Agememnon Counterpart, Act 1 (Open Ended)

Since the Grtul Gate had mysteriously settled in a high orbit over Schatten III, and the intial contact with the Terran Space Alliance, Horvath, and Rangora had passed. A steady stream of tourists had began to pass through the Gate as of late, mostly humans eager to see the starships of Star Trek, Star Wars, and Halo right up close. The recent dissappearance of the Severed Grace marked a small drop in the amount of tourists coming through.

However, as of today tourists had just… Stopped coming altogether. The silvery, liquid-like substance on the inside of the black ring shaped Gate had stopped with the rippling that marked incoming vessels for quite some time now, not to mention contact with the other side had ceased as well.

Vulcan had moved closer to the Gate, manufacturing small communications torpedoes and launching them through to try and re-establish contact with his creators. He had recieved no reply.

Megan would enter bridge of intrepid class starship, The Pegasus as it approached Grtul gate on impulse drive. She wpuld take few steps down little stairs and sit on her chair and looking at screen of padd. Noticing that Vulkan sent probes through gate she decided to contact gate itself, hoping they might have some information about situation.

-open hailing frequencies to Gate.

one of officers would respond confirming that channel is open, Captain would quickly fix her uniform so it will be perfectly stright then calmly spoke out puting padd away

-This is Lieutenant Commander Shepard of starship Pegasus to Grtul gate control, please respond

“Greetings, Lieutenant Commander Shepard. I am Ithsma, the Gate’s automated control AI. How can I help you today?” A voice replied, with no visuals.

Mark Fitzpatrick was in the Pegasus when it moved over to the gate. He had wanted to see what ships from this universe looked like on the inside and someone from the Pegasus crew happily let him. He did have a bit of an interest in the gate situation but he mostly was just looking around.

Megan would respond still rather calm, but with hint of concern in voice

-Hello Ithsma, do you have any clue what happens on other side of gate? I’m concerned in lack of communication and sudden stop of incoming vessels.

Pegasus meanwhile would stop in position to keep gate entrance on aim from as much armament as possible in case that friendly forces on other end were defeated and opfor will start crossing to system, however ship was on Green alert at this moment and bridge screen focused on gate same as scanners hoping to get information in case someone will attempt to cross it

Mark, because of his wish to learn about Starships of this universe after arriving on ship earlier would be granted permission to go almost everywhere, including bridge, crew would also be very helpful answering all his questions, but they would seem bit more nervous since gate situation started, mostly because no one really know what to expect from other side

“Unfortunately, my knowledge outside of the operation of this Gate is limited. However, there are several possibilities: Loss of power. Invasion. Malfunction. Jamming of communications. Is there anything else I can help you with?” The female voice replied cheerily.

Mark eventually ends up at the bridge but he is mindful not to interrupt. He knows about chain of command and as a guest he doesn’t want to push it. That said it seemed to him as if it was standard military procedure of closing down on information when there was a large operation occurring. He wanted to tell the Captain to not enter the gate and risk a situation but he realized that it would be best to reserve his comment for later.

Megan would give quick look at person entering bridge, nodding welcomingly to Mark before turning back to image of stoic event horizon of grtul gate on viewscreen. She would be slowly considering raising status to yellow Alert since they have no clue what happened on other side, and it would be just safer if hostile vessel would try to arrive.

“is there any way you can contact gate on other side of wormhole and ask about situation? And is it possible to you to give us early warning if ship will try to cross gate from other side?”

Megan would still sound concerned, no wonder given situation, especially since she already fought ship from another side, and would prefer to not have to do it again.

“I cannot contact the other Gate. You may send a probe through, however! And since Solus Tempus has continued to pay the usage fee for this Gate, early warnings are permitted.”

Megan would stay silent for about second before responding
“Very well, I would appreciate any warning you can give us, at least untill we solve situation, thank you for your assistance Ithsma”

she would motion to ops officer to mute mic then turn to science officer
“Prepare class 5 probe, i want as much sensor and visual data as possible, program it to return after 15 minutes if it loose contact with ship”

The science officer complies, and soon a probe is launched through the Gate. They get a half-second of footage before contact is lost with the probe:

A huge collection of ships sits on the other side. Some of them are human, a lot of them are human actually. Even the three Troy-class battlestations are present. There are seven Horvath vessels, Megan might remember these very well. Alongside the Horvath is an armada of foreign vessels.

There is also a massive debris field. No projectiles can be seen, yet it’s obvious damage is being done by both sides of this conflict.

The probe does not return.

megan thought to herself “This don’t look good,”

then she spoke out visibly more concerned

“rewind visual, give me overlook at Horvath vessels, i want to know their status. send probe telemetry to science stations, i need to know if they are heading toward here or holding position on other side.”

The Horvath vessels were damaged, but functioning. They were surrounded by wreckage, probably from other Horvath ships.

All of the vessels were moving, but none were headed for the Gate.

“seven ships, damaged but still” megam said silently to herself

she stood up and walked to science station
“Did probe recive any lifesigns on Human vessels? or those Battlestations? Did we get any transponder signals or emergency broadcasts while we had connection with probe?”

A distress signal from the humans was detectable from the limited feed of the probe. Mixed life signs filled the battlestations and Terran vessels, mostly human. They’d been boarded, it seemed.

Megan would return to her chair and look at viewscreen. She breathed deeply and spoke rather calmly.

“Tactical prepear cloaking device. Helm set course for event horizon, ops notify Grtul gate control we’re coming through.”
she paused
“Red alert, send additional security to transporter rooms and airlocks”

Lights accros ship dimed at same time as sound signal and red lights on walls told everyone that ship is readying to combat. Security personel would get phaser rifles from armories and move to positions, some also moved to airlocks securing them as well as transporter rooms.

Pegasus would start moving toward gate and after getting permission from gate control it would cross event horizon.
As soon as it would exit gate megan would give order to engage cloak turning ship invisible from eye and sensors, still ship was fully visible for about second or two before cloak reengaged.
Bridge was silent as everyone was prepearing for incoming fire if Enemy vessels would notice them and kept in sight enough to lock on

The Gate control complied, and soon the Pegasus was flying through the gray, rippling surface of the Gate’s actual “portal”. After a few moments of disorienting darkness, they emerge, cloaked, in the Epsilon Eridanis system.

The three massive asteroids that the Terran Space Alliance used as battlestations were there, battle scarred, but afloat. They were surrounded by hundreds of black, bullet shaped vessels which all registered as friendlies. Debris also surrounded them.

Coming from two more Gates in the distance, a stream of ships were pouring out in groups of three. The vessels were of unknown make and model, with black and red paint jobs. They were shaped like octagons, and were spinning.

The seven Horvath ships were still there. No projectiles, laser beams, or anything could be seen or heard. Sensor scans could detect the particles of the powerful lasers of this universe however, and the torpedoes they were launching back and forth. Nobody saw the Pegasus, yet.

“zoom on octagon shaped vessels look for any markings of to who they belong, give me passive sensors update about situation in area. Shutdown all unnecessary systems, let’s get into silent running.
Science check if we can establish connection with one of Terran battlestations without giving our location and if so check for survivors and enemy forces on any internal sensors they hopefully have.
Helm, one quarter impulse get us away from gate before they will come check what was dropped out”

Pegasus under it cloak would start turning to left facing from.gate slowly going away getting to more flank position, meanwhile tactical officer confirmed that photon torpedos are loaded and primed to fire knowing that in case of fight first salvo will be most important.
Bridge continued to stay silent apart from orders amd confirmations from crew

The markings do not say anything, just odd shapes painted in red on the black vessels. The newest of the three battlestations, the Athens, replies. No visual, just audio.

//This is the TSA Athens, who is this and what do you want?// The assumed captain of the station asked as alarms wailed in the background. More people speaking could be heard as well.

“They’re breaching the 3rd missile port. We have Rangora in the 72nd laser collimater.”

“Send 7th brigade, they can handle it.”

Survivors were scattered in escape pods everywhere, with small Terran shuttles racing around, picking up friend and foe survivors alike. Included among them was Tyler Vernon’s Starfire, the luxury craft having extra room for survivors, as well as food, drink, and a live band to help them relax. From life sign scans, it was already packed with some fifty people, plus Tyler himself.

“This is Lieutenant Commander Shepard of starship Pegasus, we got concerned about loss of communication from this side of gate and after sending probe moved in to assist. We’re ready to provide assistance with our security teams, we just need to know where to beam them, we’re currently flying clocked toward stations, we are gathering escape pods on our way”

Pegasus would be slowly going towards stations still cloaked with it tractor beam slowly pulling closest escape pods into shuttle bay where security and Medical teams would be waiting, if station sensors would work thry would probably see escape pods disappearing from screens when they get aboard vessel, they didn’t pick up everyone to not attract too much attention from hostile forces, but most likely enough to easier up strain on terran small crafts.