Anomolous inc. (Anomolous)

A loosely formed organization of many of the brightest minds from all the nations of the galaxy, While their members are widely spread out they work together in secret, and share projects that the various factions and public organizations are working on. This has allowed them to make various leaps and bounds in combining technology. They often ride along the edge of what is legal according to law, but with that in mind, they don’t really bother with criminal groups, and most criminal groups will avoid contacting their organization if at all possible.

They work on a number of projects, some are just curiosities, others are an attempt at improving life for people. Others have a bit more of a military application, or worse…

Currently there are a few projects that they are working on.

Bio-mech symbiote project:
The perfect fusion of organics and synthetic parts, a special organic symbiotic lifeform, linked into an adapting synthetic chassis. This borrows some technology from the borg, but also improves upon that technology, by mixing Federation, Cardasian and Romulan technology into the mix. So far they have one working prototype, which mysteriously escaped.

Advanced Cybernetic Augmentations:
a little pet project that takes the common implants and mechanical replacement parts for those who have lost body parts, and adds specialized enhancements to them for a variety of purposes, so far these prove very promising, both for security / public safety, and possibly for military operations, civil application is also being researched.

A robotic chassis designed with a very durable frame, mixed with a healthy dose of advanced Cybernetics and a somewhat skeletal appearance, Project Achilles is part of a greater project, codenamed: Gemeni.


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I like this, what setting would this be for?

Blazing Umbra, i just wrote a bit of a plot plan.