AS Plot Idea: Upholding the Masquerade

A famous athlete is suspected of doping/Fraud and is being investigated by the FDA/FBI, but in reality they are a supernatural being. Ad Undras/ Some supernatural council want the evidence destroyed secretly

That could be very interesting Cyber, you think the people doing the doping and such would have any idea of the consequences?

I think, assuming that the athlete was doping and didn’t just accidentally give themself a boost with their supernatural powers, they wouldn’t be aware of how deep the fbi/fda would dig into their past

I like that idea. What might he or she be doping with?

Steroids? Hormonal stuff maybe?

How about, something from werewolf blood? Some refined thing, and then we can have the RP progress in someone going after not only the person but whoever made it and gave it to him. Kinda do maybe a crime-drama or even noir version of sleuthing?

I like it. Sounds interesting

Ok, so I’m game. @Players-AS, anyone want to join into this?

Possibly, I’m up to RP that, sounds interesting and fun. Not sure what I’d do though :slight_smile:

Investigator? Who do you have in AS?

I could drop a new character in soon, an investigator or the like. :face_with_monocle:

Could be a rival or an employee of Jason and Trevor who both work for the same agency (Jason is the owner).

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I’ve a private investigator lying around who could either follow this up on his own or look into it for any type of client

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