Artemis, Savannah Michaels' AI companion

{{Character Box
|player= Dasfier#7327
|name= Artemis
|race= AI
|alignment= Lawful Good
|gender= Female
|height= 5'5"
|haircolor= blue
|eyecolor= silver
|age= looks around 16
|universe= Blazing Umbra
|occ= AI Companion starting, then MSIA of a yet to be named NX class ship
|figure= slender yet fit
|setting= Blazing Umbra

Intelligent, caring and respectful. She enjoys helping Savannah, She enjoys learning new things. She uses her intelligence and access to the net to help others, She’s always learning new things and expanding her understanding. She often advises against and helps counter act some of Savannah’s more chaotic nature. She is like a sister to Savannah and cares for her deeply.

== Special Abilities ==
Technological integration

== Special Skills ==

== Special Equipment ==
Amber Crystal Star (A specialized device where his AI is stored)

== Background ==
Created by Athena, Asmodius’s AI companion, as a companion AI, to assist in dealing with nightmares and the other struggles that Savannah has.

When Savannah was adopted Artemis continues to support and Aid Savannah, as well as help monitor her powers and output. She thinks highly of Savannah, the two are like sisters in many respects.

Artemis has a special connection with Savannah through Savannah’s Somatic Network, allowing her to know what Savannah is thinking and feeling.

She helps support Savannah in whatever methods she can, and is often encouraged by Savannah to find her own hobbies, she is very supportive of Savannah’s hobbies and often learns alongside Savannah, as they work, play and go to school.

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