Advanced Covert Psudo-humans (A.C.P)

Advanced Covert Pseudo-humans are an experimental prototype of covert, temporal, and supernatural operation’s AI systems. Their AI come in the form of either former humans that were turned AI, or were specially developed AI, designed to perform various special operations tasks, and appear, sound and even feel human. Some A.C.Ps can end up believing that they are in fact human, going so far as to attempt romantic relationships with humans or other organics, which has lead to mixed results, and the term “skinner” becoming a phrase used to describe an ACP in an informal setting. This was due to them looking, feeling, and acting very human, but in reality are not. No decision has been made if this is a bad thing that should be corrected… or if it’s harmless and should be left alone.

Their bodies are made of a variety of advanced hardware, all covered in an adaptive Nanomaterial shell which acts as their skin, the material can alter it’s texture, composition, density and material according to the needs of the user.

This technology was developed and made possible after a unique experiment and discovery in relation to the bio-mech symbiote 0X-07, documented by Dr. Unnur and her staff.

The bodies can vary and differ in a variety of ways, however there are some things that are consistencies. All A.C.P units have the sense of touch, and “bleed” when they experience damage that punctures their bodies (bullets, knives, ect.)

They are also equipped with a form of active camouflage to prevent visual detection, advanced tracing and battlefield mapping systems, enhanced strength and reflexes, and lastly they have an advanced understanding of weaponry, which allows them to handle almost any weapon effectively in the field. Each A.C.P unit can have a subclass as well, such as Striker, Enforcer, and collector.

These three sub-classes have different specialties and specific enhancements to the information already stated, all are designed for covert missions / operations and to get their job done. They use a specialized power core to allow them to function very well under almost any circumstances, they can also sleep much like how humans do.

Subclass specifics:

Often seen as slightly thinner than the others, Strikers are designed for high mobility, and as such their reflexes and overall agility is higher than other A.C.P models. Many of these are used as rapid deployment assassins, or at times search and rescue units. they can cover great distances easily, and their legs can shift between a normal human like leg into a leg designed for rapid movement.

The go to for covert operations, protection of Key individuals, and large scale threat elimination. Enforcers utilize an advanced movement, marking and tracking system, to track hostiles. Many times they know the number of hostiles in a room before they step foot through the door. Their advanced systems allow them to be tactical in their efforts, they can either use non-leathal tactics, or leathal, depending on the orders given by the commanding officer, or the situation. Enforcers look very much like ex-special forces, in build and structure. This makes them more durable as a combat unit.

Designed for deep cover operations, collectors are designed to look as human as possible, many collectors end up being female in appearance, and due to this are very good at getting targets to lower their guard. Collectors collect and relay information quickly using advanced communication systems, they also have the unique ability to slice into computer systems, either through connectors in their hands or through a remote connection, the more technology one may have in their presence the more a collector can access. That being said, don’t think they are not good in a fight, they carry a wide variety of non-lethal armaments, able to stun hostiles. They also can leave behind photonic decoys and alter their own appearance without the need of extra equipment, allowing them to become almost anyone.