Arla Frosë Banished Snow Elf Survivor

{{Character Box
|player= Dasfier
|name= Arla Frosë
|fullname= Arla Frosë
|altname= Arla, WinterWolf
|race= Light Fae (Snow Elf)
|alignment= Chaotic Neutral
|gender= Female
|height= 6'
|weight= 160lbs
|haircolor= snow white
|eyecolor= Silver
|age= 25
|birthplace= Northern Snow Elf village of Froheim
|universe= Blazing Umbra
|occ= Mercenary / monster hunter
|figure= Pale skin with a hint of blue, small pointed ears easily hidden by hair, soft elvish features, scar over left eye
|setting= Blazing Umbra

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she once was fun and carefree, loving spending time in her home in the lands of snow and Ice… however that is all past her, due to the dark Aether, she’s become bitter and resentful, even reclusive… though in her private moments… her carefree side can leak through. Though she doesn’t remember her old self, even the old stories are lost to her.

== Special Abilities ==
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Ice and snow magic

== Special Skills ==
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Lute playing



General magic

== Special Equipment ==
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Two swords one silver one steel

Sturdy leather armor

A wolf pendant



Satchel with traveling supplies

== Background ==
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Born in the frozen north of Soteria, Arla was raised in a small isolated town with other snow elves where there was peace and fun, they would practice a number of snow sports, some they would invent on the fly. Things were peaceful, then the war broke out and came to their home, dark fae had attacked, while they were defeated, there were few members of her village left, they fled and were pursued. So her people scattered, as did Arla.

Arla found herself wandering in the mountains among the people there, she’d often play with the children in the snow, share old snow elf stories and legends. Over time though the war followed and she would flee again. Eventually she met some traveling warriors who taught her to fight and wield the sword, she accepted their training and worked hard, later dubbed the WinterWolf, due to her Ice and snow related magical affinity which she used to amplify her swordsmanship. She started joining the fight against the dark fae.

Then the Banishment happened, and she found herself in a place outside of time, losing her memories, being encompassed by bleakness and despair. She tried to work with and help others to maintain order and to keep their minds… at the cost of her own self.

Now that she’s returned, well she wanders, like a lost soul, bitter towards others and solitary, though some part of her wants the opposite, it’s all she knows. At the moment.

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Yes a bit of a witcher vibe, the rare portrate of the winter wolf, possibly the last of her kind painted before banishment