Anomaly Zone Notes

This is a little bit late, since we’ve got the The Zone in Blazing Umbra as well as The Zone comes (Open Event). I think I’ve discussed all of this with @Spartan_889 already but if I haven’t he’s free to make edits here so that it is more to his liking.

Conversion for Blazing Umbra

Since the Zone’s backstory within the games is experimentation with psionics coupled with the explosion of a nuclear reactor to create this toxic wasteland full of mutated creatures, random artifacts with bizarre properties, and anomalies where the laws of reality no longer apply, the analogy into the Blazing Umbra Setting is going to be that it is a zone of Unstable Energy and that the anomalies within are Chaotic Magic Zones, which would explain why the physical laws do not apply.

Aether - Psionic / Magical Energy

Since both Psionic and Magical energy are two ways of interpreting the properties of Aether for people, the Zone itself transcends those definitions and is an area of unstable Aether, where the ley lines, wells, and other such things are distorted and changing in chaotic ways.


  • Mutations
  • Psionic Disruption
  • Negative Attention


The way Aether, which is the life energy of the universe similar in scope to the Force, is so chaotic and unpredictable that it has an intensely negative effect on life within the area which becomes distorted and mutated in strange ways. A significant amount of life within the area dies very young or is still-born. However, a high enough percentage of life in the zone will actually live and grow more and more distorted and mutated as time goes on.

Psionic Disruption

Another side-effect of the intense distortion in Aether is the intensely pervasive effects it can have on the humanoid mind which can be easily effected by chaotic shifts in the Aether. The mind can become accustomed to and adapted to such shifts should it have enough pliability, fortitude, and the persons core mental strength and resistance to outside influence be strong enough. However any living within the zone will be effected. The most common effect of this is to be driven insane, though there are some problematic and intriguing variations on this theme.


Though the most common impact of the psionic distortion is for a persons mind to be broken and them to be driven insane with only short (if any at all) periods of lucidity the complex nature of the sentient mind has a number of issues.

  • Deification of the zone and the chaotic forces there
  • Desire to distort others or allow others to be distorted by the zone
  • Belief that being in the zone has made the person godlike or otherwise to be revered
  • Intense paranoia, everyone is against the person, only the zone understands

Negative Attention

Equally corruptive creatures and entities are attracted to the intensely perverse nature of the zone and the rift itself, some seeking to control it, others drawn like moths to a flame. The psionic energy it emanates is quite powerful on other planes and can attract demons and other nasty things to it.

Cause: Chaos Rift

The splice which opened up and brought people from that universe into Blazing Umbra caused an intense emission on the other side, which travelled the splice and disrupted the Aether present on Soteria creating a small inter-planar rift dubbed the Chaos Rift. This rift drew in the contaminated psionic energy which was once part of the “Common Consciousness” from that universe. The energy is incomplete and not a mind per-se, but it is incredibly tainted with the corrupting force of the Zone on the other side of the splice. That energy was drawn into the rift which planted the corrosive seed into the Aether welling up from other planes.


The intense shift in Aether cause zones of complete energy chaos, in these areas the physical laws of reality do not apply. They are incredibly dangerous and can be both static in their type and effects but can also take on properties of the person or people who enter the anomalies vicinity.


Anomalies can also create artifacts. Artifacts are once-normal objects which gain special abilities by exposure to the intensely distorted Aether within an anomaly. Such objects can have incredibly useful properties but can also be intensely destructive. All artifacts are known to have an upside and a downside. The upside is generally something beneficial while the downside is something destructive or harmful in some way. The two do not have to be balanced, but statistically speaking the downside will usually be more intense and powerful than the upside.