Amare autem semita

“Will do.” Vizsla assured now taking Indra’s seat before reaching out to her communicator in her right ear, contacting Frieda, her second-in-command.

“Frieda, take first platoon hard drop. Secure a landing zone for the Franca.” Vizsla ordered. “RCX, prep two flights of shuttles and follow them in.”

"Aye aye ma’am."


“Until you secure the LZ, I’m going to keep a low profile.” Vizsla brief, “Once you leave the ship, you’re on your own.”

"Understood ma’am, we’ll deal with anything that comes in our way."

“Over the target’s orbit in five.” One of the bridge bunnies reported having steered the Franca hovering above the planet’s orbit with a small section of the belly opening revealing over 20 pods within with red klaxons blaring as the locking clamps withholding them releases allowing the pods to briefly float in space until the built-in rocket located at the top lights up, boosting the atmospheric re-entry vehicle down to the planets orbit

“Hang on to your helmets!” Frieda shouted over the pod comms with a grin as she felt the extreme G-Forces slam into her gut given her pod was now rocketing towards the planet’s orbit, it’s heat shield now active upon entering the planet’s atmosphere.

Looking out beyond tough windscreen, ignoring the red flare around her pod she could see her fellow Zakus in their pods race pass hers passing through the cloud with ease. Immediately, Frieda felt her gut pull back as the pod automatically deployed its chute, slowing the pod’s tremendous speed significantly.

“Mind the bump.” She whispered to herself before feeling a small tug within the pod signaling to her the chute was released leaving her pod to free fall.

Below her, Frieda could see the clouds clear revealing a forest, the trees getting bigger and bigger by the second where she then braces herself for the upcoming impact of her pod hitting the ground.


The ground beneath the pod explodes into a shower of grass and dirt leaving a large crater with the pod within. Seconds later, the door makes a loud hiss and blasted the door away with a loud bang.

Frieda in her Zaku armor would march out of the use, steaming pod with barely any difficulty.

Tekkadans marine force landed shortly after the zakus did. As the doors opened the boys rushed out and quickly got into formation near the zakus.

The marines wore full gray armor that covered every inch of their body, their eyes covered by blacked out visors. One of the boys turns to Frieda and nodded before speaking
“Riot squad reporting. Please brace for impact…now…” he spoke as he looked up to the sky alongside the rest of the marines

From the sky’s above came down Barbatos who landed with a thunderous crash, he then rose and tossed aside a still red hot shield from a shiden Mobile suit. Barbatos then grabs the mace from its back before letting off a defending roar

“This Frieda of Phantom Platoon to Franca, we just touch down have grouped up with Riot Squad and Barbatos. Proceeding with the mission.”

“Franca copies all Phantom, lead the way and find an LZ for us. RCX will be giving you all a birds-eye view and air support.”

“Wilco Franca. Frieda out.”

Riot squadron all salute barbatos before the team captain looks at Frieda “my names Yuu by the way, riot squad is happy to be working with you girls”

“Drop that yuu and focus” Indras voice said over barbatos speaker as it approached the group “everyone follow orders and Dont do anything stupid, I want everyone to come home from this shit”

“Frieda.” The Zaku girl answered, saluting back to the the leader of the Riot Squad. “Let’s hope this mission will be uneventful.”

Before the two could talk any further, the amplified voice of Indra cuts in. “Copy, let’s get moving.”

Yuu shakes when he hears indras voice, he then turns around and salutes Indra before rallying his men

“Uh…we’ll follow you Frieda unless boss has Something else in mind”

“Roger.” Was her reply, signaling the Zakus to form pairs as she moves up ahead with Lili at her side, marching down the grassy hill. Though Frieda will briefly look at the clear skies where she could briefly see the slender forms of the shuttles flying high providing them both CAS and Overwatch.

The marines followed closely behind the zaku girls as barbatos pulled up the rear, dragging its mace across the ground as its green eyes scanned the area around them

“I’ve got a bad feeling about all of this” Indra muttered

“Then stay frosty.” Was Frieda’s quick reply to Indra’s comment, the mono-photo-receptor eye trailing side to side, scanning the forested away, briefly switching to thermal vision where the world around her turn black and polish white. So far she only detected the local fauna being deers, rabbits, and birds.

Yet she can’t seem to shake the feeling that she was watching despite her advance sensors telling her otherwise in a mile radius.

“I could tell you the same thing Frieda” Indra said back as he looked around. He then had barbatos switch from its mace to its 200mm cannon just in case

“I say we push into the forest a bit”

“Roger.” Nodding to his suggestion, Frieda would still take the lead though pause as she looks back up to the sky, her hand reaching to the side of her helmet.

“RCX,” she called out to the former Federation MS Girl. “See anything of interest?”

"W-W-Well," RCX stuttered over the radio at first, looking through the shuttle external probe cameras. "there seems to be a dirt road path about 200 meters from your 9 'o’clock."

“Wilco,” Frieda answered with a nod. “Continue overwatch, Frieda out.”

Barbatos and Indra looked when Frieda did
“That shy girls up there right? Need to have Aki talk to her more or me i don’t know” Indra said over the speaker before looking down towards the forest “tight formations”

“Maybe.” Looking back at the trees in front, she and the Zakus obeyed, tightening up their formation into a close-knit group traveling through the wooded area with caution. As they march on, the ground beneath would shake with a soft thump due to the massive weight of Barbatos who as well march behind them.

The marines held a tight formation around barbatos before breaking off and moving just a bit ahead of the pack

“At least they remembered that aspect of training” indra comments

As they march down the forest, Frieda took the initiative and scan the area ahead with her helmet mono photo-receptor and saw a dirt road up ahead through the treeline.

“Objective ahead.” She announced in a robotic manner.

“You don’t gotta be so proper you know” Indra commented with a soft chuckle “i don’t know how your military group was but with Tekkadan, we’re family basically…ah anyways I’m rambling. Yuu hit the dirt path, first check it out a bit”

Frieda seemingly shrug at Indra’s comment, it she didn’t really mind it but it was her Zeon pride that made her like this hence why she was proper during missions like this.

“Uh boss…the path seems clear” yuu said over the comms making indra smile a bit before speaking “alright yuu said the paths clear, so let’s hurry to him”

The Zaku’s did just that, doubling their march time brushing past the bushes and tree branches in the way and soon reach to the dirt road. Frieda was the first to reach the rad, her metal armored boots crunching the dirt beneath it as she scans her surroundings for anything and so far nothing.

“Nothing here Indra.” Frieda reported though the girl made sure to do a double-check. “RCX, anything on your end from the sky?”

"N-N-No ma’am!" RCX squeaked out over the comms. "So far nothing."

The marines were couched one both sides of the dirt path when Frieda arrived, their guns raised as they scanned the area. Only yuu looked back when the zakus arrived giving them a small salute before returning to recon

“Yeah I can see that Frieda” Indra commented as he arrived on the dirt path shortly after the zakus did