Aritenkidu Urkarik character application

{{Character Box
|player= darktrooper501
|name= Ari
|fullname= Aritenkidu Urkarik
|altname= Kidu
|race= Ilundua 
|alignment= Neutral Good
|gender= Male
|height= 6'9"
|weight= 247lbs
|haircolor= pink
|eyecolor= heterochromatic blue and brown
|age= 689
|birthplace= Grand Duchy of Hari
|universe= OC
|occ= Chapter Master
|org= Knightly Order of Arikuro 
|figure= Tall and muscular, particularly around the legs. Long rabbit like ears
|setting=Blazing Umbra

A noble and proud warrior who has a keen sense of justice. Like those in the same order he tries to be humble at all times. Always ready to lend a helping hand for those who ask or at in danger. He is honor bound to never deny a request for help from anyone unless the person is being actively violent towards others. He has a calm bit intense personality and a healthy amount of maturity.

== Special Abilities ==
Metahuman baseline: The absolute limits of unaugmented human ability are his baseline and because of his training he is able to do much more. He is at roughly the same level of physical and mental ability as a Spartan 2.

Mending magic: he can manipulate the strings of magic to heal wounds and repair damage. The more severe the wound, the longer it takes to heal.

Calm: he can project an aura of calm around himself to try to deescalate situations or help someone think clearly.

Ward: he can manipulate the strings of magic to temporarily enchant a person or an object with a magical shield. Depending on the damage dealt to the ward it can last anywhere from a few minutes to half an hour.

Bless weapon: being a warrior priest, Ari can bless a weapon so it does greater damage against undead and eldritch entities. The blessing lasts only an hour.

== Special Skills ==
Advanced Education: Ari possess a great breadth of knowledge about his people, their history, language and culture. He also knows mathematics and the natural sciences to the same degree as the average citizen of the federation or Solas Tempus.

Theological education: possess knowledge of the names of all the major and minor spirits in the Ilu religion and is trained in the mystic arts. His magical training is rivaled only by Txad.

Martial Prowess: He is a veteran of combat, with many scars. He is mainly experienced in hand to hand combat but is adept at using ranged weapons if he needs to.

== Special Equipment ==
Donatxaririkendi - Ari’s enchanted spear. Means Dream of the Volcano. It was forged for him at the time of his inauguration into the Order. It is as old as he is.

Iarikiverik - Ari’s Ashen Era powered armor. Means the Lesser Mysteries. A relic of the Order from the Seven Ziki war. Still works despite being hundreds of millennia old. It offers superior protection but limited agility.

== Background ==
Ari Was born to a household of proud tradespeople. There he gained great physical ability but in the end he found labor unfulfilling. In a crisis of self doubt he ended up in a shrine dedicated to Arikuro. The great spirit soothed him and encouraged him to become a priest.

Instead of trying for that path he dedicated himself to Arikuro and became a crusader in the Knightly Order of Arikuro. He learned to care and heal about himself and others in addition to all his other training. Finally he felt he was someplace he felt he could thrive. Over the centuries he rose through the ranks, finding solutions to many conflicts but also ending other conflicts through violence when necessary. Eventually he was assigned to be the chapter master in a new chapter of the order. He was gifted a relic of the Ashen Era and sent off to the barony of Irvyn. After the splice and formation of the Navarok Republic he heard word of a young pilot suffering from the affliction known as the “Sorrow of the Ancients”

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