Arak the werespider

{{Character Box
|player= darktrooper501
|name= Arak 
|fullname= Arak Arachne
|race= WereSpider
|alignment= Neutral Good
|gender= Male
|height= 6'3"
|weight= 176
|haircolor= Grey
|eyecolor= Grey
|age= 26
|dob= March 20th, 1995
|birthplace= Westfiel, Pennsylvania
|universe= Angelic Sins
|occ= Student
|figure= tall and slim in human form, in his true form a human sized Yellow garden spider.
|setting= Angelic Sins

Arak is slow to anger and patient. He has an interest in crochet and weaving. Pretty observant but hit or miss with empathy. Strict carnivore.

== Special Abilities ==
*Supernatural strength
*Supernatural reflexes
*Supernatural senses
*Venomous bite
*Limited shapeshifting (from human to full spider and various forms between

== Special Skills ==
*Highschool education

== Background ==
Arak was born and raised in Pennsylvania, mostly away from humans as much as possible. His family used the cover of being people that prefer to live off the grid. Even then he was sent to a public school since his family didn’t have the funds for a private school nor the resources to homeschool him well. Because of his race he grew with few friends and didn’t talk very much. As he grew he got an interest in software coding. He searched for a college and a scholarship but his mediocre grades made it difficult. He eventually found out about the Livewell and decided to try there to see if they could help.

Arak’s human form

Arak’s hybrid form

Nice character!
Still got a few questions.

  • How strong is his venom?
  • As for limited shapeshifting: What would you consider various forms in between? Like, only limbs too?

It would be a potent Neurotoxin aimed specifically at small game. But for humans it would be painful and possibly fatal but it would depend on the individual. So damaging but not very lethal.

For the limited shape shifting it would be a spectrum between looking fully human and looking fully spider with a DnD drider form in the middle. They can’t change what they look like as human that’s set and grows and changes as they grow older

Oof, sorry for the delay, notifications did not went off.

So, as far as I am concerned, I am seeing a single major problem with your character:
Werebeings are cemented in our lore as “Lycanthropes”:

And are created through the similarly-called virus:

While it is entirely possible for the Lycanthrope Virus to create werespiders, some properties are imposed by Lycanthrope Virus, such as:

  • Once a month forceful transformation on full moon.
  • Only three “forms”: A spider form, a human form, and a drider form (which would be difficult to obtain)

Do feel free to read up about everything under the links I’ve mentioned.

I’ve created a page for the character already:

Now, before we take any step further, I’d like for @cyclops to weigh in on whether we’re going to enforce the existing Lycanthrope Lore on this character.

I’m not sure this is as big a deal. It depends on how @darktrooper501 thinks of things. I’m curious as to what Liz means by “various forms”, it is true that the standard virus version has just 3 forms a full transformation (which would be a spider, a giant spider but a full spider), a hybrid form, which I imagine to be like the image posted in the initial post, and human form of course.

I’m not opposed to saying a skill lycanthrope could do other in-between forms, we don’t have any major constraints on play-to-date that would prohibit an alteration to the lore. I would wonder if Liz would prefer to do perhaps a different type of shifter? There are different avenues to explore, there are magical shifters – though not well defined in our lore – but I’m thinking of the more Native American beliefs of a person who can shift into an animal but is not a lycanthrope. We could also do some other kind of magical affliction, which is not the Lycanthrope virus but something else. We could then preserve the same feel but separate it from established lore. Within tabletop games there are often magical afflictions or curses which cause shape shifting.

The monthly change at the full moon is something that is pretty classically lycanthrope, so I would prefer to keep that even if we change the time-table based on something to do with an insect version of the virus.

What is it you’d like to do Liz?

Im fine with keeping at an insect oriented version of the virus even if i have to do a bit of rewriting the timeline and I’m fine with the standard three form lycan transformation possibility. I wasn’t trying for a first nations character.

I’m totally good with that then, I’d like to keep the full moon cycle if you’re ok with that; though given the differences inherent in insect vs. mammal, I’m good with it either way.

@JumpingScript keep in mind all the lycanthrope stuff came from a previous player long before the Discord or even IRC servers. I’m good with making changes to the lore to fit with the character of a player like Liz who brings us such really good work on a regular basis.

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Yeah the lunar transformations are fine with me as well.

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That’s approved then!

I changed the wiki to update this as approved, thought I had already done it.

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