Ariel "Winter" Frost, The Winter Hit man

{{Character Box
|player= Dasfier
|name= Ariel Frost
|fullname= Ariel Frost
|altname= Silent Winter
|race= Half-Elf (Albino)
|alignment= Chaotic Neutral
|gender= Female
|height= 5' 2"
|weight= 120lbs
|haircolor= Snow White
|eyecolor= Crimson
|age= 22
|dob= 12/10/2000
|birthplace= Chicago
|universe= AS
|occ= Hit man
|figure= Slim and fit
|setting= Angelic Sins

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== Special Abilities ==
Ice Magic

== Special Skills ==
Martial arts (karate, Judo, Tae Quan do, Jiu jit su, MMA)







Sign language

== Special Equipment ==
(She has a variety of weapons and equipment the most common are as follows)

9mm pistols with detachable silencers

M16 with silencer (often in semi-auto mode)

Pump action shotgun

Heavy sniper rifle with silencer, laser sight



Gun cases

Concealed carry license

Driver’s license

Notepad and pen


== Background ==
Ariel Frost was the single daughter of the Frost family in the Chicago area, the Father Michael Frost, was an elf and a freelancer mercenary and bounty hunter, working on both sides of the law, her mother, Rachel Frost, was a human, who fell in love with the strapping and well dressed elf, due to the nature of their love, Rachel learned of Michael’s supernatural nature, which she embarrassed and happily joined that community. As the young Ariel grew up, it was discovered she was not only an albino half-elf, but also was a mute, she couldn’t speak or barely make a sound. As she grew up, this remained, she went to school and participated in both supernatural and human education. Her father taught her martial arts, the use of firearms and marksmanship, and the art of infiltration, which she was particularly good at. She learned forgery, and other tactics to improve her infiltration. Her mother taught her kindness, and morality, she taught her bartending, waitressing, behaving like a lady, and how to treat others, even if she’s upset, or if they are in her way. As she grew with both a skill and moral compass thanks to her parents, she entered into the world of the Chicago underground, a place where the natural and the supernatural meet. Being smaller than most hit men, many looked down on her, taunted or told her she was in the wrong place. Her first job was a bit of a competition, a group of 10 young mercenaries, bounty hunters and hit men would all be after one target, whoever comes back first and alive with the death mark, will get the pay. Once the timer started, they were off. She let the others do the tracking and wasting their time. She on the other hand would be hunting the hunters, she tracked one particular bounty hunter who was considerably larger than her, to the target, however while he went in through the front, she went in through the back, the target ran into her view while running away from the bounty hunter, she killed his bodyguards, then the target, by the time the hunter came through she was gone. Knowing she had a target on her back now she then proceeded to hunt down the other competitors, then returned to the client with a mark of each kill, each one clean and untraceable. Since then she’s been known as Winter… the coldest and harshest hit man around, her father retired and gave her an old hideout he had for her to store her things for work in, along with an upstairs apartment. The front was available for her to renovate or rent out if she felt so inclined. Since then she’s been on her own, she does visit her family from time to time, to make sure they’re okay and doing well.

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