Alexander 'Plague' Henton - Hacker and Cyber Security Specialist

|player= Dasfier#7327
|name= Alexander Henton
|altname= Alex, Plague (Hacker ID)
|race= Human
|alignment= Chaotic Good
|gender= Male
|height= 5'8"
|weight= 180 lbs
|haircolor= brown
|eyecolor= electric blue
|age= 20
|dob= April 13
|birthplace= Earth
|universe= Blazing Umbra
|occ= Hacker / Cyber Security Specialist
|org= Solas Tempus
|figure= Physically fit, though not bulky / militaristic looking, eyes seem to have circuit in them. has a bit of a technician look but clearly regularly exercises.
|setting= Blazing Umbra

He’s smart and loves Technology, Alexander always has had a unique connection with computer systems and tech overall, He’s a bit of a reserved and quiet individual, he lets his actions speak more for him. He spends more time with computers and code than with other people. As such he can be seen as reclusive and mysterious.

He believes in a form of a code of honor, and follows that code above anything else, if he’s gonna do something he’s gonna do it right. That being said, if it endangers a friend or someone close to his friends, He’ll more than happily go off script and make things more difficult for those who are trying to cause harm. He’s a bit of a prodigy when it comes to computers especially bypassing their security countermeasures, and implementing his own. He enjoys puzzles and riddles, and often integrates it into his work, just to make things more fun. He created the Hacker tag “Plague” as a way of getting in with parts of the digital underground, and uses it to keep an eye on the activity of the criminal organizations. Officially he works as a Cyber Security Specialist for Solas Tempus, protecting valuable information from getting in the wrong hands. He often seems to know what’s about to hit, just before it hits when it comes to cyber intrusions and attacks. He also loves finding out other’s little secrets, He often times does more help than harm with his skills.

== Special Abilities ==
Cybernetic integration - he can integrate with almost any interface in a degree of levels, from simply a holographic display that often he alone can see, to actually sending his consciousness into the digital space so he can work with code more ‘directly’

Cybernetic implants - He has specialized, experimental implants designed for intrusion and security work, which grant him the integration ability, and allow him to remote access almost any interface in a given range. He can also remote uplink with his main console / system from anywhere there’s a network connection.

== Special Skills ==
Hacking Prodigy - He’s crazy good at cyber intrusion, if he encounters a system he hasn’t cracked yet, it’ll take time for him to break in, but after the first time, it’s like second nature to him.

==Special Equipment ==
Customized Computer and networking system
Data runner starship
earpiece and microphone

== Background ==
Growing up on Earth in the Federation wasn’t exactly a walk in the park all the time for Alex, there was a lot of pressure to be a part of the federation, but he wasn’t interested in engineering, or science, medicine or tactical… Sure security had it’s interests but nothing was like sitting down and working on a computer system, or came was like the thrill of learning how to hack or making the ultimate system that could break into almost any computer on a network. It took him a while, but at the age of 12 he had found how to make it happen, He had learned how to get into his local school’s security system, and he discovered he had a gift, a gift for hacking, He used that gift and his knowledge to watch the different schools in his local area, just watch them, their activity, networks, everything. By the age of 15 he had graduated from high school and went to college.

Interestingly enough He went to college with one Reuben Reid, Reuben was a student in Technology and Engineering, Alex was a student in Technology, specializing in Cyber Security… and intrusion. He had been somewhat successful at being a friend to Reuben, at least enough to be familiar with the man’s code. He had heard about Reuben’s projects and really wanted to see them come to fruition. He left Reuben’s code alone really, not even bothering to break into his network or any of his systems.

One day as he was at school he was approached by a Dark Triad member, who put together a bit of a team to work on some code they had… it didn’t take long for Alex to identify it as one of Reuben’s work, namely one of his AI projects. So Alex quietly locked it down under an encryption, and gave them a temporary interface that would work with the established code, but would eventually cause a conflict… hopefully it would bring whoever the poor little AI was, to go back to Reuben, he had laid a few keys out as a puzzle to be found later, and submitted it, unknown to the Dark Triad of his act. He went his way, Later accepting a Job with Solas Tempus as a Cyber Security Specialist.

In the Hacking and digital intrusion community He goes by the tag ‘Plague’ an unknown and mysterious hacker who hits suddenly and without remorse or mercy, or supposedly, Plague honestly seems to hit more violent and aggressive groups, such as criminal organizations, pirates, terrorists, and similar groups. He’s never told anyone outside of Reuben who walked in on him hacking into a Cardassian mainframe, where he uploaded a particularly nasty hazard virus which had caused their computer systems to have difficulty with targeting, and running really anything outside of life support and food replicators.


Alexander in his ‘sanctuary / Fortress of Solitude’

Alexander’s Plague icon

Alexander’s Starship

The character is good, I like it. Nice non-conformist kind of cyber security specialist. I did want to know about the ship though. Great image, but do you have any idea of what kind of ship you want it to be? How big it is? Other basic stats.

I can come up with something, but I’d really encourage you to go beyond the image and into what kind of ship you think it should be – how fast? How many people does it hold? What are its armaments? What role does the ship serve, is it a transport, etc… etc… I would also like some more information on this sanctuary / fortress of solitude he’s got. Where is it, what’s in it, that kind of thing.

Also, as a side-note, you should see when you create a new post in this form that it populates with the template. Please use that template, there is no need to copy / paste from the other post where I describe each part of the template – that is just a reference.

You should also see now what the post should look like if the template is filled out correctly.

I have a bit of an idea for how big the ship is and the stats for it I can do the best I can with it. It’s a bit of a light freighter.

I’m thinking of calling it an experimental “Negotiator” class ship, He’d probably name the ship “Aggressive Negotiations” or something like that.

Length : 60m

height: 16m

width: 53m

Crew: 1 - 4

3 phaser turrets (two dorsal, one ventricle) [turrets can be remote controlled but takes a hit on accuracy if used as such]

2 forward phaser cannons
2 forward torpedo launchers

Adaptive Energy Shields (borg inspired)
Duranium hull plating

Special equipment
enhanced sensor grid
advanced long range communication’s array
Server room
Sensor and communication jammer
Energy masking technology

Quantum slipstreme drive (warp 9.5 max speed, warp 10 capable for 10 seconds)
Sublight impulse drive (max speed - 500m/s, afterburner speed 1000 m/s)

The ship will have cargo space for hauling cargo as well as the server room for storing data and software as needed. I like to think of it as a ship similar to the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars. This is what I’m basing this off of, but with a more hacker / intrusion vibe:

As far as the sanctuary thing, part of it is just a flavor thing, but I’m thinking it’s a single room maybe on the station, that’s hidden behind a false wall or something, inside has all of his equipment… could be a storage room that was conveniently left out of the blueprints or any writeup of the station itself, but exists anyway. Since he would basically have turned whatever room it is into an area for his computer and hacking equipment.

Most of those stats I have no issue with, I’m not sure about the Quantum Slipstream drive – it’s pretty similar to the DFD or even the Borg Transwarp Conduits. I know it is a mechanic of STO but as far as technology in Trek goes that game is a hot mess of canon items devolved into weird game mechanics. As far as Warp 10 goes, that is also a no-go as in ST lore after TNG that is “Infinite Velocity” as specified in the Voyager episode Threshold where Tom Paris breaks the trans-warp threshold and actually mutates into a hyper-evolved human-lizard kind of creature.

I have a Google Sheet which describes the velocities of Warp and Dimensional Fold. While there is a certain amount of inaccuracy involved with script writers in TOS and TNG describing wildly bizarre velocities, the warp speed table comes from canonical sources, specifically the Star Trek the Next Generation Technical Manual.

So we’ll say that his ship can go Warp 9.995 for 10 seconds which puts it able to go significantly faster than most ships.

Upon further reading, I’ll allow the Quantum Slipstream drive but it requires a special fuel source of Benamite Crystals which are difficult / impossible to come by. This fits well with other things in the game which make Warp Drive not the only propulsion available for interstellar flight.

Okay, sounds, good, I thought I saw quantum slipstream on like some of the other ships, but I realize now it was the fold drive, I’d be fine with either requiring special fuel, or just using a fold drive or something, also the warp 9.995 for 10 seconds is fine.

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Forgot to post. This character is approved.