Alright, Cons, Cosplays, and Fan Clubs in Blazing Umbra

Star Trek never really ever goes into what popular media is. At times they bring up things like Klingon Opera and the like as things people like. Of course people read, but the only one mention of things like Radio or Video programs for people to watch is done in Star Trek Voyager and feels out of place (especially since it never was mentioned again). Further, we do know that a lot of entertainment is done via interactive holographic novels where the person plays a part in the action (sort of like a holographic Role Playing game with a preset sequence of events).

When @thatotakugalaxy first brought up the idea of cosplaying going on within the game I was disdainful of it. However, several players seemed to like the idea and we all kind of had a laugh about doing it. Since then I was thinking about fun things to do in game to spice things up a bit that don’t involve heavy combat or some such. The idea that principle characters involved in major events, especially those prominently involved in said events, would gain some form of a fandom or following in the general public. Considering Nimbus Station can hold well over a million people (having previously being compared to the island of Manhattan in size and scope), there are going to be a lot of civilians around.

The way I’m imagining things is that a core set of Starships and personnel are involved in most of the front-line style confrontations, it makes sense that names would become known locally within the city. Currently they would potentially become even stronger symbols of hope because the entire group of the game has been stuck in the past for months now. Without outside contact it isn’t outside the realm possibility that the city’s population will start to become a tighter knit community-of-communities.

This leads into what Otaku was talking about, the idea of fandoms where people cosplay as principle characters, perhaps even have conventions for those fandoms. People imitating the principle characters (as displayed at the end of the Avengers movie after the battle of New York, where people are wearing green suits, getting hair done like Tony Stark, etc…). Once this is established as a base, it is entirely possibly for cosplaying, cons, and the like to happen. Characters that are famous or infamous would then be able to have fan clubs, followings, those who write fan fiction about them, holographic novels of their own, including the erotic and homo-erotic about the characters. All of which is wildly inaccurate and cause wide arguments and debates among fans over who would beat who, who likes who, who would do what, and what should have happened. The less is known about the character’s background by the general public the more they make up, and thus people begin to have narratives told about their lives which have mutated versions of original events to suit the image that the fan clubs have of them, even if inaccurate.

I shall say this! If anyone cosplays as the Angelos family they’re getting socked in the jaw, but hell this sounds like a fun idea

That’s actually the lovely bit of this. One expects that if a person has a fan club or becomes famous that they will like it, as it is one of the most sought after accomplishments, fame. However, I love the idea of showing a varied array of reactions to such a thing, and the ways in which it would be dreadfully annoying.

Beating drem down by saying ‘Drem’s too prissy! She shouldn’t be married to lance’ ? I’m so in :wink:

Nah but really, we could actually get some decent and pretty fun stories that don’t require hand on hand combat, or ships blowing each other up

woooooo thats a plus for me

It does indeed sound very fun. I look forward to this.

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