Another day in spec-ops part 1

Drems, everything start from them. They are begining and end, they tell us what we plan, what we want. without dreams humans would be empty, other, maybe stagnant, development of science would never happen, development of flying, if one person with dream wouldn’t show up, wouldn’t happen.

dreams are elementary part of being human.
But sometimes… dream lead to catastrophe. Dr. Halsey expected that something like that can happen, but didn’t expect list to be that long

-How many? -ahe asked with trembling voice
-over 70% Doctor Halsey -her personal assistant answered with emotionless voice

Dr. Halsey blinked, she expected much lesser number since begining. but what is that all about you may wonder, well let’s start from begining.

9 years earlier

paperball hit Alicia head, she turn to face group of older boys that were smirking

-what’s that about you assholes?

they didn’t answer instead more paperballs flew in her way. She, being in troubles after lastbtime decided to run. she can’t be kicked from school so she couldn’t just punch asshole into face, and as much as she want to make them stop, she just run, feel weak, powerless, scared.
she was only 6 years old, but wasn’t like other girls, she was interested in militiary, wanted aventure, don’t rely on anyone. but she never expected what was about to happen. She was just a kid with dream, that no one she knew had before. She wanted to do something good and help people.

Her mom and Dad always told to trust marines and Police, and unfortunately, because of that they made it easier for kilo squad they walked near she like accidentally, she took look at them, intrested. they talked few moments then suddenly darkness, her copy, a clone you can say walked away getting back home

but Alicia and few other kids were about to never see home again. they were kidnapped so someone else dream can be fullfiled. maybe its wasn’t good thing to do, kids with no parents anymore, that name will be distinguished with number, like serial one. kids, grewing to be emotionless soldiers

That’s what are Spartans

2 years after kidnapping

Young kids were training CQC combat, they punched, blocked, kicked, fought with each other, no rules, but they kept that civil. no biting or other not clean hits.

Alicia hit wall punched, one of her teaths swinging almost falling from last hit.

she stood up, and said line, that she didn’t expect to become her recognizable:

-is that all you got?

One of marine trainers smiled. he knew that Alicia won’t give up that easy, her Training parter, Rogal looked at she

-pffft, i just don’t want to hurt you little girl

Rogal smirked, just before receiving punch to face, and kick to chest, he stumbled backwards and trip over, Alicia walk to he and smirk placing feet on his chest

-you saod something? because it seem that this little girl kicked your ass, again

Alicia smirked, then helped Rogal stand up as CQC for today ended, they high-fived amd laughed.

time passed and friendship between four spartans, Alicia, Rogal, Jason and Morgan grew stronger. Each of them was strong ag something, but when they were team, they couldn’t be defeated


Marines layed kids on operating table and Doctor Halsey climbed into observation module. she looked at screens with Vitals of spartans. She felt old, but happy. she was about to fullfill her dream about best defenders UNSC can get. An army of augumented soldiers, but there was something more.

Doctor Halsey fought with her thoughts
-is what i am doing reallly good? or maybe I’m turning into manical scientist? - she thought to herself, as she gave order that costed many 13 year old kids life.

Some kids even kn painkillers yelled from pain as augumentation beggin. Doctor Halsy looked at screem and observed how messages “Deceased” started appearing. Her skin turn slighty pale when 50% of Spartan died, and augumentation wasn’t yet finished. she started to feel remore at being responsible for that massacre. how will she be able to look into survivors eyes?

Suddenly it all stopped. Machines returned to standby position and halsy speaked up in trembling voice
-how many?

answer didn’t felt right.

few years later, planet ▊▊▊▊▊

Pelican entered atmosphere
-Ok team, listen up, we’re going to investigate covenant activity peak in that area. we need to stay out of radar as long as possible so keep your fingers of trigger. especially you Alicia -Morgan smirked

Morgan, spartan-038, only spartan with armor painted in gold-red colour, with small inscription on helmet “everything is dust”, she checked her MA5 clip

-Will do Sarge -Alicia amswered with smirk

Pilot looked from cockpit
-30 seconds spartans, let the god be with you

-We don’t need no God -Jason answered shortly

Pelican landed and Spartans exit it, they instantly go to more hidden position and changed to tac-com

-how far to target zone? -asked Rogal
-few kliks, about hour ow sneaky walking
morgan answered fast

they stared moving in formation, Morgan at beggining, then Alicia, Jason and Rogal

hour later, Peak 456

spartans were lying in snow, observing Covenant escavating site, Morgan record everything

-what you think they digging? sand castles? -jason chuckle
-shut up Jason -Rogal respond chuckling
-bearing 387, incoming three Wraiths -Alicia report lying few meters ago, observing road, Spartans instantly cut chatter and observed tanks if they will aim at their position, but all wraiths just parked

-everything clear here now -Alicia added.

spartans exhale. they don’t need to blow stuff yet.

-hey Morgan, look at that digsite, do you see sort of temple door as well? -Jason asked

-yeah, probably one of those gods

-inbound, 4 banshe… -plasma fire is heard- THEY KNOW ABOUT US -Alicia yelled into microphone, rolling away from lane of fire

-Rogal, Jason, light them up

both spartans fired at wraith tanks destroying them then spray covenant forces with MA5s, nedleers fire went close to Jason helmet, scratching paint of it

-TOO CLOSE -he yelled- we might want to get away!

-Delta team to “Freedom” come in -morgan told into microphone
-Freedom here -answered duty officer
-requesting immediate extraction, Area is Hot i say again, Area is hot
-Pelican inbound ETA 5 minutes, sending Landing zone location
-we’ll be there, Delta move out

Spartans broke from combat, Jason wrecked banshee just before his shield flickered and fallen
alicia pulled he and whole team ran to LZ

pelican flew overhead with Loud thud as it begins to land, marines tean junped out and secured LZ, soon after spartans arrived and took off with marines, they didn’t knew that pair of banshees is following them as they ascend…

and they were closing in on Pelican…

((edit #1 title to reasemble diverting story into 2 parts))