Another day in spec-ops part 2

Darknes… silence… pain
is it really going to end like that?
some muffled voices
fading away…
into nothingess

it seem to be long, hours, days, months year, but it happen fast, minutes, seconds

suddenly light, and another helmet become visible, something unhearable
maybe there’s another day for me to die

Planet ▊▊▊▊▊, 2 hours after mission started, Pelican crash site

Morgan take helmet off crouching next to alicia, and injecting she biofoam after removing frament of Titaium that peirced armor at one of joint points, Alicia groan as pain sting when biofoam stop bleading

marines and rest of Delta team take defencive positions

-wh…what happend - alicia ask after her heartbeat calm
-banshees took us down -Morgan answer fast- one marine dead, two injured. we was scared we lost you as well
-not that easy to get rid of me -Alicia chuckle, then groan standng up and pckingher trusty DMR- does that mean i can go trigger happy?
Morgan chuckled - yes

Alicia and morgan join rest of forces, she still in pain take position, and open fire, few marines managed to dig shallow trenches so UNSC had cover from incoming covenants. they just needed to hold them off until Freedom get back to orbit

127 minutes until UNSC freedom enter orbit

UNSC forces started shoting, raining death upon alien forces, they didn’t care if aliens dropped arnament and surrendered, or fought, they rained deeath upon them splating ground with blood. they had a lot of ammo and time, they gave all they had to them. Blood, plasma, rounds, grenades, rockets.
terrain pelican crashed was good for defence, valley with two entrances, one blocked by wreck of ship, other under fire. but it also was trap when ammo end. soldiers lived by moment, didn’t thought about escaping, they didn’t had to, if ammo run out, or they stop shooting they will all die anyway.

few marines started to… sing
-I stand here right beside you, Tonight we’re fighting for our lives, Let me hear your battle cry,Your battle cry, We are the ones who will never be broken, With our final breath, We’ll fight to the death, We are soldiers, we are soldiers, We are the ones who will not go unspoken, No, we will not sleep, We are not sheep, We are soldiers, we are soldiers, You can’t erase us
You’ll just have to face us

60 minutes untill Freedom enter orbit

fight raged on, covenants opposed our marines and spartans. They fought back, but ammo is slowly runing out, there are victims on both sides, still no mstter how miraculusly that sound Covenant army have them much more.

plasma mortar struck ground sending group of marines into hell kingdom, morgan and Jason looked at each other, Rogal stll fortified position. this was battle to death, but it seem covenant brought heavy guns, they both noded and morgan dashed, she looked like red-gold deamon when she used jump pack to exit valley of death, and dissapeared. She went to turn tide of battle back in UNSC favour

20 minutes untill Freedom enter orbit

for some time not plasma mortar struck covenant position but suddenly it went silent. shortly after that Morgan falen into valley in CQC combat with elite Major, Jason opened fire just before elite impaled spartan with energy sword

suddenly comunicaton channel went online
-static …doom, come static team
-UNSC Freedom say again
-UNSC Freedom to Delta static in, ETA 20 minutes

at this point static filled channel

Jason suddenly few into pelican wreck, four hunters using shields as cover entered valley and walked toward UNSC positions, marines couldn’t hit them, four spartans looked at each other. they all smirked under helmet and they knew that. they dashed forwad and full spead and primed grenades they jumped over hunters shield and throwed grenades into their backs, they eploded killing hunters, but shattering spartan shields as well. they dashed back to UNSC lines, having plasma fire at their back, Alicia trip over crossing line, Jason tripped on Alicia body. They both laughed and stood up, then return fire

3 minutes untill Freedom reach orbit

fight seemed to take days, constant fire, death and blood and guts spitting make time go slower. Spartans were drained, only few marines remained. they fought for their lives, for family and race. even small vicoty counted much in war. it was just moment untill extraction arrive
just few minutes
Alicia squeeze trigger… but all her DMR give is cold sound of spring hiting empty chamber
that was her last clip
other sartanss had same issue, ammo ended
They stood up at same mmoment and put their guns away than unholstered knifes

-come at me bro - muttered morgan addresing covenants

0 minutes 10 seconds untill Freedom enter orbit

marines, that were still having ammo fired other just didn’t look over cover
to constant stacato of rounds, and wheeze of plasma and neddlers soined sound of slashing. spartans didn’t gave up. end of ammo was last thing covenant wanted from spartans, their anger, filled air, Alicia armor covered by blood after shield shattered.

suddenly something few overhead, ine of marines cried with joy, that was sabre interceptor…

soon after pelican come into view and landed. medics jumped out same with marines team. they repeled rest of covenants
alicia leaned on wall of valley, she didn’t felt good, but who would after getting impaled by metal pieces

medic ran to she and patched up with better skill than “if it don’t help slap more biofoam”

after everyone was patched up at least barelly they entered pelican and escorted by interceptors flew to Freedom, as they boarded it ship entered slipspace toward next planet…

((story: fully fictional
used song: Soldiers by otherwise
references: exist))