A succubus story idea from a long time ago

Ok, so I dug this out of my Evernote account while I was moving the notes over to OneNote… This is a story idea I had a few years ago.


  • Succubus
    • She is sent to Earth in exile for hesitating on orders, she is expected to die in human form and end up back in the underworld but as a human soul.
    • Learns the concept of love, only able to be felt now because of human form.
    • She has possessed the young girl though and plans to keep the body.
    • She can feed her power and gain supernatural abilities by consuming someone in literal flames of passion.
  • Young Girl
  • Lost, nowhere to go. Staying with the priest.
  • She is stuck inside herself, not all there.
  • Drug problems, very early burnout.
  • Xanax is the drug she used super heavily for a long time.
  • Priest
  • Crisis of faith.
  • Attracted to young girl.
  • She is young and helpless, considers if it is a test from god, if it is, why would god do such a thing, do such a thing to her so that he would be tested.
  • Narcissistic


  • Beginning - “Purity”
    • Main characters are the priest and the young girl before the succubus takes her body.
    • They do not know each other.
    • Centers on her home life and her drug use.
    • Also centers on the priest’s early fight with “Why do bad things happen to good people?” While it is a basic question, he keeps it close to himself and won’t give it up.
    • Toward very end of this section we introduce the succubus and her fall to earth.
  • Middle - “Trapped”
    • Begin with the young girl being admitted to the hospital, unresponsive, her mind is gone, either trapped inside her own head or just wiped out.
    • The Succubus finds her in the hospital, a void that can be filled.
    • Succubus doesn’t want to dominate an existing person so she has to search for a while in between planes, powerless, feelingless, without sensations that drive her.
    • Priest is still wrestling with his faith when the young girl is taken to him, she is functional, does normal things, eats and sleeps, even answers questions if directly asked but all without any feeling at all.
    • This is where the attraction presents itself almost immediately
    • The attraction sends him into a mental tailspin, he is keeping himself too wound up but when he gives in to the attraction to the young girl the tension releases while he is with her.

Sounds nice, really! Though, an unavoidable question when it comes to playing… who’ll master it? :smiley:

Well, that’s why I posted it, to see if anyone wanted to take it and run with it? It’s already got a good outline but is missing an end-game.

Before I think about running it (anyway I feel like I won’t be able to really display the depth of the characters in a satisfying way), I’d first put a few thoughts into the endgame.
There are several questions regarding that…
-What happens to the characters? Will the succubus be killed? Driven out? Survive?
If It survives, will the girl and the succubus come to an agreement and live as equal partners in the girl’s body? Or will the girl’s soul be consumed fully by the being?
What will happen to the priest? Will he be consumed by the succubus? Maybe in a moment of despair against an exorcist?
There’s more, but I don’t want to flood you with questions.

Well through the course of the role play, that should determine if the succubus survives or perhaps they find another host for her, does she turn good, does she merge with the girl and they both end up in some kind of middle-ground between the two entities?

I think that would be more up to the players involved to decide where they wanted to go.

We should have people, if this goes forward, make characters or submit characters to put into the slots available.

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