he grew large and strong, his body becoming quite toned, though he didn’t have cloths to fit him so he made due with what he could.

One day during his day catching fish a strange ship appeared in the sky. He hid in the water, until later, when he saw a fire and approached he was surprised to see… a white and turquoise furred dragon girl.

Both were taken by surprise and after talking a little he gathered his things and agreed to go with her to a safe place, where she said others of their kind were.

She beamed them both up and lead him to the medbay to be looked over while they returned to Nimbus Station… neither had any idea what to do next.

Side notes:
Due to past traumas he is violent towards Jem’Hadar, considering them as a threat to him and his people, the response is almost instinctual. He also has frequent nightmares on what happened that day

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Right. Looks good so far.

is it really called “Enerbending”?
is “Enerbending” and “electrical” the same or different abilities?

so, the white furred dragon girl snatched him from his planet and took him to Nimbus. I’d like some info on where that planet was; in the native Blazing Umbra universe or somewhere else where she arrived through Janus Gate.

Good work though, that’s a nice character.

Ryu was saying it’s Enerbending, and the electrical is the type of enerbending he can do, meaning he can take one energy, say light, and through the crystal change it into electrical energy which he can use and manipulate.

as for the furred dragon girl, it’s Savannah, and the planet was an unknown planet in a nebula in the Gamma Quadrant, I can name it but that might take a little time for me to figure out a name.

What I’m getting at is that I’m not finding anything for “Enerbending” online. "Energybending, I do.
Just making sure that we’re on the Same page :slight_smile:

I see. Gamma Quadrant is fine, no need to expand beyond that.

I can send a snipit of the conversation we had, I don’t know if it was officially added to the wiki or not, Ryu hasn’t been on in a while frok what I’ve seen.

Here’s the snipit of the conversation, I think it was something Ryu was planning on adding but hasn’t officially added it yet.

So, from what I gather, “Enerbending” is some form of artifact-dependant Energy Manipulation?
So, if Asim here would like to manipulate electricity, he would need to have an artifact that supplies him with electricity? and that electricity is routed through Asim’s body (which potentially causes harm if done improperly)?

Am I understanding that correctly?

We may have to ping Ryu directly and wait to hear back, but it’s my understanding it’s the art of taking non physical (kinetic) energies and forces, like light energy, and manipulating it into another type of energy, and manipulating that energy, it’s typically done using a specific crystal to help in the process, however, it is possible for it to be done without the crystal’s ais, though only a master of the art can do that effectively.

I think it would be similar to Flint’s bending abilities, just a name may have been now given to it?

Flint is as far as I remember your usual common type of bender.
Wave your hand and a small stone is formed.

It does sound like Enerbending is different.

@ryu_ketsueki care to weight in?

Enerbending is an artifact-driven form of energy manipulation as long as it’s not heat, gravitational or kinetic. Anything else is fair game. And the energy can be converted to another form of energy, like electromagnetic into electric.

Since Ryu has left the game, this character application is on hold until Staff decides what to do about the lore that Ryu added to the game.

@staff – can we weigh in about this application? The race is still up and on the Wiki, so it is technically valid even though the original creator of the race is not present. I would just like you get some opinions.

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