An Echo of Alyssa's Past

Before Alyssa had been snatched from her home universe, she had a friend who she had inadvertently formed a mental link with. The link had shattered once Alyssa disappeared, but what she didn’t know was that her subconscious still searched for the one it was with. Tonight, it had found the exact same mental signature from home, and Alyssa was pulled from her dream, into the middle of a forest. She began in the middle of the forest, as a 13 year old. She tried controlling her actions, but her body moved on its own, before she realized it was a memory. Meanwhile, far across the universe, another dragon was beginning a similar dream, from a completely different point of view…

A dream of a younger self, who had lived a different life, enjoying moments she never lived, with someone she never have met before. A pleasant dream, until it becomes a disturbing nightmare. Back in a planet she thought that was long gone. Lying on the ground, with technology around her letting out sparks, and rubble falling from the roof. A big heavy steel door clanks while it’s being forcibly open and this same person comes in and says:

“Sarah. Wake up. Wake up!”

And it turns to a computer generated voice, as Sarah wakes up from this dream. She was sleeping on her ship, on her own bed. She raises her head and looks around herself, while the same computer generated voice still speaks the same thing

Sarah: “I’m awake, S.A.I.L. I’m awake.”

S.A.I.L.: “Did you sleep well?”

Sarah rubs her eyes and stands up. “I… Just had a dream. Or whatever that was…” Then yawns.

S.A.I.L.: “One hour and 47 minutes left until arriving at the specified coordinates.”

Sarah: “Actually, S.A.I.L., please drop us out of warp.”

And so did the A.I. “Change of plans?” It asked her.

Sarah: “It’s just a vibe. Something about that dream… feels… different”

S.A.I.L.: “Should I initiate the log recording?”

Sarah: “No.” Then she goes to the shelf near her bed. “At least… not yet.”

It is a shelf filled with paper notebooks. With the choice of digital documents available for such technologic advancement, it may be something definitely different, the preference for paper. With that pointed out, Sarah picks one of them, which was empty, and goes to her desk. She starts to take notes about what she could remember of her dream, along with sketches about what she saw.

S.A.I.L.: “What are you doing, Sarah?”

Sarah: “Haven’t I said before, that the best way to not forget what you see or learned, is to record it yourself with paper and pencil?”

During this moment, while Sarah is struggling to remember what she dreamt, she is still open for anything else that may come to her mind, like it did as a dream.

But there was nothing else that would come that day. The one reaching out to her had woken up as well, and was equally confused. Her own ship’s AI had been transplanted into her PADD, and he was the first one Alyssa spoke to.

“…Blake? Please tell me what the last non-lucid dream I had was.”

“Jeez, there must be something really wrong if you’ve finally had one after three years.”

This shocked her. Three years ago, she had a dream where her mother had come to her, and given her a location, and she couldn’t control anything. This had been where she had chosen to reveal the young dragon’s true heritage. But this dream hadn’t had a location…

Sarah: “What does this look like for you, S.A.I.L.?” She says as she leans back on her chair while the computer analyzes her sketch.

S.A.I.L.: “Cross-reference process did not have a precise result. 300 possible species matches with a 62 percent margin of error”

Sarah: “Well, it wasn’t as clear as reality. I’ve seen only images. No details about the person I saw, perhaps because the details may have been faded already.”

S.A.I.L.: “More information may reduce the possible matches.”

Sarah: “Alright, so… I recognize the first images as happening in a forest, then an arcade house, a restaurant, an apartment, all with characteristics similar to Earth. The last one seemed to be in Venthur, in the seven masters’ citadel.”

S.A.I.L.: “Second cross-reference suggests two species. Number one is a Dragon.”

Sarah: “Makes sense for the last image. What about the other ones?”

S.A.I.L.: “Number two is a pseudo dragon species originated from Earth and identified by the local scientists as Acinonyx Draconis, known popularly as Mentali. An endangered species and under protection of the United Federation of Planets. Their behavior is similar to the felines and they’re separated in many different breeds, each with their own attributes. First of them, is–”

Sarah: “Skip the breeds description. Do the Mentalis have any relation to the dragon species?”

S.A.I.L.: “The files about historical events from more than three hundred years ago are classified.”

Sarah: “What is the origin of these files?”

S.A.I.L.: “Arkship Dragon of the Seas.”

Sarah: “Alright. I’m sure they’ve got very good reasons to lock these files. But that also means that there is some sort of reference to the dragons in there.” And she takes note of everything she just figured out on her notebook. “But what about the files from Earth?”

S.A.I.L.: “The records of the Acinonyx Draconis on Earth mentions Eastern Dragons as part of tales and folklore. There is no direct reference to the dragons of Dragon of the Seas, Venthur, or any known planet or arkship that belongs to the dragons.”

Sarah: “So the possibility still exists.” And she takes note again. “S.A.I.L., now please cross-reference both species. See if there is any relevant similarities between the dragons and the Mentalis.”

S.A.I.L.: “There are 1033 similarities biologically, 135 in history and 42 in notable people.”

Sarah sighs and says “Alright. Let’s begin, then…”

And so it did. S.A.I.L. does brief descriptions about them and more detailed ones about the similarities Sarah askes for details. She’s got plenty time and her curiosity is enough to keep her listening and taking notes.

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“So that dream of yours… That was Sarah, right?”
“Yeah, no doubt about it.”

Blake and Alyssa continued to chat about the dream. What did it mean? Was it a premonition? A way to say that they would be reunited soon? It didn’t matter to Alyssa, as she was sure Sarah was never going to reunite with her, so she continued going about her day. She had a mystery to solve, after all…

((Timeskip to the next night?))

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That night, when the two went to bed, something similar happened. But abruptly, in the middle of it, the memories suddenly disappear, and the two end up in what looks like a conference room. Alyssa looks around, then down at her hand, which she moves slightly.

“…The Aspen Institute conference room…? And I’m in control of my body again…”

The blue dragon is on the other side of the room, staring at the wall. No movement, other than the breeze blowing her hair a little, along with her coat.

“…You. …I have a few questions for you… Are you a figment of my imagination? A bit of my subconscious trying to tell me I need to return to my friend? Or are you a real person, somewhere out there in the cosmos who my mind accidentally reached out to?”

Slowly, the blue dragon turns around and looks at Alyssa. Her expression neutral, yet there is no response. She only stares at the fluffy Mentali, with no other reaction. A fruit of Sarah’s subconscious. Then after some seconds, the head tilts down a little, without losing its posture and the continuous stare persists. It kinda became a little scary, considering how there was no emotion in her expression. Now, her eyes, which once has shown little glimmers, like a starry night on her pupuls, as reflection of her soul being lit by the light, now suddenly vanish.

“Should I… know… you…?”

A sudden sour feeling hits her, result of the broken link with the sad reality given by that phrase. Was she forgotten? Is this her own memories punishing her? If not, and if this was all a fruit of Sarah’s subconsciousness along with Alyssa’s imagination, then it’s correct to assume that Sarah is not capable of lucid dreaming in this universe, and cannot talk with Alyssa in dreams. In both situations, still as consequence of the broken link, you can’t feel Sarah’s presence. Although you can see her, you feel… lonely…

Or… is that all what Sarah is feeling, strong and so contagious that it seems these feelings are Alyssa’s? A result of her consciousness trying to reach out to Sarah, just like it did in the past.

“If you’re really out there, then no… …This is all just a dream, but I’m a real person. If you really are who you look like to me, then you don’t know me, but I know who you are.”

Alyssa isn’t having any lonely feelings, rather, feelings of hope. Hope because of the fact that a familiar face is out there, and even though they don’t really know each other, they’ll be able to, and Alyssa will be able to have at least some familiarity with this strange, unknown world.

It ends like this, with Sarah not understanding what just happened. When she opens her eyes, she thinks about the dream she just had and what was the meaning of it. Could it be fruit of her imagination? Maybe her subconscious is playing with her, using what she has seen or read and doesn’t even remember, to create figures and even people? For sure, it can’t be just that. It’s the second time she has seen this dragon in the early dream and now again. She then get up from her bed and grab notebook that was on her desk and starts to write everything she can remember about that dream. If it has a meaning, she can’t forget about she has dreamt. Few of her people are known for having visions that, while may not be about the future, had important influece in decisions that decided the course of their own history.

As soon as Alyssa awakens, she blinks a few times. “…She’s out there…” Quickly, she hops up, and gets dressed. “That dream again, Liss?” She looks over at the PADD, to see Blake’s face on it, and nods. “I need to get out there. I have to find Sarah. She spoke to me, and I replied. …If she’s having the dreams too… I have to reach out to her.” She grabs her PADD, dashing off towards the hangar…

Sarah then gives the command “Sail, please resume previous course.” and continues writing what she can remember about the dream, along with her own thoughts about what was the meaning of what she saw and speculations.

S.A.I.L.: “Setting course to sector 001. I recommend a few detours from the original course.”

Sarah: “What do you have?”

S.A.I.L.: “Sector XXX, Starbase Yorktown. Sector XXX, Starbase 11.”

Sarah sighs “I guess that’s the price of a faraway travel. Go ahead”

S.A.I.L.: “Course set. Entering warp 5”

Then Sarah’s ship goes in warp. The chosen course will pass half lightyear close to Nimbus Station.

In the meantime, Alyssa’s gotten into her ship… and is at a loss on where to go. “Liss, do you even know where to go?” “…Nope. But hey, you can at least gimme a break, right? This is gonna take some time.” “…whatever. There’s a few starbases around here.” Blake then lists off the different starbases nearby, including Yorktown. Alyssa chooses that one based on a strange feeling she has, and they head off.

In the course to Yorktown, a ship appears on radar, unknown to the records of Solas Tempus and potentially Starfleet due to the dragons’ efforts to keep themselves away from every civilization. A ship of this design is not in any database, except maybe for another shuttles that vaguely look similar such as the Venture class runabout from Starfleet and Solas Tempus. If displayed on the big screen, Alyssa surely will recognize the ship.

As Alyssa approaches the station, the radar picks up a signal from a certain ship she’s seen before. “…Hey, just so you know, I thought those dreams of yours were a bit crazy, but take a look at the radar, Alyssa.” Upon hearing this, Alyssa does exactly that, and her eyes grow wide. “…Blake, hail the ship for me.” And so, a signal is sent out directly to the other strange ship.

S.A.I.L.: “We are being hailed, Sarah.”

Sarah then raises her head. She was reading her notebook “By who?”

S.A.I.L.: “An unidentified ship. It does not have Federation or any other known organization’s design.”

Sarah: “On screen”

Then a monitor on the table shows the sensors readings about the ship.

Sarah: “It doesn’t seem to be in an intercept course. What do they want?”

S.A.I.L.: “Leaving direct communications range.”

Sarah: “Hey! But I didn’t tell you to do that!”

S.A.I.L: “The chosen course differs from the other ship’s current course. It was inevitable without a course correction.”

Sarah sighs and facepalms for a moment “Well then. I think if the matter is really important, they will come again.”

And for Alyssa, the same thing would be noted by the computer. The hail did not receive an answer and they are facing a major course discrepancy. Because none of them know where the other ship is going, an intercept course is an option.

Blake’s voice takes on a worried tone. “Hey, we’re losing it. Should we take an intercept course?” Alyssa thinks about this for a bit. “…What other choice do we have? Blake, run an intercept course.” And so, the ship begins to follow the other one, moving to intercept. “I hope she doesn’t see us as a threat…”