Amare autem semita

“Roger.” Nodding to his suggestion, Frieda would still take the lead though pause as she looks back up to the sky, her hand reaching to the side of her helmet.

“RCX,” she called out to the former Federation MS Girl. “See anything of interest?”

"W-W-Well," RCX stuttered over the radio at first, looking through the shuttle external probe cameras. "there seems to be a dirt road path about 200 meters from your 9 'o’clock."

“Wilco,” Frieda answered with a nod. “Continue overwatch, Frieda out.”

Barbatos and Indra looked when Frieda did
“That shy girls up there right? Need to have Aki talk to her more or me i don’t know” Indra said over the speaker before looking down towards the forest “tight formations”

“Maybe.” Looking back at the trees in front, she and the Zakus obeyed, tightening up their formation into a close-knit group traveling through the wooded area with caution. As they march on, the ground beneath would shake with a soft thump due to the massive weight of Barbatos who as well march behind them.

The marines held a tight formation around barbatos before breaking off and moving just a bit ahead of the pack

“At least they remembered that aspect of training” indra comments

As they march down the forest, Frieda took the initiative and scan the area ahead with her helmet mono photo-receptor and saw a dirt road up ahead through the treeline.

“Objective ahead.” She announced in a robotic manner.

“You don’t gotta be so proper you know” Indra commented with a soft chuckle “i don’t know how your military group was but with Tekkadan, we’re family basically…ah anyways I’m rambling. Yuu hit the dirt path, first check it out a bit”

Frieda seemingly shrug at Indra’s comment, it she didn’t really mind it but it was her Zeon pride that made her like this hence why she was proper during missions like this.

“Uh boss…the path seems clear” yuu said over the comms making indra smile a bit before speaking “alright yuu said the paths clear, so let’s hurry to him”

The Zaku’s did just that, doubling their march time brushing past the bushes and tree branches in the way and soon reach to the dirt road. Frieda was the first to reach the rad, her metal armored boots crunching the dirt beneath it as she scans her surroundings for anything and so far nothing.

“Nothing here Indra.” Frieda reported though the girl made sure to do a double-check. “RCX, anything on your end from the sky?”

"N-N-No ma’am!" RCX squeaked out over the comms. "So far nothing."

The marines were couched one both sides of the dirt path when Frieda arrived, their guns raised as they scanned the area. Only yuu looked back when the zakus arrived giving them a small salute before returning to recon

“Yeah I can see that Frieda” Indra commented as he arrived on the dirt path shortly after the zakus did

“Then we should continue moving forward on the path. Maybe it could take us somewhere.” Frieda suggested to the leader of Tekkedan.

“Mhh, Yuu take point with the marines if you spot anything report it do not engage. I say again do not engage” Indra says as yuu nods, he then rallies his men and they head off

The zakus would follow just behind Yuu as the man took point, though were through with their scans so he wouldn’t get jumped by anything up ahead.

Indra hummed quietly over barbatos speakers as they walked, he looked around quietly before stopping his humming and speaking
“Hmm…We haven’t caught any signs of anything living at least…that worries me”

“You think they have some form of advance technology?” Frieda questioned. Walking down the dirt path still keeping an eye on Yuu and the road ahead.

“I doubt it. We would’ve noticed something if it was technology advanced…Ken would’ve pointed something out or the command staff” indra replies back to Frieda before looking at Yuu “hey Frieda”

“Yeah.” Turning her head back, briefly glancing back at the Gundam mobile suit.

“What’s your opinion on yuu? And the marines I guess, mostly yuu though” Indra Says with a chuckle

“His a nice kid and all,” Frieda mused at the boy before her walking past a deer or two. “though I starting to prefer girls mind you hence my type.” She admitted with total honesty.

“Oh look deer” Indra commented before looking at Frieda “oh…uh I wasn’t asking if you liked him or anything…I know a lot of you zakus are into girls…I was asking your opinion on his leader skills…I should learn to convey stuff more”