Anti-Concord / Anti-Solas Tempus Propaganda Notes

Particularly pushed by Onyx and a few other organizations (even Section 31), there are a set of claims which compose the bulk of the propaganda pushes against the Serenity Concord and Solas Tempus in particular.

AI Related Propaganda

  • The Serenity Concord tricks otherwise rogue AI’s into coming into their space where they “rescue” them. During this process they shut down the AI and retool it’s personality to better serve the Concord / Solas Tempus. These AI’s are then put to work attracting other rogue AI’s in a vicious cycle.
  • The Serenity Concord will also replace a person who publicly goes against them with an AI duplicate, stealing the memories of the person and implanting them in a new AI that they can control.

Freedom Related Propaganda

  • While they claim to be free speech, they are not. Anyone who does not publicly support the Concord and in turn Solas Tempus is threatened until they do change their mind. Dissidents who continue to speak out against the government or the military are abducted off the street and jailed and / or replaced by AI’s.
  • The Concord is a surveillance state. They use their communicators and scanners to spy on anyone who has them, so they know who is the biggest threat.
  • There is no free enterprise, the government controls everything. They say they want to provide for everyone but it is instead used to control who can succeed and who can fail.
  • If a person has “too much” (as determined by the government) they come and take it away, a person will be punished for having too much and not giving it to the government.
  • There is no individual motivation to work hard, they are lazy relying on technologies to do work for them.

Technology Related Propaganda

  • Solas Tempus steals technology from anyone who uses their facilities. Come in with something experimental and in 6 months or less Solas Tempus will corner the market on the technology.