Akron Plot Act III

Ok, so I had wanted to do some stuff about the Malitae trying to study people and ferment decent with a PC played by someone else. So far that hasn’t gone overly according to plan… So I’m thinking about just getting on with it. Right now, we’ve got Flask who is stuck there (pending the outcome of a thread here on the forum), but I’d also like to get more into the scientists studying it. To that end, I’d love to find out if anyone would like to join me in that? Maybe do a few shorter RP’s either here on the forum or on Discord.

Setup for Act III

In particular, IIRC, @Trigger215’s character Alyssa would be good for it. I don’t know if he’s able to RP on the forum or not, but if he is, I’d love to do something there. I know that @Nigrantibus plays his engineer, not sure how helpful that will be, but perhaps can do a thread about them studying what happened to devise a defense?

I’d also like to do something with Vident Obscura here, it is kind of perfect for them to kind of start picking things up and studying what happened. Of course, I know that @thatotakugalaxy plays and agent of theirs, as do I. However, I’d like to invite others to do the same - even if their character isn’t one of their agents now, we could adjust that.

I also had the idea that perhaps @t0l could run with Tal maybe running simulations on different weaponry, perhaps some prototypes and the like. I mean, he’s kind of been played as a bit of a weapons expert who knows he doesn’t know everything… That could be fun, if perhaps short. Also, @Haladur, the Avali may be involved as well in the science, Ranuni has a pack and I thought perhaps we could get into the details there - start putting shit together.

Actually Doing Act III

Now, I’m probably going to post something on doodle about times and dates from now to start getting into Act III, I’m going to of course talk to @TheChubbyGamer first and find out what he thinks about his thread and how that tracks. There’s also a lot of stuff he could discover on the Akron itself that could shed light on things.

The structure I’m looking to do is, the danger is discovered. They know something about it now, but not enough. Next comes the preparing for how to deal with it, Act III is going to deal with one of the three primary aspects - depending on how we want to shape it. There are three, as I’ve said before, supernatural, technological, and biological.

I’ve decided that this thing was drawn to the Akron because they were doing things that were so horribly wrong and causing so much pain, that the substance came to them to feed on the negativity, pain, hatred, all that good shit.

This is a good place to put our Jedi character, so I’d love to hear from those players (@ks0908 in particular).

So, please comment below, ask questions, I’d love to get to the next part of this as it’s literally been 2 months!

I’m able to RP here, but I’ll need to be filled in on what’s going on in this scenario. Also, keep in mind Alyssa is a lab assistant, and most of her research had been guided by her father before she ended up on the station. (And by the way, I kinda want to retcon Alyssa’s first appearance. I haven’t roleplayed enough, but I’ve been here for long enough that Alyssa would know the station fairly well, so I want to start over.)

well, Jedi are able to feel emotions of other, especially strong ones. some, such as hate and anger are easier to “detect” those better with force use can also, to some degree determine if someone says truth or lies.
i can definitely make my jedi feel all that negativity from Akron, and so could @buckethead with his Jedi just tell what and when should they feel :slight_smile:

I think we can retcon her appearance, either do a thread here or just describe it how you want. Since she’s a lab assistant, do you think she’s picked up enough working with her father to discover she can work on her own? That could be a good character expanding arc for her, if you’d like to do it.

Let me know on both counts, we can do an RP.

As far as what has gone before in this thread… Here is the link to the article summary of it.

I’d like to do that. Are they also able to sense like, ghosts or perhaps impressions from things that were strongly emotionally charged of the past?

Jedi can sense ghosts and that kind of thing, yeah.

same to impressions, but that’s bit more tricky and requires knowledge and experience in force, and longer since something happened in timeline than harder it is
Ghosts and stuff like that are simple for them though

Reman would have the experience to sense the impressions.

Well, I think then that it makes sense to have Reman and Jyn on the next boarding part. Also, @TheChubbyGamer and I were speaking in DM’s on the server about it and we’re not sure how to push forward there and have it make sense. So, the question comes in - eventually there will be a boarding party - we can make it so that this is heading over to rescue Flask of course, which makes sense. Or we can build to it going over there again?

I still want to do the plot that I have @Neeko about the character from the Malitae that just kind of forms on the station to cause trouble, but I suspect that his schedule is a problem for that.

Ok, so given my luck with others playing the invader from the Akron, I’m going to push it forward myself. Probably over the next week or two, I’ll try to introduce her into RP that is already going on - with player permission of course. This is going to lead up to finding critical information out about the Malitae and what it’s doing on the Akron and what it wants, so keep an eye out for when we can start this phase.

I’m going to want to spend a little bit of time with the entity from the Akron roaming the station and then move forward to the next boarding party who will be there to gather more information about what’s going on, hopefully by that time Flask will have returned.


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