Akron Act 3 Plot Outline

What has gone before…

Part of this was this topic and this other topic. As well as what has happened previously, we’ve got these posts on the Wordpress about it.


Malfunctions begin to happen all over the station and then spread to surrounding ships. The malfunctions are going to be random at first, as the entity - or portion of the entity - Malitae begins to learn where it is and understand what’s going on. It is most certainly malicious, but the malfunctions will be benign at first.

Fermenting Fear

Once the entity begins to become more comfortable in its new surroundings, it will begin to show it’s malicious nature and the malfunctions will start to become more dire and more problematic for people. These will not be designed to hurt people, and the entity will not have control over disabling safety systems. This is where it will begin to gain control over the COM system.

Had the thought to have the drum sequence just before the song Sympathy for the Devil starts play over the COM system – perhaps even that the entity in the computer starts to think it is the devil, after absorbing data in the cultural database. Begins to gain some form of sentience.

What do we need?

We still really need someone to play the embodiment of the Malitae, I also thought multiple people playing the character – and this would be a kind of active NPC, extension of the organism that is on the Akron.