A.S.A.I. (Advanced Ship Artificial Intelligence)

{{Character Box
|player= BLOCKERHEAD1245679
|name= A.S.A.I.
|fullname= Advanced Ship Artificial Intelligence
|altname= ASAI or Airis
|race= A.I.
|alignment= lawful good
|gender= Female
|height=  6' 4"
|weight= 223lbs
|haircolor= black
|eyecolor= light, glowing blue
|age= 32 yrs
|dob= N/A
|creationdate= 7/23/2310
|birthplace= N/A
|creationplace= Ascendant Robotics Corp.
|universe= Unique
|occ= Ship management A.I./general A.I
|org= Ascendant Robotics Corp. 
|figure= Female , made to be "Attractive"
|setting= blazing-umbra

You fill in the personality here (approximately 100-200 words).
Her personality is best described as efficient, intelligent, mischievous , and gentle. When performing her duties, she is quick and efficient, ready to help however she can. ASAI also has a thing for cute things such as cats, so you’ll likely see her with one. She also has a bit of a mischievous streak, occasionally pulling pranks, such as dying the shower water pink. It is to be noted she purposely avoids harmful or traumatizing pranks. Another thing to note is her willingness to save the ship and its crew from trouble/harm. A notable example of this is her disembarking the vessel to save an engineer that was EVA after being attacked and knocked unconscious by a rogue A.I. ,which she promptly put out of commission. She also prefers peaceful options to ones that requires violence, but knows when to draw the line.
== Special Abilities ==
-Built in stun/shock system, which is used to stun a hostile entity and be used in self-defense
-Personal shield- Is used to protect from projectiles and other threats, it should be noted that it uses large amounts of power to use.
-Quantum processing- She has a very large processing capacity.
-Hud and overall
-Holoscreens, used to show data to crew

== Special Skills ==
-Ship management
-Hand to hand combat
-Use of smaller weapons such as pistol sized weapons

== Special Equipment ==
-Laser pistol, used in self defense
-PDA, used for what you would expect, although it is not exactly needed
-Built in Scanners: she is equipped with built in sensors and scanner arrays, allowing her to more easily access situations and objects.
-A.I. chair/receptacle: Used to allow a more thorough connection to a ship’s systems. It also recharges her power source.

== Background ==
30 years before being created, A.S.A.I. was a project to create a hyper advanced A.I. for ship management, as many before were reported to be lacking or disturbingly emotionless. Due to this her creators first began on the A.I. itself, putting many resources and lots of time into perfecting it. This involved simulations, interaction with living beings and other A.I.s, and teaching it various topics. After this they gave it access to a massive database to assist in its roles. Finally, after decades of work, they decided it was time to put the A.I., now known as ASAI, to the test.

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