Amare autem semita

Vizsla whistled, impressed as she continues reading the details of Tekkadan flagship; The Franca new remodeling details. Back then a month or two ago and for some reason they were given the green light for their ship to receive a major refit for upcoming missions where they would be needed in case things get rather dicey.

Looking over the details, the refit came along with a new and much more spacious hangar design with a lower hangar connected via several paths and a aircraft elevator to deliver heavy loads or the Franca’s dropships complement as they will be stored there while the Mobile Suits will be located and stored in the main hangar.

Another addition to the refit would be the ship’s armaments. While the Franca still kept it’s two main Focus Beam twin cannons and bow torpedo launchers, it’s point defense weapon systems have been replace with newer and much more advanced weapon systems. Engineers behind this had to think of a way to make a effective weapon systems for the boys in Tekkadan given their lack of understanding in Phaser technology. It was difficult as they had to Branch out to different kinds of tech that could be effectively use until one of them had the idea of implementing a old design from the 21st century. The Kortik/Kashtan CIWs. A outdated and primitive design but highly effective and combined it with the latest Electromagnetic Accelerator rail technology this creating a new yet dangerous CIWs called the Tektan-75. Armed with a pair of twin-link rail rotary cannon capable of firing 75mm Armor-Piercing-High-Explosive for intercepting enemy missiles or torpedoes, AA and Anti-ship combat. Beside the pair of rotary rail cannons, it came with a pair of box six tube interceptor missile launcher utilizing High-Explosive plasma warheads and rather powerful rocket engine.

Another addition to the ship armaments was a series VLS(Vertical-Launch-Sytem) containing of 50 tri-tube missile silo cell in a Honeycomb pattern to maximise and were located at the top aft, port side, starboard side and a additional two more on the top bow section.

Next additional refits was the armor overhaul. The old nanoliminate armor was supposed of and discarded and was replace with the same armor used by other Solas Tempus ships like the Atlas-Class. Additional Defence system was the addition of a Deflector shield. In order to compensate for the immense amount of ammo and energy required, several heavy-duty fabricators were installed into each weapon system to keep up the constant ammo supply and a whole new Impulse and Anti-matter Reactor to supply the ship systems.

There were several changes to the ship decks as well such as artificial gravity, refurbish crew barracks and cantina with new and advance food fabricators. A new deck addition was the Orbital Drop pod bay/hangar which will be used by the Tekkadan newly added members. With over 50 pods stored there along with several re-purposed Mobile Workers ready to be drop from orbit.

But the biggest addition in the refit was an FTL Drive. Specifically a Hyperdrive allowing Tekkadan for the first time, capable of FTL travel.

Again whistling at the thought of FTL flight was a big thing to Vizsla as her universe didn’t had tech like that. Helm she was impressed at the firepower the Franca was currently packing and the sheer hangar size she was seeing in the blueprints.

It was as if Santa Claus became an engineer and gave Tekkadan a gift for being a bunch of good killer kids. Vizsla would simply chuckle at that humorous thought before turning to the other command staff.

“I’ll have to say, they seriously didn’t pull any punches in this refit.”

Indra sat in the cockpit of barbatos as he always did, bored out of his mind like usual as he watched his men do their thing.

Aki and Ken sat by Barbatos legs on some crates looking over some pictures and files, as well as their homework. When they heard Vizsla whistling they looked up as did indra and listen to her talk making them all smile just a bit. They enjoyed the company of her and her men, some of the boys enjoyed their company a lot more than others.

Indra quickly stood up from his cockpit chair and looked down at Vizsla before speaking

“I mean we are like the special forces of this place…so they Kinda gave us some of the best shit they could think up”

“You could say that. But some of this weapons are newly developed.” Vizsla stated gesturing to the list of armaments. Despite reading all the details, she couldn’t help but read it again, wanting to see the juicy weapon details.

“Hell we even have a FTL drive installed in the flagship. Never thought I would see that day…and at least we have food fabricators now. Don’t have to eat that nasty sludge you boys call food.”

She would fake a gagging sound jokingly, having a clear passionate hate for the green vitamin sludge Tekkadan was force to eat.

“Again the best Shit they could think up of”

Indra said as he crawled down from Barbatos onto the ground with Aki, Ken, and Viz. he then disconnected from Barbatos and stretched a bit

“Oh yeah FTL…haven’t used that ever, none of us have really…” he then turned to her and laughed when she mocked their food making Aki stand up and speak

“But it’s good though!” Aki yelled out

“Good because you guys are use to eating space sludge.” Vizsla retorted with a laugh. Briefly looking back at the PDA again she would take note of the Orbital Drop Pod chamber located beneath the ship belly.

“At least we got other means of deploying my men.”

“Sure we are but…but we can make food too! We made for momma Franca!” Aki replied before indra patted his head and ushered him back to Ken

“I’m sure Vizsla doesn’t need to know what we do for mom…Anyways…I thought we’ve always had means of deployment for your men?”

“We do, but those take time Indra.” Vizsla stated, crossing her arm as she answers Indra question. “And time is of the essence when in battle. With the ability of Orbital Drop Pod deployment me and my men can be deployed almost immediately with zero delays.”

Indra crosses his arms as he stares at Vizsla
“I know more than a lot of the Men on my team that time is of the essence in battle Vizsla.” He then pauses and looks up at barbatos

“I just don’t like the idea of drop pods fully”

“Probs you boys are used to orbital entry through your MS or Dropships.” Vizsla lazily retorted with a smile. Unfolding her arms she would look back down on the the PDA checking for any further details left.

“I on the other hand experience it first hand mind you. Former mech and all.”

“Well most experienced it from a dropship…my entries we’re always on fire” indra says with a laugh before shaking his head and recomposing himself

“Right you and your men used to be mobile suits”

“Used to. We took the atmosphere re-entry face first. So we know how it feels like. Worst case scenario we burn into a crisp. But with the pods, our chances in survival is higher and we can get into the thickest part of the battle.” Vizsla pointed out, imagining herself and her men hitting the ground in the pods and jumping into battle.

It was nothing short of glorious. So glorious she unknowingly drool at the side with a happy look.

She and her men were indirectly shock troopers. Combine with their weapons, super human speed and strength and armor. Nothing can stop them!

Indra nods a bit, he too knew the feeling of re entry like she did…he put barbatos through it more times then he could count.

“A high chance of survival is all I could ask for…” he said softly before looked at Vizsla and chuckled softly as he saw her drool. He then moved towards her and reached up to wipe it away

Vizsla would have the decency to blush. Embarrassed as she realizes what she did and what Indra had to do for her as well. Collecting herself with a deep breath pushing any sort of embarrassing thoughts away, she would look back at the PDA once more and notice a small important detail.

“Oh, and they want us to test out our new Hyperdrive system.”

Indra looked at her and smiled before sighing softly. He then crossed his arms and looked up at barbatos once more than to Aki and Ken Who were giggling at the sight before them

“They want us to test that shit? Aki get the men ready” he said as his gaze returned to Vizsla

“Its a short jump it says here.” Vizsla pointed out, looking back to the others. “Just around the the local Star System, our stop would be at the Umbral Shipyards at Schatten IV.”

“Sounds simple enough, let’s get to it then. Eh Vizsla?” Indra asked as he put his arms above his head and stretched a bit. He then turned around and grabbed the cable that connected him to barbatos

“Agreed.” Was her reply to, scrolling down her PDA, prompting the messenger app to open, the former mecha would send a message to her second-in-command, telling her to prep the other Zakus for the new upcoming mission.

Aki and Ken stood up and put their coats on before heading off to the Franca. Indra on the other hand plugged into Barbatos making his arm twitched which caused him to growl

//timeskip to the franca bridge?

After Aki had assembled the rest of Tekkadan as well as giving Vizslas and her men time to prepare. The command trio met in the Franca’s bridge and awaited the arrival of Vizsla.

Aki took a seat in the Captains chair as the crew of the Franca did their routine checkup