Agent Mission Report, Concord, Suspect Profiling


-Operative Clark, Mission report and request for New Orders

Subject labeled (Mike. Spartan) was confronted by Operative and a crowd of arguing station workers. The Spartan attempted to restore order to situation before crowd, with manipulation from Operative, turned on the Spartan and began what can only be described as a public shaming through words and accusations. Though no matter what the crowd or the highly argumentative and offensive Operative tried, the Spartan retained his temper. Showing little to no signs of aggression or even irritation. Operative eventually backed off after it became clear Spartan would not rise to the bait. Operative can only conclude that Spartan has great mental discipline and does not appear to have any tendency or urge to attack and harm civilians. Further Investigation recommended. Operative requests one-on-one meeting with Spartan for a true talk.

Attached to the report file is an audio recording of the confrontation.

-End of Report.

Operative is ordered to continue surveilling the target. Mission objective is to discover what circumstances for which the subject could become violent or unduly aggressive. Attempt for one on one communication is confirmed, however, no break of cover is authorized.

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