A New Start (Open Ended)

Eva tightened the screw on the side of the rather large box. It was Seven feet long and a foot and a half wide. The red color and chrome plated edges served as decorations, it made a rather strange humming sound. It’s true purpose was well…unknown but only to Eva herself.

As security, right next to Eva was a pistol and 4 magazines, neatly placed next to each other in a smaller box. It was her own creation, necessitating the need for her replicator to create it’s pieces and ammo one-by-one…not an easy task if you ask her.

She was wearing nothing but a tank top, her underwear and her cap, the metallic web on her skin was in full view, along with her prosthetics. While she was free to walk about, she sentenced herself to house arrest as a sign of courtesy (to her at least).

Two whole weeks had passed, since she was ‘spliced’ in here. And…her first three days she’d rather keep to herself, but the days leading up to the present were filled with questions. A lot of questions. She didn’t mind though, except when she was working on her little project and they called her. Those times irritated her to no end.

Eva grabbed a soft, squishy, but definitely metal, object, the object changing shape to that of a pair of tweezers, the screwdriver on her other hand shapeshifting to a metal blob, with Eva setting it down on the table.

Using her free hand, she wore her glasses and carefully adjusted a tiny piece of wire, bit by bit, she moved it to it’s designated area. Quickly, she picked up a pistol shaped object, and pressed on the trigger. A tiny beam of light emanating from the muzzle of the object.

Carefully, she placed the muzzle on the contact point between the wire and it’s contact point. Pulled the trigger, a flash of light and the wire was soldered on properly to the contact point.

Sighing, she set down her tools and stretched her arms, yawning, it had been two days since she last slept. And she had to admit, even with nanites, and etc. a human body will always succumb to the instinct to sleep.

She was expecting someone to knock on her door, seeing as she had been using electricity without stopping for a week straight. Along with the minor explosions and noise of someone punching a wall coming from her room.

Sighing, she sat down on the sofa, sighing in relief as her back met the soft cushion. Thank goodness her room had air conditioning. Otherwise, she’d have slept in the middle of the room naked.

She closed her eyes, hoping to get a quick nap before continuing on her project.

Leo had heard the many explosions, being the all seeing eye of the station at this point. He sent his body to investigate, in his Solus Tempus uniform. He enjoyed having a body to send for stuff like this. Mainly because he’d been told by a few residents of Nimbus that his hologram randomly materilizing in front of them can be very jarring. So he sent the instance of himself in the body most of the time nowadays. This was one of those times, and he knocked on the door politely, softly humming a jazz tune to himself.

Eva wiped her sweat, she had decided to start working on her project again, and well…she was trying to avoid another explosion. She was about to finish securing a wire on the board when she heard the knock on her door.

Sighing, she proceeded to set down her tools, and walked over to the door, opening it as soon as she got there. Ignoring the fact that she was wearing nothing but a tank top, her underwear, and a cap.

“What is it?” The question came, a hint of irritation in her voice.

“Hello,” Leo blinks a few times, a little caught off guard by her noticeable lack of actual clothing, but continued unphased. “I’m Leo, I help out Mike, the XO of Nimbus. A few people reported hearing explosions coming from your place, and so I came to make sure everything is okay.”

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