A Whisky Home Talk

Walking down the quiet hallways of Nimbus station, the Armored form of Vizsla lets out a small satisfied sigh as she recently left her room after dealing with a certain mantis girl.

‘Good to be back home…’ She thought to herself, recalling how it has been a week since they returned back to the Schatten System with some extra passengers who she and Indra had to explained to their higher-ups what happened all the while leaving out certain parts of the story for the sake of their minds

During her walk to the station’s canteen, her PDA buzzes, prompting the armored girl to fish it out the PDA from the vest pouch integrated into her breastplate. Tapping the screen, she would find a message from Indra to which she quickly responds.

Alright, see you there. Drinks on me though.

Stashing her PDA away, she would head back to her room to retrieve a pair of whisky glass alongside a bottle of her favorite brand.

Reaching the door of her supposed commanding Officer in Tekkadan, she would tap against the door, and stood waiting for her boss response.

Upon the Vizsla’s tap on the door it slid open to reveal Indra quiet sitting on the couch of his living room, shirtless like always

“Good to see you’re still fast as ever to meetings Vizsla…” he paused and looked at her with that emotionless stare of his “Set the drinks on the counter…have a seat, I wanna chat first”

“You know me boss,” Was Vizsla casual reply, noticing the air. She made sure to keep her voice down as she entered the room with the door sliding close. “Always swift as ever.”

The armored woman woud shift over to the kitchen counter, on her way there, she would catch a glimpse in Indra’s bedroom, noticing the familiar dark purplish gelatinous form of a Alterria comfortably resting on the bed asleep and looking completely exhausted as she was overall filled. Noting how the dark slime was snuggled in the warm comfy blankets, Vizsla would continue on to the kitchen bar counter, setting down the two whisky glass and bottle with a soft clang.

“How’s the wife?” She teased with a small but knowing smile, knowing the supposed nature of their newly acquired friends/family all the while pouring Indra’s glass first.

“Had another session?”

“Don’t call her my wife…I’m not a fan of that term or the thought of it” Indra replied coldly as he shook his head “I however could ask about your girl…how is she getting acquainted well?”

“Ain’t going to stop her though.” She pointed out with a soft chuckle thumbing back at Indra’s bedroom, pouring some whisky into her glass before setting the bottle down. “You know how the Mammano are.”

“My girl?” A soft chuckle as she twirls the contents of drink. “Benares is slowly getting there, trying to get her out of that submissive shell otherwise people may get the wrong idea.”

“People already get the wrong idea out of all of us…why try to change anything about it.” He paused for a moment and looked down before speaking again

“We’re a bunch of space rats, monsters, and mobile suit girls……what about any of us doesn’t give anyone a wrong idea?”

Humming to the man’s words, the woman would continue to twirl the contents of her glass as she stares down the contents of her drink contemplating what her boss said.

“Maybe so,” Vizsla spoke softly. “But you know what I mean in regards to the monster girls.”

“Doesn’t matter if they’re monster girls or whatever you’re actually referring to…it’s nothing new here, hell monster people are more common here than us…” he paused and stared at Vizsla and her drink

“How many partners have you had…”

“Benares is so far my first actually.” Vizsla answered honestly, liftng her glass up and finally taking a sip from her drink, enjoying the slow burn in her throat. “I mean I can feel and tell that she’s still currently asleep.”

“I’m guessing that’s the supposed Soul-bond working.” She said.

“Heh a gal like you only had one partner? Hard to believe…I’d imagine men crawling all over you” he pauses and leans back in his chair “Soul bound…? What?”

“The soul bond.” Vizsla said again, a look of befuddlement written across her face as she was surprised that her boss didn’t know about it. “Whenever a Mamano mates with its supposed significant another, a bond is supposedly made between their soul.”

“Through the soul bond, both partners are able to read each other emotions,” Vizsla explained to the leader of Tekkadan. “From what the encyclopedia says.”

“You actually believe that? Especially since you read it in an encyclopedia?” Indra asked with a look of genuine confusion as he looked towards the bedroom before looking back at Vizsla

“I don’t feel shit…”

“You don’t?” She questioned, her tone filled with confusion. “Cause from what I’ve heard from the others, they can feel their partners emotions and other sort of sensations, including me.”

This piece of information took the Zaku by surprised though she wondered if Alterria already knew that and decided to keep it or was just as confused as her.

“I don’t feel shit or any emotions from her or whatever the hell you’re saying…sounds all like nonsense to be honest” Indra said with a sigh as he looked at Vizsla dead on

“I assure you it ain’t nonsense Indra,” Vizsla stated, her voice truthful in the matter as she experienced this so-called bond the Monster girls proclaimed all about. She could vividly remember the sheer unadulterated happiness and joy Benares felt when she first made love to her back on that planet.

“I’ve experienced it, and it’s quite something. But your case is confusing so to say.”

As soon as Vizsla finishes speaking he rises to his feet and in a moment he’s at her with his pistol to her head “I’ve always been a strange fucking case…So what? She feel your fear right now? Or is it bullshit? Tell me Vizsla?!”

The moment Indra pulled his sidearm out and rested the barrel against her forehead. A look of brief annoyance and anger was clearly shown on her face. The war veteran and machine turn human would calmly stare at her boss.

“Are you seriously gonna pull this shit on me boss?” Vizsla asked, her tone serious. While knowing that the pistol wouldn’t do much to her, it still somewhat hurt her that her leader she trusted would do such extreme things.

‘Then again, we all came from fucked up timelines.’ The woman sourly thought. Uknowingly sharing her emotions to her significant other who rested inside her bedroom.

“There are other ways to prove it and this is by far the most bullshit one boss. Do us a favor and put the bloody gun down.”

“Well this is my bloody way of proving it…” he pushed the gun against her head a little bit more “So does she? She bloody feel it? Eh?! Tell me right fucking now?! OR ADMIT THIS IS BULLSHIT!”

It was obvious he was aggravated and annoyed by the suddenly explanation of a soul bound with these monster girls “I don’t feel shit Vizsla. I never felt shit, so don’t go telling me my souls bounded with that bitch because it’s not and never will be”

She was about to open her mouth to retort back at Indra but suddenly felt a pang of emotions flow into her prompting her to pause immediately slowly going into a trance. Turns out her negative emotions may have awoken Benares from her slumber.

Concern? Worry? Safe?

Concentrating, Vizsla could feel her partner’s worry for her, concern if she was safe at all, and could tell she was about to spring off the bed and dash down to her location to deal with the supposed threat. Vizsla would go to placate the worried Mantis girl.

Safe. Worry not.

Pausing for a moment, Vizsla could feel Benares calm down a bit but the feeling of worry still remain.

Indra’s gaze remained on Vizsla for a few more minutes before he pulled his gun away from her and aimed it at ceiling

“No response eh…” he said with a scowl as he fired a bullet into the ceiling, he then tossed the gun on the table before sitting down “I don’t trust these monsters anymore than I trust the people here Vizsla….I have no reason to and I thought I could put some trust into you…but now you’re pulling off this stupid crap…”