Alpha 4-5 and Other Added Roles / Groups

To make things easier for players, I have added a new role to the server, that of Alpha 4-5 which is the Angelic Sins JSOC team. I have also added a group for that team on the forum, @Alpha-4-5, will ping all members of that group.

On the forum here, I also added @TEMPCOM and @Team-Sigma to the system. Groups can be joined or left at will through the group feature on the forum.

Using Dyno’s Rank feature, Alpha 4-5, TEMPCOM, and Team Sigma are all set up to come and go as players wish. I try to keep parity with the forum and the chat server for ease, but things go out of sync sometimes which is why I encourage people to customize their groups so they know what they will get notices for. Here on the forum, unlike on Discord, only members of a group can ping that group (as well as admin and staff of course).

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