Alliance with the Protectorate

Alright, this one is mainly for @Haladur and I to start looking for how the negotiations are going to go, but anyone is welcome to contribute.

So, I wasn’t happy with the negotiations and how they went last time. We made it up on the fly and it wasn’t compelling to me, so I’d like to see about doing a bit more in the way of clash. Coming up with what each side wants, points of contention, something for them to argue about. When was the last time any kind of political thing happened without problems right?

I think I’d like to start there, what each side wants, and should probably throw in something outlandish to each - kind of like how record companies have the initial “dummy” contract that no one should ever sign. I think negotiations for an alliance would start out similar.

Give the protectorate control of the system.

Oh, that’s an excellent idea for what would definitely be a non-starter with Solas Tempus. What would the Protectorate not want to give Solas Tempus or the Serenity Concord?

All I can think of is the protectorate will want to have a presence in the system and open general trade with the stations. I want something more than that to happen but I don’t know what.

I don’t see that being a problem. Trying to figure out what each side wants is hard. What does the Protectorate value?

They have somewhat the same values as star fleet. Explore, help others in need, ect…

Perhaps we could open up a venue for conflict by them finding out about some of Solas Tempus’s less savory activities? Their surveillance and the like?

That sounds like a fun time.

What would they find the most offensive?

I mentioned in chat that I wanted us to flush out more of what we were going after before we started the Alliance RP. I really don’t feel that I could do a very good job of it right now.

So, what else do I want to know?

  • What terms have been asked for? (roughly)
  • What does each side actually want?
  • What is each side going to try to get?
  • What will they settle for?

Not that we both need to discuss all of those things, but so long as each of us has an idea of what that is going to be. Then I’d like to know who we’re going to have play this out before we start. Sal is the closest thing to a diplomat that I’ve got, I suppose we could fudge it and have him be negotiator for the Concord. Otherwise we’ll have to construct some NPC’s.

They will want to build a facility on a planet in the system amd they will allow you to build one in theirs. They would like permission to explore and help out where they can. They will probably be really mad if they find out if you were spying on them learning about some of their technology.

Alright so… How can we arrange for Sal and Ranuni to be the main negotiators so it makes sense? I think we have an idea of where the conflict is going to come from.

Ranuni can ask lance to negotiate but he recommends sal to do it.

That works for me, what days are good for you to start this?