Akron & Political Pressure

Alright, so both of these plots are getting a bit long in the tooth.

Akron Act II

So I’ve decided that I’m going to let @thatotakugalaxy try to play the Malitae entity, she’s offered to several times and I’m going to let her take a crack at it. I’m happy to allow others to get involved in this, in fact, it is what I’d prefer. I’d also like to still have people working scientifically to discover more, which @Cyber and I did some of previously.

Political Pressure

This one I’ve found a little harder to do something about. So, we’ve stagnated. I’d like to get comments from @Buckethead about his Admiral and to tie that in. Also, @t0l and @darktrooper501 about the racism plot as I think that the two go well together, have the Admiral assign someone to ferment racist sentiments on the station and such, but I’m kind of stagnating.

Also, I’d love for @Red_the_heretic to also get with me when I can and respond with what he wants to do about the Angelos. John has been relived in duty and such but that obviously isn’t static, I wanted to do something live with the brothers and Alyshan and such, so any ideas there or when to do it or where we’d like it to go sometime in the near future.

Well, my Admiral is in the process of contacting any and all Imperials within Schatten system via probe droid.

That works, we can push forward with that. I think that the Admiral should start pushing the racism agenda, which – IIRC – goes well with the Imperial thing. What do you think? I assume they will report to him (the Imperials) and then he can tell them what to do?

As a side-note, all of them have access to the communications network, so it is possible that that he could reach out via other clandestine means now that he’s made contact with Onyx.

Once he has his little network set up they can just use their Imperial comlinks.

I’m just thinking if the remnants of the Imperials who made contact with Sweeney would notify him of the regrouping and the Admiral. I think having a loose if not brief connection to Onyx would change the dynamics of the Federation or even Section 13 in the area

Oh, that’s true. That goes via Hyperspace right? Makes it harder to track, which… Sounds good.

No, you’re right it would change things. Also, I think that … do we want your spy for the Stellar Horizon to have an Imperial com link on her, something for people to discover later?

Via hyperspace and encrypted. Admiral Enus also bounces the signals around some to make it untraceable.

I’m not sure. I’m thinking that for security reasons she’d have a physical contact with an agent inside a bar or so in Nimbus, being able to just slide an untraceable envelope of Intel under a napkin. But for the long haul trip such as the Stellar Horizon, she might have to use an Imp Com. She’s also made contact with Ks’s Imperial officer/spy in Nimbus, so access to one would be easy. And if Sweeney links up with the Admiral lead Imperials it would make even more sense

If that help: i Remember one of SW books mentioning small hyperdrive equiped com buoy that after encoding message on it was simply get out of ship somehow. It used hyperdrive to reach preprogrammed dentation.

Don’t recall what was it called but it was about size of pen iirc? Would need to read book again to make sure of that

The Mandalorian Armour, chapter 2, if you have it lying around

thought more of Elegnace class drone which could probably be modified for longer range, those damned thing are usefull for such cases but take time to arrive and can’t really cross realities if that would be ever case

Yeah I figured from what I read on the wiki.

Alright, I like that. I also like the idea of some old-school spycraft going on, messages on message boards that are cryptic and some kind of code. Notes left in dead-drops, that kind of thing.

This reminds me of Numbers Stations in a way, which you all know that I love the idea of. We also have a similar concept in game of the Subspace Deep Echo Array. Though I’m probably going to alter it a bit at some point, the concept is that this covert signals echoing through subspace the same way Numbers Stations signals echo between the Earth’s ionosphere and the surface.

Of course this gets far afield from what we’re talking about other than ways to investigate. So, let me run this past everyone; would it be reasonable to say that random signals are kind of popping up - so the Cabur and the New Hope - who have that equipment may detect the signals? Just encrypted signals floating around space.

Yes. And Enus might start doing some Free French coding. Messages hidden in everyday conversation and stuff.

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