Akna the Koa'itzel of the Chakhan directorate

{{Character Box
|player= Dasfier
|name= Akna
|fullname= Akna the Koa'itzel (Mother of Rebirth)
|altname= Ak, Akna, formerly Andrew Famal
|race= Chakhan
|alignment= Lawful good
|gender= female
|height= 7'
|weight= 200lbs
|haircolor= green hood spikes
|eyecolor= green
|age= 18
|dob= December 30
|universe= BU
|occ= Archaologist (former), koa'itzel (mother of the rebirth), director of the new pe'Chakhan directorate
|org= New Pe'Chakhan Directorate, Archaeology dig team 25
|figure= bipedal cobra /serpentine, black scales green hood crown spikes, amazoness build, soft feminine shape
|setting= BU

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driven and an overachiever, as a human, Ak had a passion for archaology and soon made it his career, delving into old ruins and learning the history of people facinated him. Now as the leader of a reviving civilization, she finds herself at a moral, a drive to revive the lost race, though by what means, she has yet to determine.

== Special Abilities ==
Mutagen venom (due to the age of the mutagen that changed her, Ak’s venom became a variation of mutagen, a bite can cause a conversion process of one into a member of the Chakhan race… or kill them in the process.

== Special Skills ==


== Special Equipment ==

Chakhan spandex undersuit

Chakhan formal attire

== Background ==
Akna, originally Andrew Fobos grew up in Concord space, to two scientist parents and grew up learning about history, science, and uncovering the secrets of the universe, he was generally considered bright and in many cases a natural leader. He ended up getting a degree in the sciences with a specialization in Archaology. This landed him a job as a new member of a science team studying ancient civilizations and technology at the ripe age of 18. Along with his friend since College Emily Richards, later known as Pe’kash. Shortly after his 18th birthday Andrew and the team were sent out to a relatively new dig site in a desert planet orbiting a star that had gone supernova some years ago, but was estimated to formerly be M-class / earthlike in nature.

Andrew, being a very driven and explorative sort, wandered into the ruins to get some early mapping of the ruins done, in this process the glass like floor of one chamber he was walking on, collapsed and he fell into a strange liquid. That liquid was mutagenic slime, which caused him to become a large, 7’ tall onyx scaled snake woman, with green horns on her hooded head, a member of the leader / noble caste of the extinct race known as the Chakhan. Her mutation process awoke a dormant AI known as Ka’alukhan, or the Slithering library of Ka’alukhan, who’s revealed much about what happened to her, and her new station, as the new leader of these people, the mother of rebirth, as well as Ka’alukhan’s primary administrator / user. Emily and the others followed his reports and trail and discovered the newly formed Akna in an old flight suit from the arkship atop the ruins, Emily and some other members of the team felt inclined to approach Akna and request she bite them and convert them to Chakhan as well. Slightly reluctantly she did so, causing Emily to become a large male Chakhan soldier, who was renamed as Pe’kash. Since that moment Akna has been learning about her new self, and identity, as well as filling into her role as leader for her people, she took Pe’kash as a mate and personal bodyguard, while she works on planning out their people’s movement, she first wishes to find a suitable home for her people to thrive on, but also allow for her new people to grow as a nation. She might claim additional mates, but for now she cannot be selfish and claim all the males and leave the other females wanting. She’s still learning about her new body and self, but slowly has been feeling more and more natural in her new station and appearance, like she was meant to become who she now is.

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