AS Villain submission

  • Player ID: darktrooper501#8924
  • Character Name: Akira Ryougan
  • Race: Human
  • Gender: Male
    Height / Weight: 5’9” / 160lbs
    Hair / Eye Color: Brown / Brown
    Age / DoB: 46 / 1972
    Place of Birth: Sukagawa, Japan
  • Universe of Origin: AS
  • Occupation: Yakuza Mob Boss
  • Rank / Skill Level: Experienced
  • Body Type: thin and lean
  • Personality: Ruthless and charismatic, he seeks to reclaim his family’s honor.

Special Skills:

Enhanced Interrogation Techniques
Higher Education
Weapon Proficiency - small arms
Negotiation Proficiency


Born in Sukagawa Japan, Akira was raised in a normal family. Growing up he learned of his ancestor’s involvement in the second unification of Japan. He was disappointed at that his family name was relegated to the trash bin of history. He slowly began to develop an obsession with restoring his family’s honor and samurai tradition. Akira resolved that the only way to achieve this was to gain power and fame. He had aspirations of working in a business for a few years climbing the ladder to the top. He however found the business world not suitable for his goal after he was blackmailed by a rival with better connections… What he did find suiting his tastes was the seedy underbelly of japan, the criminal underworld. Through various contacts he had acquired through the years he situated himself as a small time player in world of organized crime. He used his skills from business to manage his resources and acquire more power. Though his goal still remained the same it seems that Akira’s definition of fame slowly shifted to include infamy as he went from being largely uninvolved in the more brutal aspects of the underworld to fully becoming someone to be feared. He leveraged his samurai ancestry to gain respect and support from the other small time players. Through force and gile Akira rose to become a major player in Japan’s underworld and the mob boss of his own Yakuza family. Recent events however have led to him taking a keen interest in the crime world of America. An archeological find in Japan of what might have been Akira’s ancestor was used to sully his honor and make a fool of his crime organization. A rival yakuza family had the unearthed casket sent to America where it would be kept as a trophy against Akira. However something went wrong and the casket was lost in Chicago.

Alright, lets toss him up on the wiki when we can, and talk further about this and where you’d like to go with it in the current situations. I don’t see why he can’t be a participant in this current scenario too.

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