Alone with Your Thoughts

That night… That night Lance had spent the night with Nicole again, in her house. When it was time to lay low 40,000 acres in the middle of Montana was a good place to do it at. Nicole had graciously taken him back there, in fact he was standing at her back door looking out at the lightly snow-covered landscape that was her expanse of land. He stood there in a robe of hers, it looked frilly but he hadn’t gone back to his place to get anything really, he’d just come here with her. The night have been beautiful, one of the most intensely moving nights with anyone he’d ever had if he was honest with himself. That, in and of itself, was a tad frightening to him. She was in the bedroom, laying in the messed up bed, he’d of course pulled the blankets over her as she dozed in and out of sleep and come out here to think.

He opened the door and stepped outside, closing the door behind him. The air was… Well it was harsh on his skin but he was still thinking and somehow the cold let him think. As the air numbed his skin, he could focus… Focus his mind on what he had to think about, he hadn’t been entirely honest with her before. Truth was he’d been wanting to be married again for a long time, and to someone who was as bad ass and powerful as he was. Of course until the base attack he’d thought… Well he’d never get it, didn’t deserve it, everyone leaves him.

In the light of the base attack and how he felt; he’d done something amazing there and his people had given their lives exactly as they were trained to, to save an entire city. He really felt more whole than he had in a very long time. Perhaps he should ask her, perhaps he shouldn’t, but he finally felt as if he deserved it. So there he stood, in the Montana cold, the wind was and his skin was numb… He just closed his eyes and let the cold wash over him, it was calming and soothing. He reached out his mind but not in his usual way, but more a relaxation of his controls, his tight controls that kept him pent out and safe in a city. His mind flowed out from him, not looking for anything but relaxed.

He didn’t know what he was going to do, but he had decided… Perhaps everyone up until then had left, but he was still worth having love and worth loving, with that he walked back inside.

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