A Mysterious Door Appears

This idea is playing off of similar things as to the Mystery Soda Machine and the Mojave Phone Booth along with other instances of items and objects showing up out of nowhere. In reality these thing shave some explanation behind them.

In this instance, I’d like to do a thing where a door appears. The door has a knob on only one side and the door is locked. It is free standing and planted firmly where it has appeared. I’m not sure where yet, I had originally thought about it appearing in a field but perhaps not, perhaps in the middle of an empty lot in a city or some such. The locals accept it is there, people don’t bother it… That’s where I stop a bit.

I’d like to get some insight into what people might want out of a plot like this, why is the door there, where does it go, etc…

Any thoughts or ideas?

Maybe it’s some weird creepy thing like the ominous stairs in the woods creepypasta.

That would fit with the narrative I’d like to have in Angelic Sins… It should be creepy… Could mix the two, have a staircase running upward when one opens the door. I’d like it to perhaps just exude a creepy vibe, so most people ignore it / leave it be. Perhaps it just feels dangerous.

IIRC in the creepypasta the locals and park rangers leave the stairs alone. It was the new guy that investigates and its heavily implied his meddling leads to the death of a random innocent.

That’s an interesting take, meddling leads to the death of an innocent. I might take that and twist it around. I also had this thought of like, a random package appearing at the door. Kind of a take on the whole porch pirate thing, an invitation for wrongdoing that leads to something awful happening. There are a lot of variations on this; but that still leaves how one would get our (almost always heroic) player characters involved.

Could also do something like perhaps the door lures children, that could get some PC’s involved.

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