Arnon - Derelict Alien

The alien on the Derelict primarily would like to go home, though it is angry about being trapped. It is willing to go as far as is has to in order to leave the USS Cosmic Harmony, where it has been trapped for many years. This angry desire to leave is what drives it, yearning to go home and to explore space as it once did. It despises being trapped and alone, an unnatural state of its species.


Arnon is curious, adventurous, and filled with wonder. They are easily scared when alone though and tends to act rashly when confronted without thinking things through. They tend toward more childlike innocence than mature adventurous spirit. Arnon envisions themselves as one day becoming an elder or leader and has dreams of leaving their people into an age of exploration. The elders do not approve of this, often saying that Arnon will never grow up and thus never be a true elder.


Arnon is native to a nebula near the galactic core, though they have explores farther than any other of their kind but has often been chastised for taking too many risks. This child-like and reckless nature has often meant that Arnon has been excluded from important decisions. They tend not to seek permission before leaving, something the others have always seen as not only dangerous but a sign that Arnon really isn’t ready to explore.

Skills / Abilities

Arnon is particularly good at manipulating computer systems, though tends to fry them rather than be able to use them properly. In their time on the Cosmic Harmony they have learned to use the dead bodies as puppets in order to manipulate objects. They are also able to use plasma as an effective weapon far more than others of their kind.